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This is a question My first experience of porn

So there I am, aged 11, crawling through the woods with the Scouts when we come upon a big pile of magazines stuck into a tree. Risking losing the game by being seen, we stand up to knock them down.

They flutter down in a big heap - and behold, they are full of nudey ladies!

Crawling through the woods suddenly lost its appeal...

What was your first experience of porn?

(, Thu 25 Jan 2007, 15:29)
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I sense a redundancy here.
My first experience with porn happened when I was 9 years old, and was with three of my other friends, who all happened to be dudes. We were in the woods, looking for frogs to catch. We came upon a clearing near the stream, and beyond that laid an area of some massive trees. We ventured on back there and noticed a firepit that had been carved out of the ground.

The ashes still felt warm from where they had lit the fire and there were a few beer bottles strewn around the area. And tucked underneath one of the logs laid a porno magazine. It was torn up and stuff, and there were probably only 10 pages left in it... I dare not ask what had happened to the others, but I had an idea.

The porn was nothing special, but it was all stuff I hadn't seen before. This wasn't a hardcore magazine or anything... just a bunch of chicks spread eagle, for the most part. Then my one friend said "Hey guys, I have a ton more of this stuff at home! And they got chicks doing all sorts of weird stuff in them!"

So we all went back to his place and waited to see if his parents were home. His mom was, but she was taking a shower. So we all ran up to her room really fast and swiped probably 8 of the magazines from above the parents' bed.

I never really did anything with that magazine. I was still pretty young and had no idea what masturbation was (That came but a few short years later... 5th grade, I think. Haha, came... LAWL), so the magazine was ultimately useless. And this particular one was a Playboy... so there was more nude modeling than anything else.

My first experience with internet pr0n happened in 5th grade. I was at my friend Joe's house, and we were on his Macintosh computer. He had recently started up a website and was showing me some stuff on it. Of course it was just a stupid Geocities webpage and ultimately I got bored. So I asked him to show me something that wasn't stupid and boring. So he's like "Well... we can look at porn!" So we did. But his idea of looking at porn (since he and his family were quite religious) was go to www.sex.com for like a grand total of 10 seconds, giggling like a shithead at some of the pictures, and quickly exiting the page. (www.sex.com is way different now. It used to be so much more primitive, as you could probably suspect.)

Haha... then not too much longer after that I discovered masturbation. I won't talk about that, but let's just say that was about the time I officially denied the Holy Trinity for good. Sorry God... I have just formed a more meaningful man-to-hand relationship here.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 17:53, Reply)
Window Porn
When I was at school, one enterprising twelve-year-old had cornered the market in supplying porn mags to the boys in our year. One such deal took place just before the start of the English lesson/ The boy had presented another with a new, unsoiled copy of Razzle just as the prudish, female teacher walked in.

The kid, in a state of nervous panic did the best thing that he could think of - lobbed the offending mag out of the classroom window.

It was, however, a very windy day. And the classroom was on the second floor...

The porno mag blew back against the window with the centrefold presenting a picture of a lass with her legs spread apart towards a class of 30 12-year-old boys.

This would have been quite a nice little anecdote. However the winds continued to blow, and because the window was so large the teacher could not reach to remove the magazine, it stayed there for a full twenty minutes while we learned about poetry.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 15:55, Reply)
When I started Year 10 at school
I remember when we had our first French lesson and we received our tricolores. Mine was ok and hadn't really been graffittied in but the one my mate got had all the peoples clothes tippexed out and had boobies, willys, minges etc. drawn in. I spent the next 2 years trying to swap my tricolore for his, the lucky bastard.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 15:07, Reply)
once I was looking under the current American President
and I realised I'd kind of run out of ideas.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 13:45, Reply)
You all make it sound so innocent...
I was walking along when a strange magazine happened to fall onto the footpath in front of me. Being the inquisitive type, I carefully studied the material for several hours in the privacy of my bedroom to see if I could trace it to it's original owner....

Admit it. You all looked for pr0n
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 12:56, Reply)
Sleepover at a mate's house.
It was my best mate's birthday (he must have been 11-ish). He invited a few people from school to his house to sleep over and watch films.

Hell, he even invited girls!

There were about 10 of us (including 3 girls), who all stayed up well past our bed times to watch Dumb & Dumber, followed by Dawn of the Dead. We had play fights, and zipped the girls up in their sleeping bags so they couldnt get out, y'know, just had a laugh.

Anyway, I digress.

One of the lads had an older brother....can you guess where this is going?
Yep, he stole one of his brother's pron mags. I dont know the name of the magazine, cos there was no front cover. And if I remember rightly, a few of the pages couldn't be opened. Ahh, the innocence of childhood.

Us lads were all 'reading' through the magazine while the girlies went and got a drink.

None of us knew that women had hair 'down there', so when the girls got back the friend who brought the pron asked the girls "Why do you have bushes inbetween your legs?"

The girls didnt have a clue what was going on, so this friend stripped and said, "I dont have any hair between my legs, why do you?"

There was a bit of screaming and pointing from the girls, while the rest of us turned away, distgusted.

So, while this friend slept, we got a bowl of cold water, stuck his fingers in it, and made him piss himself. That'll teach him for waving his cock around.

Then the birthday boy stole the pron. Must have wanted it as a birthday present.

Happy days.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 12:32, Reply)
Kids wear tighty whities for a reason...
Recycling day was every Thursday at my school. This meant that the kids would bring a weeks worth of their family's old newspapers and being in the area that my school was there were not many copies of 'The Guardian' or 'The Independant' (not classist, just true). No, it was mostly copies of 'The People' and 'The Sun', so being a little perv i would search through said papers for the "Kayleigh from Bristol thinks kittens are fluffy" articles and hide them in my pants all folded up for the duration of the day to take home where i hid them in an Argos lockable treasure chest along with stolen metal dustcaps. Needless to say i got busted by Mr. Hoskins who contacted my parents, but they never found the key to my argos treasure chest... Bonza.
May require word lube for the width.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 12:24, Reply)
I, as a little child of around eight,
found a swinging magazine in a public park; photos dozens of people doing naughty things to one another at the same time, but for some reason all the women had their mimsies blacked out. It was a Spanish park, so perhaps this is normal Spanish practise.

Parks and copses are goldmines for pre-pubescent porn supplies (and I don't mean that in the way you're thinking). Of course, this was in the days before the interwebs.

I think this exposure at an early age encouraged me to embrace porn to the extent that I now run a porn website, and in the near future shall be running two of the buggers.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 12:18, Reply)
The Pelican Motel, Timperley, Manchester, 1991
Probably the first time I (briefly) had my own bongo mag. I check in, open the wardrobe to put my clothes away, and inexplicably, someone has left "Escort" in there. I read it - it's bottom-end-of-the-market stuff, I warn you, and frankly there's more erotic stuff on Sky Movies so I lose interest.

Later, in bed, I suddenly realise the dilemma I'm in. Leave the mag in the wardrobe and they might try to post it back to me. Leave it in the bin, and the cleaner will think I'm a slavering pervert. Take it with me and I might get run over by a bus, or it might fall out of my case during next day's course.

So I do the logical thing, and sling it out of the window into a shrubbery under cover of darkness.

And that, my beloved b3tards, is how pr0n gets under hedges.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 11:47, Reply)
Living TV raped my childhood
When I was younger, possibly around the age of 10 I had what I would think to be "minor insomnia" during the summer and would only be able to sleep for maybe 6/7 hours a night.

So I would sneak down into the lounge just to watch some early morning TV.

Who would have thought that at 3am Living TV would be Lips TV and there would be hardcore lesbain pr0nz0r on.

I was so fascinated, especially since these were the days before wanking, and i didn't really know what to do with this yorkie in my boxer shorts.

A path to addiction...
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 11:21, Reply)
big box of pron
the very first pron experience i ever had was when i was about 9, riding my bike "int tunnels" near my house.. i saw some other kid, a bit older, riding his bike, and we got chatting in that inquisitive way that 10 year olds do..
anyways.. we rode on a bit, and found this massive cardboard box full of pron. proper hardcore shit too..
we got it all out, and went up to the trees and made a den, then plastered all the pron around in our den..

later, me and said person became best mates, and still are to this day.

another pron experience was when cable tv arrived everywhere.. i used to set the video to record from about 2 am, when i knew my parents would be in bed, and sneak downstairs to whack the cable box onto "live tv"

love it
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 9:17, Reply)
"Will it make a girl sick if I stick my, y'know, in her, y'know, then take it out of there and put it in her other, y'know? What I'm trying to ask is, is it safe for me to switch between the numnber one input and the number two input and back again?"

Yes it will. Don't do it. (OR I'LL STAB YOU IN THE EYES.)
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 8:07, Reply)
My idea of love comes from...
...a childhood glimpse of pornography...
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 6:08, Reply)
I defiled a national institution...
My first proper congruence with the pr0nz was when I purchased a black and white (softcore) rhythm mag off Kevin W at school. As a previous poster noted, every school has its porn king and at that time and in my school, he was it.

The title of this masterpiece was "Voodoo Woman". The premise behind the plot was that the leading lady, who was black, was frothing like bottled bass over some bloke who wasn't remotely interested. The bloke in question looked a bit nordic, with one of those awful fuzzy beards like those worn by most of the men in early editions of "The Joy Of Sex". Very offputting, but I digress... Aha, though! The leading lady had an ace up her wizard's sleeve! Or was it that she had a wizard's sleeve up her ace-hole? I forget... Anyway, she called upon the power of voodoo and peformed a lavishly illustrated ceremony wherein powerful spirits were invoked: Djedje Bakon, Bo Lisa, Sholo Maza to name but a few.Mainly though, it was just a lot of nuddy prancing around. Of course, the powerful mojo did its work and she finally got her man.

Can't really have been worth all the effort though, as he seemed to have some kind of 1/2 inch deep forcefield installed on his genitals, so she couldn't actually touch them. In every shot she was straining to plant her tongue on the end of his cock, but she never quite reach it. Frustrating!

In any case, it was good enough for me at that tender age and I used it in traditional fashion by having "a quick look" (ie. fwapping away furiously). Of course, our first loves are eventually cast aside, though never forgotten and Voodoo Woman was filed away for good.

Until the day, some years later, when my mum was sorting through some unwanted annuals to see if there was anything we could take to my cousin who was having a lengthy stay in hospital. She picked up a "Blue Peter 19??" annual by the spine and out plops Voodoo Woman, which had been secreted inbetween the centre pages.

Her comment was: "I don't think Alex would understand *this*..."

It just goes to show. Don't be messing with the spirits. Their power is immense and their patience is measured in aeons. If you cross them or disrespect them, their vengance, however long it is delayed, will be mighty.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 5:17, Reply)
AKA fanporn.
Joycelyn Elders would be proud.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 5:01, Reply)
Not entirely on topic, but young lads + porn was a defining factor I think.
Sex education happened at high school when we were 12/13. It involved a rather odd looking woman dividing the class into boys & girls. The girls were led away somewhere and odd-looking lady led the boys into the teachers' conference room. When inside, she explained to us we were going to be learning about sex. She then popped in a video which pretty much covered everything.

Then, once the video finished, the silly old bat made the mistake of saying:

"OK, now you've seen that, does anybody have any questions? It's OK to ask anything at all. There's no need to be embarrassed."

Scott, sat at the back asked: "If when I have a wank, right when I'm about to have my... ... little death... I roll my legs up by my ears and shoot in my mouth, can I get gay aids?"

The odd looking women was taken very aback, but she answered the question anyway, and explained HIV can only be caught from people already infected.

Then Stu put his hand up, and she prompted him to ask his question; "Is it illegal to have a wank while thinking about my sister?"

Above the giggling, the odd looking lady declines to answer. Now it's my turn.

"Will it make a girl sick if I stick my, y'know, in her, y'know, then take it out of there and put it in her other, y'know? What I'm trying to ask is, is it safe for me to switch between the numnber one input and the number two input and back again?"

It was then the odd looking lady decided question time was over.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 4:36, Reply)
Written porn only.
Yes, I've looked at teh pr0n. However, I've never looked at picture porn, only the written kind. (Literotica.com, if anyone's interested ^_^).
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 3:50, Reply)
My very first Pr0n - by Kenner!
Actually, I was about 8 (so this is about 1979). That summer in NYC was unbearably hot. This was before my parents put Air Conditioning in the house, and all that there was a window mounted fan. Because of this fact, my little sister and I would sleep on the floor of my parents bedroom. Well I woke up in the middle of the night, and my hand felt something underneath Dads side of the bed. It was a magazine, my 8 year old mind was wondering what it was, and why it was hidden under the bed. Well this emboldened young lad pulled out the mag, and lo and behold, it was a copy of Oui. Complete with the bushy 70's hairdos and all. I was somehow excited by these pictures of naked ladies. I grabbed my pillow and the magazine, and crept softly into my bedroom, and promptly fell asleep with the mag under my pillow. When i awoke in the morning - the mag was gone! I never knew if my mom or dad found it or not. I havent wanted to ask that question.

Thing is, dad worked for the NYC dept. of Sanitation, and brought home tons of pr0n mags until he retired 10 years later. I did on a couple of occassions buy some from the shady storekeeper, but i never had to worry, cause dad had like 3 boxes of the stuff at any given time.

Later when they got a VCR, i found a couple of tapes, and used them to wank to in the living room. I totally forgot to remove the tape once, and nearly got busted by my mom. Today I ahve a sizable collection of DVDs.

Pr0n, its a good thing.
(, Sat 27 Jan 2007, 2:00, Reply)
Mr Bronson watched me wank
Discovered my Dad's secret stash of porn videos when I was about 11. Waited until everyone else was out then popped one into the VCR.

The stuff was of late 70s vintage, so lots of Abba-style ladies and be-afroed men featured. One scene particularly sticks in my mind, not because of the 'action', but because it was soundtracked by a then unknown library piece of music that to my young ears was instantly recognisable as the original theme tune to 'Grange Hill'. You know, the one with the sausage.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 23:31, Reply)
Too young ?
I was, oh about 12, and my mate SC had some magazines in his room. Now this was 1982ish, and British porn was pretty tame. But this was scandinavian full on "money shots", the works. I never found out, but at one term a male teacher at our middle school mysteriously vanished - rumour had it he was suplying hard core pron to the kids - respect ! I always wondered if SC had some of his mags ?
Other than that it was a rain soaked magazine in the woods/by the canal. Pretty shoddy really. When 16 though I had a colosal collection - every copy of Mayfair for 2 years. I smuggled 'em home inside record sleaves (cant do that with CD's eh ?)
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 22:33, Reply)
I think my first experience was a tape of Basic Instinct... pretty dull
So I'm going to take you on 3 separate adventures, 2 mine, and 1 from someone else. We'll start with mine.

First, (I almost typoed that as fist... how appropriate) I will take you to when I was about 12. I was walking around the town centre with my mates from school, and we went behind the McDonald's, where there's a road by the river. Lo and behold, there on the side of the road were 3 hardcore porn mags, still in their seal. Either someone had dropped it or they were using it to prey on young children, but we couldn't care less. After going somewhere discrete, we rifled through the mags, and decided we will keep them. However, nobody wanted to take it home in case their parents found it, so we went to our school, and hid it under the mobile classrooms. The next school day, we went back, and sure enough, it was still there! No sooner than we had got it out though, some bigger boys took it of us and ripped it up, scattering it on the playing fields. All day I had to suffer the indignity of people producing the torn shreds in lessons and saying "Jenko, you dropped your porn".

Fast forward a few years, and I'm a little more mature, and I've discovered the internet. I decided that it would be a lark if I had my mate print out some explicit pictures so that we could stick them up around the school, so I duly downloaded pictures of Drew Barrymore spread eagled, Sabrina the Teenage Witch stroking herself downstairs and a woman being fucked by a horse and emailed them to my mate. Following day, he produces 20 copies of each, and we start spreading the joy. We weren't caught, which is a bloody miracle really, seeing as someone thought it would be hilarious if he were to stick one to the inside of an open window to our next class and close it so we couldn't reclaim it.

Lastly, and my personal favourie, comes courtesy of my mates Sam and Fathead. Fathead was a bit dirty. Still is. Anyway, Sam was round his house, and was playing some PC game, when Fathead left to get some food. After a while, Sam realises that Fathead hasn't returned, so goes downstairs to find him. How he wishes he hadn't. Lo and behold, there was Fathead on the living room couch, naked, waching porn and eating pizza, dripping the cheese from the pizza on his bellend.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 22:20, Reply)
Not exactly a first experience this
But as school drew to an end myself and a few mates had built up quite a substantial collection of filth. How I miss it now.
Thing is I really wanted to watch a movie premier but didn't have Sky TV back then so I gave one of my "special" tapes to a friend, asking him to tape over it as I had no more blank VHS's. He was glad to oblige.
What I didn't realise was the tape in question had been watched so many times it'd degraged to dangerous levels.
Picture the scene as me and my dad sat down a day later to watch said movie premier. About halfway through the film he got up to make a cup of tea... just as the tape went through a spastic fit. As he left the room, instead of Arnie shooting some Russian in the face, I stared in horror as the familiar sight of "Peaches" getting fucked in the arse bounced onto the screen. I don't think I've ever moved as fast, stopping the porn before the sound came on.
"What's up son? The movie went off?"
"uh... yeah dad, dodgy tape, I'll throw it away"
I actually still have it, granted it doesn't have the same inpact as it did when I was 16 but it's good for an occasional chuckle/wank.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 21:46, Reply)
The first time...
Probably when I decided to check out my dads "Accounts" folder on our first pc, Not alot of accounts in that folder...
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 21:22, Reply)
My first pr0n
When I first walked past a mirror when naked.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 21:07, Reply)
Man, Operation: Buy Porn!!

How chilling accurate! checking the shops for when they were quiet and all that. I really identify with it!

The best times to go into shops I found was also about 10 mins before closing time, or early mornings. I chose shops that were further away than the local ones, and YES, quieter smaller shops had more choice.

Cracking post, this dude has got it bang on the nail. Excellent!
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 21:02, Reply)
Not the first one but...
... there was a short-lived series of programs on channel 4 late at night called the 'red light zone'. It beat the usual odd shot of Lollo Ferrari's minge on Eurotrash which was the best CH4 had to offer before.

In particular I remember some short films- 1 of which involved a teenage boy who couldn't get any action, who saved an old witch from being run over. She then grants him 1 wish. Greedily he asks for for 2 wishes, a motorbike so he can impress the ladies & to have sex. On his first moonlight cruise on his new chopper the bike morphs into a bronze goddess who he 'rides' along the road. Hot stuff when you're a young wanker I tell you. (Vrooom Vroom Vrooom i have just discovered through the wonder of IMDB although upon viewing now its tame compared to the horrors of goatse now burned into my neurons forever)

Another one offered a guy who was constantly fantasizing about the 'buzzing' he heard coming from the room next door & it's single female occupant. Turns out the buzzing was a tit pump for saving milk for her baby.

The 'red light zone' along with the TV & video setup I had in my teenage bedroom (thanks Dad!) provided hours of tapes which could be rewound to the right spot & paused at will.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 20:57, Reply)
The stereotypical discarded mag in my case...
For me, I was something like the summer of 1991 when I was teenage, something like Year 9 in school.

Like most posters on here, it was a chance discovery by someone randomly discarding pr0n outdoors, I remember it as if it was yesterday.

I was cycling back from a mates house during the summer holidays from school, and I went past some factories in my area. The office block had a garage sort of effect on it, which lead into a secluded bit like a square if you went through were the back door of this garage.

Anyhow, while cycling past, the flutter of pages caught the corner of my eye. I decided to stop and investigate, as I was sure I had seen butt naked women and boobs.

Low and behold, around 3 of 4 copies of Club, probably one of the best Jazz Mags out there in my opinion. Feverishly, I stuffed them down my tracksuit top and scurried off home for further scrutinisation.

Up until that point, I never knew that the contents of girls pants sometimes resembled something looking like a meat stuffed pitta bread. After sex education lessons, it all made obvious sense knowing that there is more to be done with the pork sword besides pissing through it.

One day in conversation with a best mate, I discovered that he too found the joys of randomly discarded pr0n. He was lucky enough to find a big pile of it tied up with twine in perfect condition that hadn't been ruined by the elements yet. This best mate introduced me to the first hardcore VHS film too.

Pr0n is great. As one person once said "It taught me all what I know". I have a similar opinion of it to the late Bill Hicks (he mentions it in a sketch for those not in the know).

Cycling to work, I have noticed randomly discarded pr0n but it appears to be a dying art as people can browse the 'net for that sort of thing. To the pre-internet generation out there, it was a crucial and memorable milestone.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 20:51, Reply)
Robin Hood, Robin Hood Riding Through The Glen
AT LAST. A chance to tell my story.

Through my teenage years, I have had a recurring memory, which follows.

I am watching Knightrider with my family. Then, when it finishes, I watch a doctor lying on a hospital gurney, being fellated by a nurse.

I put this down to teenage hormones, maybe something I've dreamt.. dunno. But this memory would constantly come back to me, over, and over again. But it would irritate the living HELL out of me.

Well, until my Stag party in 2003, that was.

The boys were round, so was my Dad. We were drinking. All of a sudden, my Dad said "Ooooh, did I ever tell anyone the Robin Hood story?"

The story went thusly.

My Sister and I (I was around 9 or 10 at this point) were apparently desperate to watch Robin Hood. It was after our bedtime, so he recorded it for us. Next night, the boys came round, and my Father watched a porno with them. You can probably see what's coming.

Sunday comes around. We watch Knightrider. Then "DAD!! Can we watch Robin Hood? Huh? Can we?"

Video channel selected, video played. John Holmes is shoving is considerable cock down a nurses throat.

My Mum was apparently yelling "TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFFF!!", whilst my Dad sat in complete shock, remote in hand, while my sister and I watched a bad man put his wee-wee down a lady's throat.

The relief was palpable. I had finally worked out what had been bugging me for THIRTEEN YEARS.

The results? An obsession with porn, and I vaguely remember spending time rolling round the living room floor, trying to give myself a blowjob.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 20:05, Reply)
9 years old.. using the library computer.. wanted to get a trampoline so i type "tramps" in Google, Well suffice it to say I didn't find trampolines.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 19:23, Reply)
Sorry i'm late
Sorry I'm late,
I was beating up a kid because he smelt a bit and had a squint.
(, Fri 26 Jan 2007, 19:21, Reply)

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