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» Jul 2013 «

The first B3ta Drinkie Doodle - O'Neills, Earls Court, London

A London b3ta bash with some people sitting around drawing willies and stuff.

Trying to make it a longer day than usual (3pm start) so people can come early or stay late (see the London sights first or fuck off to a club when it gets dark)

Drawing is not a requirement, but it'd be nice if you could at least draw a CDC to show you were there!
Tips on drawing a CDC can be found here: www.b3tards.com/u/037e58b9e054b3c8dd7b/cdc.gif

The day may include... drinking, chatting, CDCs, more drinks, a competition* (with prizes!*)
some kind of interaction with the mainboard as the day progresses, standing or sitting around drinking and chatting,
and maybe an auction* at the end to get rid of all the days scribbles unless they've been trampled in to the toilets by that point.

More info as it firms up

*probably won't happen at all due to alcohol and being too busy chatting
(, Tue 28 May 2013, 14:41, Reply)
Woohoo! First reply! I win kittinz!

(, Tue 28 May 2013, 15:13, Reply)
I will come along if I'm not working

(, Tue 28 May 2013, 16:47, Reply)
you could sign it off as a work related research trip
investigating the use of art and alcohol to soothe troubled minds
(, Tue 28 May 2013, 17:00, Reply)
Nah you're alright, cheers

(, Wed 29 May 2013, 10:13, Reply)
*never forgives*

(, Wed 24 Jul 2013, 11:25, Reply)
signed up for now as i want to go
but really can't give a firm promise. if i can make it, anyone know a cheap local place to spend the night?
(, Wed 29 May 2013, 15:21, Reply)
The gutter?

(, Wed 29 May 2013, 15:38, Reply)
not again
those pigeons are really persistent
(, Wed 29 May 2013, 16:35, Reply)
Riverghost knows a place, ask him, and nag him to mention it here

(, Thu 30 May 2013, 15:35, Reply)
will do

(, Thu 30 May 2013, 16:34, Reply)
If I'm free...
...I suppose it's high time I risked an encounter with you...people?
(, Sat 1 Jun 2013, 23:38, Reply)
way to stretch the definition

(, Sun 2 Jun 2013, 16:11, Reply)
I promise we'll be nice*

*can't promise anything of the sort
(, Mon 3 Jun 2013, 15:24, Reply)
don't write checques my arse can't cash

(, Wed 5 Jun 2013, 14:23, Reply)
nice, meaning;
I'll use lube*

*I'll never use lube

(, Fri 7 Jun 2013, 21:40, Reply)
If I'm in the country
which I really hope not to be.. I will attend with bells on. Big Metaphorical ones.
(, Mon 10 Jun 2013, 22:20, Reply)
fingers crossed all your plans fall through ;D

(, Tue 11 Jun 2013, 18:05, Reply)
Well, I had planned on going to my first b3ta bash last month, but had to take daughter to hospital that night instead!
...so I reckon I might look in. I can't draw though, but I hear putting Twiglets up your nose is an optional activity and I'm pretty sure I can manage a few of them!
(, Mon 10 Jun 2013, 22:48, Reply)
the drawing is very much secondary to the talking and drinking

(, Tue 11 Jun 2013, 18:04, Reply)
i like being round really young children
its all legal isn't it?
(, Tue 11 Jun 2013, 13:34, Reply)
absolutely, just don't talk about it on the internet

(, Tue 11 Jun 2013, 18:04, Reply)
sorry, can't make it
as i've been reminded it's the same day as my mate's 40th. if i don't go to the party, he'll throw a massive wobbler.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2013, 15:35, Reply)
Put me down as a "maybe"

Riverghost knows why, ask him... :S
(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 3:18, Reply)

(, Thu 25 Jul 2013, 12:31, Reply)
Sounds interesting
given I can't fucking draw to save my life
(, Sat 22 Jun 2013, 21:48, Reply)
I will be there...but does anyone have a place to crash?

(, Sun 7 Jul 2013, 18:07, Reply)
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:10, Reply)

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:45, Reply)
Tab Hunter does
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:20, Reply)
He's normally smashed off his tits going mental on a rentboy.

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:47, Reply)
There's loads of youth hostels nearby where you'll be able to get bed and breakfast for about £15-20
I can recommend the Balmy Badger.
(, Mon 15 Jul 2013, 8:20, Reply)
I'm bringing loads of drugs to deal and want some prozzies.
Do they offer a swap system?
(, Tue 16 Jul 2013, 23:23, Reply)
Very tempting, Put me down as a definite maybe! :-)
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 21:05, Reply)
I'd go.
But I don't want to.
(, Fri 19 Jul 2013, 16:25, Reply)
Don't worry. We didn't want you to either. Plus we wouldn't want you to set off your electronic tag would we?:)
(, Thu 25 Jul 2013, 11:20, Reply)
Have one of these in August & I'll be there.
I'll be in London Aug 19-26
(, Fri 26 Jul 2013, 0:26, Reply)

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