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This is a question Childhood bad taste

When we start out in the world it's not our fault if we accidentally latch on to liking really bad stuff. Well, at least, that's the only reason I can come up with for owning Huey Lewis and the News' album Fore!

What early bad taste can you confess to?

(, Fri 10 Dec 2004, 13:24)
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Reply to Parrot
Tomato Sauce butties? Shit, I still do....
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 18:59, Reply)
Oh dear...
The very first album I ever bought, at the tender age of either eight or nine, was Psyche! by PJ & Duncan (as they were known back then).

The shame...
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 18:22, Reply)
My first single was Fraggle Rock and my first album was Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet.

I always seemed to sport hairstyles about a year after they had gone out of fashion so I could regularly be seen walking around town with a flat-top at the age of 15! Dangleberry!
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 17:43, Reply)
used to eat tomato sauce butties.

True that.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 17:20, Reply)
I spit on swallow.
Does anyone remember Swallow raincoats from the mid-seventies. Wish I didn't. Looked like a 4 foot tall Columbo clone. Went well with the Dutch Platforms and the high-waisters though. Rounded it all off nicely with a brown and yellow Slade jumper, and, of course, Slade socks.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 17:12, Reply)
ohhh so wrong
When I was very much younger (about 8) I used to think nazi officers were cool and looked really hard, to do this I tucked my very baggy trousers in to my wellies and talked in a german accent. Having the blonde hair and blue eyes was just a bonus. I realise now nazis are wrong and are not cool (especially the trousers tucked in to the tall boots)!
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 16:25, Reply)
Oh No.. I Remember More
I also remember some of the other clothing disasters i had. Back in my golfing days (i was a 12 handicapper at 12) when i was good i won a competition at Las Brisas golf club, Marbella on the Costa Del Sol. I won a £200 voucher to use in the shop. Now this was not an ordinary pro shop, this one sold real estate, ferraris, gold, diamonds and very fashionable mid 90's clothing. I was 14/15 and i decided against some Armani trousers or a Versace shirt and spent the whole 200quid on Greg Norman golf tops. I had some very surreal aborigine designs in green/red/brown and i still have them in my loft. They are hideous and i blame my parents for not advising me against that. No wonder i never had a girlfriend in those days.

I was just going to say well at least things are much better now i am older/wiser/better looking but i realize today at work i am sporting a dyed blonde mullet with tight jeans, big buckle belt and cowboy boots.
Who said models were cool? i am obviously not.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 16:23, Reply)
Sack The Stylist
I remember when i was in years 8/9 at school i was known as a legend for a few weeks because of my style at a school dance. I think i was wearing some extra baggy blue bolt jeans, a herbie top, a red spliffy hoody with a rare logo on - oooooh. i felt good that day.
now looking back at that photo i looked like a complete tit - polished off nicely with curtains/bowl head.
time to go hang my head in shame.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 16:12, Reply)
Oh dear
I wasn't going to do the first single/album thing until I read everyone else's posts. Here goes. The first single I bought was Phil Collins You Can't Hurry Love. First album was something by Abba (probably). I used to be into model railways and sported a Lonsdale t-shirt, with a black string-vest over it and a silly wee spikey hair do with about 3 cans of hairspray. I was such a fcukface at that age.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 16:12, Reply)
Where were my parents to guide me?
In my teens, what I considered a way cool haircut was a "bi-level" affair.
I was in a band that played punk rock dance music and I was super hip with my doo and polka dot tee shirts loaded with safety pins.

I just dont know how I will explain the whole mullet thing to my kids when they inevitably find the photos at grandma's house.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 16:04, Reply)
Bad taste?
Maybe I'm taking this a littl literally.. But when was a lot younger.. A banana, with cheesy Quavers (Maize snacks) embedded in them.. I used to think it was the height of nutritional delicaseys..

And you wonder why I've turned out like have.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 16:03, Reply)
When I was young
When I was much younger, no more than a little stupid lamb, I used to find it amusing to post messages on the board that made a link to past oft-posted messages about ice cream vans and pedrophiles. Oh how the cold light of day has revealed the irony that these messages have now become as irritating as the originals they so meant to parody. There's nothing so frightening as the horrible feeling of having to now be original.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 16:00, Reply)
When I was about 15
I fancied Dermot Murghnahan, the newsreader.
And Gary Rhodes.
And Phillip Schofield.

But my mates fancied Leo DiCaprio, hahaha, the losers!
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 15:48, Reply)
I did a dance in front of my entire extended family when I was 7...
In my pajamas. To the Power Rangers theme tune.
It did have cartwheels in it though.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 15:46, Reply)
still makes me cringe...
I lived in a small village of about 50 people and popped to town (Leighton Buzzard) one saturday in shorts and welly boots and was munching on a bag of grapes.

Got seen by the school bully and his harem of chavettes and never lived it down.

Fairplay though, I did look a twunt.

I was 12
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 15:13, Reply)
New Kids on the Block
I went to see NKOTB at the NEC when I was 11.
Donnie Walhberg sat on the edge of the stage and sulked coz the kids were chucking pop korn at him.
They really are crap.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 14:46, Reply)
Another music one I'm afraid
The first single that I bought was (and still is) highly credible - Purple Haze by Hendrix (from a charity shop no less). Unfortunately, my cred was somewhat destroyed by my next 2 purchases.

"You're The One That I Want" - not the ONJ/Travolta version....the Arthur Mullard & Hilda Baker one

closely followed by

"The Day We Went To Bangor" by Fiddler's Dram

Just thinking about this makes me sad. I am going to kill myself now.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 14:34, Reply)
i was the epitome of cool
My first Album:
Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet (age 10)
Micheal Jackson - Bad (i dont actually remember liking this (i just recall owning the cassette tape)

mind you, the first tape i actually listened to was "BBC sporting theme tunes". I used to LOVE ski sunday and would play it top blast on my Cassette Player (which was a pile of shit) whilst assuming the "franz clammer" position in my bedroom.

dadadadaddaaddadadadaddadada etc

I also went down the M&S Shell Suit path like many others it seems.

I also had a purple one, which i took to america when i went to school there. The yanks had never seen such shimmering material and crowded round to stroke it.

i told them it was like a thermos flash, in that it kept me cool when it was hot and hot went it was cold. This was of course bollocks, but they lapped it up as though Velcro had been reinvented.

When aged 8, my friend and i also decided to start our own Kettle designing company (why?) and proceeded to shout "YOU'LL BE LAUGHING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR FACE WHEN WE'RE MILLIONAIRES" at anyone who laughed at our plans... which was pretty much everyone.

We only designed one kettle. it was a beauty... but alas, it never went into production.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 13:50, Reply)
1) Wearing a royal blue flared velour catsuit at the age of 9. Much as I'd love to own this splendid garment now, I'd probably change the accessories from bowl haircut, blue NHS specs, white socks and open-toed blue Clarks sandals. Or maybe not.

2)Eating dog biscuits. Bonios mainly.

3) Having my first orgasm (no hands!) at the age of 7 through having a sky-high reading age and ferreting out some highly unsuitable text in my mum's copy of 'Clan of the Cave Bear'

4) Remarking to my grandmother, whilst paddling in the sea, that a man nearby had "very big breasts and should really wear a bra"

I can't even begin to start on the teenage years...
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 12:57, Reply)
Madonna....... spank me..
I bought the sound track to “Dick Tracy: The Movie” It was performed entirely by Madonna. Included such hit as “Spank me”. My older sister made me buy that instead of “Bad” by the kiddie fiddling, gender defying , colour changing, king of pop; M Jackson. He used to be so cool. I blame the monkey for his fall from grace.
I also shaved my head completely, apart from an inch wide fringe that covered by entire face, and was dyed blonde, with a slight hint of purple. My dad cut it off when I was sleeping. Some times dad’s are right.

Thanks to Kihap, and emadex for the KC and the Sunshine band “please don’t go” shout. I think there was also a cover version some time in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Any ideas who did sang it? Just so I can play it over and over, while I rock gently in the corner.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 12:26, Reply)
Toto Coelo...
... I eat cannibals. First record I ever bought myself.

I remember the searing look of contempt from the shop owner.
Gaudy lasses they were, and where DID they get those pink/blue/yellow bin bags they wore, I have spent years searching with no success.

The *real* shame? - Finding the record in the attic a few months ago and being really disappointed that the sleeve contained a copy of 'Me & You & a Dog Named Boo'. Aiiieeee!

(I also had a huge crush on Trevor Eve in Shoestring. I think it may have been the dodgy moustache. Had I been old enough I would probably have beat off watching it.)
I'll go now...
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 12:20, Reply)
Damn you Morrissey!
When I was around 15/16 I used to be eternally ridiculed for being the only boy to like "The Smiths", whilst my peers sagely swapped their Simple Minds and Big Country tapes. Posthumously of course Morrissey and co are reverred as demigods whilst Simple Minds and Big Country are dismissed as more than just a bit pants. Bastards.

Also when I was 9/10 I had a HUGE crush on the child actor Ike Eisenmann, who was in the crap sci-fi serial "The Incredible Journey". I fancied him rotten, but not in a sexual way (too young). And yes, I am gay! Well bi, actually, but who's splitting hairs.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 11:55, Reply)
Imagine if you will...
Its summer 1973, I am 13. Favourite wardrobe from the top downwards:
A camo pattern sun hat.
Long girly hair.
Cheap "Aviator" mirror shades from the market, broken and repaired with a bit of wire.
Purple "BRUTUS" shirt with big round collars.
Acrylic tank-top with alternating bright yello, bright pink and black stripes.
Woolworths flared brushed cotton (not even denim) jeans with fat belt loops that fastened over the belt with pop fasteners.
A plastic belt in white and navy with TWO pin things in the buckle..
Flourescent lime green or pink socks.
Brothel creepers from Freeman Hardy and Willis in Aylesbury....

Wow, pretty cool in a retro way I hear you say.
In this extraordinary get up I used to wander about the fields where I lived (ie in middle of nowhere) wondering why farm workers were always laughing.

PS fave bands The Rubettes and Showaddywaddy.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 11:38, Reply)
Lego isn't bad childhood taste - in fact it's probably the finest kids toy ever! (although I do agree it's gone downhill with the introduction of Lego ladies with curves - uh, hello?! Lego people ahould all be yellow, flat chested and gender inter-changeable). Anyway, I had every Lego Castle and Pirate ship thingy going. 'Til my ex "borrowed" it all and I never got it back :-(

PS Yes I am a girl. I had Lego, not dolls. It's not weird - I was a creative child :-)
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 11:32, Reply)
Bad Taste?
First ever single bought was Love Missile F1-11 by Sigue Sigue Sputnik, I still think they are the bogs dollocks...

First ever album was the Rambo 3 soundtrack...the shame of it!

First ever video bought was Airwolf:The Movie, classic 80s televison!
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 11:09, Reply)
More shame.
I also used to have a liking for Chris De Burgh & the Berlin Track "Take my Breath Away"
I used to sing this in bed at night. I'm male.
My Brother was also affected. Whenever you put on the Muppets Record, esp this track called Hugga Wugga - He'd strip nekkid, put a pillow on the floor and run round and round it as fast as he could screaming.
I blame the parents for this.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 11:05, Reply)
And some have bad taste thrust upon them...
During the height of their, er, fame, Bucks Fizz played a ten day stint at the Cornwall Coliseum. Being Cornwall-born of London parents, I had to endure the six weeks of the summer holiday being invaded by townie family types, and at the beginning of Bucks Fizz's ten days, Cousin Julie was down and wanted to go. I didn't. I hated them. But Mum made me. Then Julie went home and Step Cousin Slaggo Tina came down and wanted to see them. I didn't. I hated them even more by then. But sdaly they were still playing and Mum made me go. Again.

Grim. Very grim.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 10:59, Reply)
The band in question is KC and the Sunshine band. I found the lyrics to their back catalogue. Click here if you fancy brushing up on the whole song. Enjoyed your story, its best to get these things out in the open, exorcise those demons. Its over now, let go and Happy Christmas.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 10:58, Reply)
Oh the humanity...
Seen a few posts for Bros and, god love 'em, my sister thought they were cool...as did all her friends (5 years older than me). To impress them, I attached grolsch bottle tops to my school shoes (a la bros). Cut to the Head Teacher asking me after PE what I was doing putting things on my shoes...and me replying in front of everyone "To be like Bros - they're cool". Sheesh.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 10:57, Reply)
I fancy the arse off
Kelly Osbourne. A lot.

It's OK, I've no shame. My posters of her clash badly with my others of Fear Factory and other Industrial Metal bands, but as Burton C Bell is a fat male Texan, I need something else to look at. I also like chilli-sauce-and-cheese sandwiches, and was at one time a big fan of Linkin Park - whatever was I thinking?

My friends and I have also been known to walk back from Southend pissed singing Elvis songs from his Las Vegas crooner period... Oh, and does liking 'Agadoo' because of it's sheer comedy count as bad taste?
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 10:41, Reply)

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