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This is a question Childhood bad taste

When we start out in the world it's not our fault if we accidentally latch on to liking really bad stuff. Well, at least, that's the only reason I can come up with for owning Huey Lewis and the News' album Fore!

What early bad taste can you confess to?

(, Fri 10 Dec 2004, 13:24)
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It never happened
I've always been right. Well with music at least, when I was at primary school I was frequently beaten for listening to The Beatles instead of Bros, I refused to spend my pocket money on crap, instead building up a fine record collection which has not one single embarasing item. Even when everyone at university decided to like the Spice Girls, I told them they would be proved wrong, then laughed at them hysterically. Recently I was with an old freind watching MTV, and 'Wannabe' came on.
'What was I thinking' said he.
'HA I KNEW IT, I TOLD YOU' I exclaimed jumping manically from chair to chair in a Turkish Tea house,

buuuut, never quite got it right with clothes. 2 tone jeans etc. During the late 90s mod revival I had the most outragous Paul-Weller-esque curtains, which made their way on to my Passport. Much to the delight of many Turkish police officers, no Midnight Express for me, they're always laughing too hard.

(p.s. tthose of you who claim that liking slipnot or any other various new metal crap instaed of the Venga boys, is somehow GOOD TASTE have a great deal to learn)
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 15:45, Reply)
thundercats shats
almost forgot to say that i had some thundercats y's and shat meself at the school disco when i was like 6, gutted i loved those shitty kecks more than calvins.
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 15:43, Reply)
spangly jacket
For some bizarre reason, when i was 9 i had the worst spangley red jacket ever, a bit like something from the thriller video. I thought i looked the mutts so i wore it to the swimming baths, only to be bullied by bigger boys. I burnt the fucker on the way home.
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 15:39, Reply)
I think I am most unusual,
The things I liked back then, I still do. I love abba and Phil Collins/Genesis. I was never one for following fashion, I still don't. I make up my own mind, do what I like, Wear what I like.

I am proud of this fact. It's a pity so many people's decisions/tastes are influenced by other people's decisions/tastes. In the future, I hope people say, OH GAWD, I actually believed I liked Eminem and 50 Cent.
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 15:37, Reply)
No before you start shouting I'm serious.
I used to be fanatical about them, but now I just can't watch an episode without wanting to saw one of my legs off out of sheer boredom, as the little wobbly men attempt to rescue some other pathetic wobbly man, solely by means of the slowest mechanical equipment known to man.
I swear there's only about 30 seconds of plot per episode, which they managed to drag out into 30 minutes of watching plastic lumps move into place at a rate comparable to continental drift.
I still can't believe I used to watch it almost religiously.
Rant over.
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 14:45, Reply)
i used to have y fronts
with "captain scarlet is indestructable" and a big (oh yeah) picure of him on them, i also had poccahontis ones to but i stopped wearing them wen my sister started taking the piss and telling people i had them

also when i was 7 we moved house so the whole place got redecordated this included a dennis the menace themed room for little me complete with dennis the menace wall paper, lampshade, duvet cover, red and black carpet and beano stickers on the door, which i had until i was 12 or 13, my room was then transformed into a pointless light blue paint job with things like "peters room" and "no girls" with glow in the dark star on the ceiling and faces on the wall i named after charicters from the x files(ahhh)scrawled on the wall by one of my friends older sisters who my mum hired to redecorate my room, wen she finished it was almost like being on changing rooms, was like that til i was 16 i think (pass the cyanide) thankfully i got it right the third time by simply painting the whole thing white and tastefully postering the crap out of the place but sometimes you can still see the glow in the dark bits
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 14:38, Reply)
I guess....
- Level42
- Wearing my socks over my trousers

I keep thinking that maybe these things were somehow connected
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 13:44, Reply)
well, it's christmas again...
spent most of my third christmas shouting bastard at my dad in very posh restraunt in edinburgh. i think i might have picked it up from my mum.
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 11:59, Reply)
Bad Taste from cradle to now
Was given glasses at age 5 that were pink with upswept corners, not unlike Dame Edna's.

Wore little blue corduroy slippers with bells sewed to them. My sister hated hers, so she ate the bells off. My mum spent two anxious days 'going through the motions' so to speak to ensure the jinglies actually came out.

Had a mum into making our own clothes, and the sunday best outfit choices were a corduroy dress where the left side was orange, the right side blue, and with two pockets, orange on the blue side, blue on the orange side.

I went to Sunday School and thought the height of excitement was when my sister won a coconut at the Church Fete. I won a dolly on a stick, and my mum promptly took the doll off the stick, and kept the stick, telling us kids that if we were ever naughty, she would smack us with it. And she kept her word - how cruel, beating your own child with part of a TOY.

Moved on to a fairly average mid teens time, with my sister and I receiving matching knit sack dresses with a cat design on that mimicked the ones the girls from ABBA wore.

Got to high school, no dramas there, but had a jacket with removable sleeves which I literally wore to a rag. Around this time, I became obsessed with Star Wars after seeing it at the cinema, and I spent all my money collecting the bubblegum cards, probably worth something to someone now, I still have them. Ghostbusters was all the rage, one of my first albums, although I can proudly claim the Eagles Hotel California as my first purchase, which was rapidly followed by every Monty Python album.

Went to college and had a fling with wearing electric blue leggings with a blouse like a druggie's worst nightmare = fruit salad. Wore a red beret and a blue beret alternately. Had a collection of badges which I changed each day according to my mood.

Now my only guilty pleasure is in owning a tie dyed shirt from Alaska that would burn your retinas out. And I love it.

I have so many years of dagdom ahead of me! The bliss!
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 11:36, Reply)
Mr Spoons
When I was around 13-14 during the hooded tops (pot noodle coloured) and baggy trousers phase al la "Madchester". My mate and I decided that sello-taping lots of spoons to ourselves whilst wearing ballaclavas (which had bike lights tied to them) would be the next big thing at the Wednesday night school youthclub disco.

We were right, and got told off by the canteen staff because of everyone wanting to borrow their spoons. This went on for a few weeks until it started to get dangerous when people started to turn up with kitchen knives taped to their tops and carrying blenders!

*Meh* kids eh!
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 11:33, Reply)
Still can't face the shame...
Rick Astley / Glen Medeiros.. Need i say more..

Never gonna change my love for yoooou......
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 11:03, Reply)
Oh dear...
When I was about 7 I used to fancy the pants off Penny from Inspector Gadget.

Fortunately I have now grown out of this phase and now regularly beat-off over the female instructor on Pilot Wings for the SNES...
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 10:58, Reply)
InfiniteZenMaster -
it only counts to have the theme from Hawaii Five-O by Jack Parnell, if it's the one that has the theme to Black Beauty on the other side...


Re: the question. I was a teenager in the 80's. Everything about me was bad taste...
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 10:34, Reply)
I sort of used to fancy Bonnie Langford, I've still got a signed picture somewhere.

I got better.
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 10:31, Reply)
I did wear some pretty outrageous clothes
When I was 16 - big baggy ethnic hippy stuff. I remember children actually bursting out laughing as they saw me walking down the street. But I still think it was pretty cool.

And I used to walk about with these metal ball thingys in my pockets - they made a sound like distant bells, so as I walked along people'd be looking around thinking "what the cranberry's that noise"
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 10:06, Reply)
I've always had acutely good taste.
I've always hated Abba.
When all my classmates were singing tight fit or wham, I was listening to a wide range of music from Mozart to the Beatles to Philip Glass (yes - at primary school).

the only music I'm embarrassed of ever liking was when I went through a stage of listening to Dire Straits. that was pretty bad, I guess...
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 10:02, Reply)
Oh the humanity....
As a teenager: Sun-In, crap metal T-shirts, stupidly tight jeans, white baseball boots, curly hair that never grew long or rock enough, oh the shame....

As an adult: nipple piercings, 2 of. Done in roughly '94, removed in '96 when every dull fucker had them.

First single: Theme from Hawaii Five-O by the Jack Parnell Orchestra, 50p in Woolworths.

First album: We Are Most Amused, comedy double vinyl.

Fucks sakes. *sigh*
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 8:42, Reply)
Hi waister oxford bags...
...remember those from the mid 70's? I finally managed to save up enough to buy a green pair of these extremely baggy trousers with a triple-height-double-buttoned-hi-waist-band. They looked ace with my Laurel & Hardy print shirt and my Slade tank top although it was more about wanting to fit in with my peers than anything.
I proudly wore them for the first time to the school presentation nite awards thing and got called up by the headmaster to receive an award for God knows what and was so proud of my hip attire. The headmaster however had little fashion sense and whilst on stage said to me "Why are you wearing a skirt young man?" It was loud enough on the microphone to be heard by all so cue much sniggering from the parents and kids.
I only ever wore them to the Elmhurst Estate Friday nite discos after that as everyone there dressed like a prat too.
(, Wed 15 Dec 2004, 1:49, Reply)
ooh yeah
and my hair looks like soem sort of odd mullet thing. so much for my "Indie Style". Just looks like a mop. Bugger.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 22:37, Reply)
this wanst that long ago but...

i own a busted cd.

*sound of flogging* no nO NO HAVE MERCY ON ME I WAS YOUNG AND NAIVE oooh look a badger with a gun! *runs away*

on a more positive note, big up ya Nicey and Wifey for their smashing new book. Wonderful stuff.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 22:35, Reply)
bad style choices... heh
when i was very little, i didnt like to brush my hair. so instead of having someone else brush it or something, i would just put it in a ponytail and go to school w/a HUGE ratsnest in my pony tail. also i wore tight, gross, wedgie giving spandex *shudders* hahaha
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 22:23, Reply)
Holy shit I wrote too much in previous entry.
Sorry. Got carried away. Obviously I have lots of bad taste. Did I mention my collection of unicorns when I was 13?
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 22:16, Reply)
Chronological Bad Taste
Age 5: Lime Green Jump Suit with Teddy Bear Head sewn on back. Yellow Piping around legs, cuffs and front zipper.

Age 6: Laura Ingalls inspired prairie dresses. Hair worn in a side ponytail.

Age 7: I was mad about Strawberry Shortcake and had many shirts that said so.

Age 8: Adjustable Roller Skates that fit over my shoes. Huffy bike with flourescent pink tassles on the ends.

Age 9: Silky shirts with large poofy shoulders and a big big big (BIG) bow that would tie around the neck and dangle to the waist. Loved those damn shirts.

Age 10: The start of my punk revolution. Cut my own hair so it was short on one side and longer on the other, always covering my eyes.

Age 11: Patent leather high heel shoes with socks that had a foldable cuff with lace on it.

Age 12: The brighter the better. Flourescent colors. Always. Wore those silly rubber bracelets, about fifty at a time.

Age 13: Went to see my first concert. Sha Na Na. Was excited about it.

Age 14: Went into a kind of a rodeo phase - white pants, embroidered button up shirts, pointy boots.

Age 15: see previous entry on page 2 about my escapades about me and my boyfriend and his monster truck.

Age 16: gave up the aqua net but wore pink for six months straight because I thought I looked like Molly Ringwald.

Age 17: Wore a lot of bright teal. Overtweezed my eyebrows into a skinny straight line so I always looked puzzled.

Age 18: Discovered perfume. Wore lots of perfume like: Tea Rose, Charlie, Liz Claiborne and thought my boyfriend was the best because he wore Old Spice.

Age 19: Wore leggings, boots and a long sweater at all times. Nevermind that I lived in Southern California. Also had a ruffled white shirt, like a pirate.

Age 20: Wore a hat for a year straight that was black crushed velvet and had a big fake rose on it. It was hideous. Also wore long fake pearls because I was soooooo posh.

Age 21: Discovering alcohol and its wonderous effects profoundly changed my wardrobe. Began wearing really really short skirts and tight lycra tops with platform shoes.

Age 22: Entered the professional workforce. Had an army of professional jackets with huge shoulder pads and very very very large buttons.

Age 23: Discovered the wonder of wide legged pants. Began sewing inserts into bell bottomed jeans so they would be more bell bottomed, to the point of looking like a skirt and guaranteed to trip me whenever I took a step, especially if I was drinking, which I usually was.

Age 24: Someone told me I looked good in Red. Started wearing bright red every chance I got. Room still decorated with stuffed animals. Car had fuzzy dice and zebra striped seats. Died my hair fushia. (and I have natural radiant red hair, so that's just sad). Obviously not in the professional workforce at this point.

Age 25: Omigod! I love flowers! Flowered shirts, flowered dresses, flowered shoes. Terrible, just terrible.

Age 26: Proudly wore a pair of shiny satin pink pants every chance I got. With a measurable figure of 36 - 26 - 38, this was not a very good idea.

Age 27: PLEATHER!!! Yes! Bring on the fake leather!!!! Ripped out the ass end of my pleather pants in a dance contest at a local club.

Age 28: The sloppy era. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, long baggy skirts. Not a bit of skin to be seen anywhere other than face and hands. Men not tantalized by my ankles.

Age 29: Got rid of all aforementioned clothing. Began to dress in a casual classic style. Black. Simple. Always.

This brings us to the present time. No bad taste I can think of other than a current deep love of 70's music, the cheesier the better.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 22:16, Reply)
Hmm, let me think...
I know there were plenty, but the only ones I can think of are food wise, like using slabs of cheddar cheese to eat chocolate mousse and hula hoops stuffed with mini marshmallows...
Wait, I still DO eat those things! Well, at least they aren't as bad as some things I could have decided I like the taste of when young (like paint or white spirit or the Spice Girls or something).
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 21:18, Reply)
what are
tomato butties?
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 21:01, Reply)
Depeche Mode
I just listened to two Depeche Mode singles collections.
Having said that, I think I covered my Dave Gahan fixation in the "Weird Memorabelia" question.
God, I love the Mode.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 21:01, Reply)
I love...
still eating tomato sauce butties.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 20:30, Reply)
back in 1995
when i was about 10 i foolishly told my dad i needed a haircut, so my half respectable long-ish hair mysteriously changed form into a mullet... A few weeks later my head magically got shaved without my dads knowledge. Not really my bad taste but more my dads.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 19:51, Reply)
How could i forget
Me and about 5 others in my year at school when we were about 7 thought a step in your hair was really cool, you know the old bowl cuts.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2004, 19:08, Reply)

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