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This is a question The Onosecond

Wired magazine once defined the 'onosecond' as the time between hitting 'send' and realising that you really didn't mean to send that to your granny.

What inappropriate email/text/photo have you sent to wrong people? Are they speaking to you any more?

(, Thu 26 May 2005, 9:15)
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The longest onosecond ever !
It took me about 3 years to reaslise I had posted a profile on MSN under my real name ( bearing in mind this is the email I would have given to hundreds of colleagues, friends and family) BUT I also had an anonymous hotmail account for what we wil call "late night and weekend surfing"... stupidly I got the profiles the wrong way around and realised after 3 years that everyone from my boss to my mum had repeatadly seen a close-up pic of me grabbing my cock and describing myself as a sex-hungry man whore looking for all kinds of devious and depraved adventures.... When I realised, i sat at my desk and smoked loads trying to work out what to do - I CANT BELIEVE NO ONE SAID ANYTHING!!!!!! SHIT ! Now anytime I see a family member, there is a huge grin when they ask if I have a g/f or not and I just cringe wanting to spontaneously combutst.
(, Thu 2 Jun 2005, 7:14, Reply)
been caught cheatin
so my husband at the time realized that i'd been actin funny, real funny, so he tapped my home telephone. talked to the man i'd been "hangin out" with (got to know him at work over a period of about 2 years) said all kinds of bad things that still to this day (3 years later) make me cringe with humiliation. I'm still with the other guy though, and still happy.
(, Wed 1 Jun 2005, 22:54, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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