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This is a question Premonitions

When I was 14 I had a really scary dream about being run over. A few days later, as I gently bounced off the front of a volvo who seemed incapable of indicating, I found this vaguely reassuring.

Last week 'emadex' managed to respond to this weeks question a good five days ahead of time, so it would only be courteous to ask: What spooky premonitions have you had?

(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 19:52)
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This question is now closed.

My first trip to Liverpool, a friend and I went to Bugged Out! and had a jolly good time.

However, after a while inside attempting to chew my eyebrows off, I had a weird feeling that something was wrong.

First i thought I was coming up again, but it was only when we exited the club that my weird feeling turned out to be a sign: Our mates car had been broken into.

The bastards had stolen our clothes, our coats, tickets to a Glaswegian club that we were visiting the following night (which had sold out) and worst of all, a large bag of party prescriptions.

Wasnt all bad. For the first 6 hours we thought it was hilarious.

"Haha you havent got any clothes"
"ahaha neither have you"

It was a very depressing comedown that morning.
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 11:33, Reply)
My best premonition was somewhat painful.
When I was little I had a dream. I was running around the playground of school I did not know carrying someone else's bag. I fell over and smacked my head against a thick steel handrail.

About two years later, after a change of school, I smacked my head against an iron bar when the boy whose bag I had run off with pushed me while I was running.

I was too stunned by the premonition to notice that I had mildly concussed myself.
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 11:12, Reply)
This might be crap
I have sat and watched the outright lies on these question thingies, and all it does is underline the selective media a lot seem to suffer. But only the very easily led absorb it and live it. Coincidentally these are usually the most vocal about various things like moaning.

Anyway, I had this extremely vivid dream abount a Magpie, beside itself to want to get in and attack me. It was going right off, really agitated and pecking at the glass doors as if Id taken its baby, with a high shrill squawk and a definate meaning to its madness. It really meant it.

Three days later it happened. Same spot as I dreamt, through the glass doors and it was going mad just like the dream. Exactly the same. It wanted to get me!! Anyway, no maoral or point to the story, but it is true.
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 9:21, Reply)
There's not enough room here to list them all.
Really, Honestly!

Ok, I'll tell you about this one.

I was having a good night's sleep, as the next day, myself, my brother and a mate were were going on a trip for my brother's workplace.

I woke up, and sat up in bed quite sharply and looked over to the wall in my bedroom where my 3 guitars are normally. 2 of the guitars were there, but not the third one. The Gibson was missing and in it's place there stood an axle from some kind of truck. It was dripping oil and had made a large puddle of the black ooze on the carpet. I just tilted my head trying to comprehend what I was seeing and I woke up again. I sat up just like before, I looked over to the guitars, just like before. All three were where they should be. I was spooked, but I got back to sleep eventually.

The next day we were travelling back home on the motorway and the rear axle of the van we were in seized up solid. Not enough oil was put in during it's last service apparently.
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 5:39, Reply)
My phone freaks me out
I regularly know when people are about to phone or text me - I'll just start randomly thinking about somebody, and more often than not, I'll get a call, often within a minute or so.

The weirdest one was a few years back, when I was lying in bed thinking about an old friend from university I hadn't seen in ages. I'd lost her phone number, and I remember thinking to myself "I wish she'd ring me". Seconds later, the phone rings...
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 5:30, Reply)
Not sure if it was a dream or if it'd happened
One day back in grade school i remember feeling kind of ill. I remember losing my watch, and then waking up. I didn't know what day it was at the time, and I couldn't figure out whether it was a dream or not. The next day, however, the class bully had a watch just like mine.

A few weeks later the teacher said she'd found this watch and asked if it was mine. 'Twas.

I never did figure out whether that day was a dream of it it really happened.

Oops, a bit off topic. Apologies for that and length
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 5:02, Reply)
When I was 2, I was at the mall with my mother. I asked her "what would happen if all the lights went out?" 4 minutes later... blackout.

More recently I was chatting with a friend on the phone, and he picked up a stuffed animal and told me to guess what it is. I managed to identify all the animals surrounding it instead.

About a week ago, I had a dream that a long lost friend of mine had come back to town. The next day I signed online and out of nowhere he instant messaged me, telling me that hes moving back.

Hmm, not sure if this counts, but every time I have an odd dream while taking a nap on the spare bed in my house means that my friend Matt will stop by unannounced to visit me in the next 15 minutes.

Theres many more but I can't remember them at the moment.
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 3:35, Reply)
I've never predicted anything in the future over 5 seconds...
...But just yesterday I was in the back of my friends van sketching a car for my Cad class, and for the license plate I put PFB-117. Then a compact drove past us, and it's license plate was PFB-117.
Also yesterday, I was listening to my 117-track mp3 CD (I like that number) on Random mode. Just as I thought of the opening sequence for There There, it came on. One track out of a possible 117, in randomized play.
Too bad my foresight skills won't do much good in predicting world disasters...
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 3:18, Reply)
Not that interesting....
But only a couple of days old.

My friend is currently working as an Au Pair in France. Anyway, two nights ago I had a dream that she came home because she didn't like it very much. Spoke to my brother last night and she's coming home because she doesn't like it out there.
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 2:16, Reply)
I have a premonition of this question being clogged up by wankers telling the same fucking jokes
and then trying to excuse themselves by saying 'apologies for legnth', or 'maybe its been said already' whereas what they should really say is 'Im a fat gay wank who cant make original jokes but will repost what i have already read or been to lazy to read again and again becuase it makes me feel big and distracts me from the fact my partner no longer finds me attractive'

Soz for all the vitriol......but theyre such cunts.
(, Sat 20 Nov 2004, 0:55, Reply)
yep. walked around asleep with my eyes open. turned on lights,
when told to go back to bed, always just said 'ok'
and got back to my unconscious shenanigans.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 23:59, Reply)
last week
i had a premonition that we were all fucked but ladbrookes would only give me 4/1 so put on a tenner each way.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 23:17, Reply)
This dream happened last night
First of all I dreamed I got a text message, but when I looked at my phone it was all scuffed up, I could bearly read the numbers 5,7,8,0 and *. I had no idea how this happened, I just remember my flat mate gave it to me. The message was saying something about the world going crazy.

When I woke up to the alarm on my phone I put it on snooze, and my mate sent me a message saying Socrates (Brazilian captain in 1982 world cup) was coming to yorkshire to manage a non league team. His next message said the world has gone mad! Then whilst out on a walk I gave my phone to someone and they dropped it, they gave it back to me (it wasn't my flat mate) and the numbers 5,7,8,0 and * had crap all over them obscuring the numbers. I remember waking up this morning and looking at my phone thinking oh, I dont have crap all over my numbers.

It was most bizzar. Unfortunatly I forget most of my dreams but I recall those two points.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 23:08, Reply)
I'm a crazy dreamer
I had a very crazy dream about how their was some sort of nasty and very infectious disease going about. The main sympton was being able to see a blue arrow on the back of your hands, with three lines going to the arrow head. I woke up the next morning only to find my veins in exactly the same configuration on the back of my hand.

I aslo dreamt that my mum had died in a train crash. Then I dreamt that I woke up, realised it was a dream, went downstairs and was told my mum had died. A premonition within a dream? When I woke up for real I was convinced that my mum had died and was quite freaked out when she walked into the kitchen.

On the other hand, I don't really trust my dreams. Especially after I had a nightmare about being stuck in a sarcophogus on Hitler's submarine. Oh yes, very strange. I also dreamt about meeting Jesus in a pub and talking about whether a continously refilling mug of Pepsi was evil or not. The conclusion? Not evil, because nobody owned it.

I dream wierd. And I dream long, so apologies for length. Not that I've had any complaints.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 22:50, Reply)
Class schedule
In highschool, you had to sign up for eight classes- four would be for first semester, four in second semester. In grade twelve I signed up for art, history, music,english, drama, creative writing, and geography.

The day before we got our class schedules in the mail, I had a dream about the teachers making me change my schedule because I had art, music, creative writing and drama all in first semester, and all the other boring classes second semester, and it wasn't right that I should have that much fun at school for one semester.

I get my schedule in the mail. First semester: art, music, creative writing and drama. And I did end up having to change my schedule because of some sort of conflict.

Now, if only I could dream of winning lottery numbers...
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 22:44, Reply)
Well did you used to walk around with your eyes open?

My brother used to sleep with his eyes open, damn freaky! When he was 3-8 He used to get up in the night, walk around, and change beds several times (Note: three bedrooms, doubled sized beds in each one floor, Mine's on the top floor though.)
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 22:29, Reply)
Not quite a premonition...
when i was a little kiddo, i often sleepwalked. once when i was about 5 i had a dream where i was walking out of my bedroom onto the landing, then rolling down the stairs. i woke up lying at the bottom of the stairs, which i had fallen down.
i had had a dream about something that was actually happening.

[edit] this was one of those dreams where you're watching yourself from the outside.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 22:25, Reply)
In the last half term
My mum asked me to go to london.

I didn't want to because I thought something was gonna happen on the train, and 'cause the weather said a storm was coming so I wanted to protect my cats.

Storm didn't come, but something happened on a London train the next few weeks.

My mam said one she had was "For a few months, when ever she went past Birmingham Airport she ducked and screamed."

After a few months there was a serious plane crash.

One which everyone has had is:

I'm sitting, bored, thinking "I wonder what's on tv tonight." Then that episode comes on. Damn reruns.

Wait, I'm having a premonition, I'm gonna press "post this message".
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 22:24, Reply)
Air plane crashed
My flat-mate of many years ago, coincedentally my flat-mate of now, succesfully, if you can call it that, foresaw several plane crashes in a row, over a period of several years. Last known vaguely recorded one was pan am 103 over lockerbie, which he "saw" the evening before. don;t recall what happened with the twin towers, so I must presume nothing, otherwise he'd be crowing on about it... hey, i didn't say he new everything...
lotsa luv,
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 22:21, Reply)
Four nights running I had dreams about lean shaggy haired rabbits following me around.

I was in a pub telling a friend about my dreams when I look at the bloke next to me at the bar - it was Ian McCullough from Echo and the Bunnymen!

Abso-frigging-lutely amazing isnt it? Mystic Meg - eat your breakfast.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 22:02, Reply)
A few things:
I dreamed I was crucified the day before I was given the part of Jesus in a production.

I dreamed of someone I'd never met (online presence, y'know) playing in a shed a few days before they got a shed built.

I dreamed that I rang up my Great Aunt in America and she told me that she was releasing "some of ours"... the day before the release of some of our Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

So yes, weird.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 21:34, Reply)
Once my girlfriend had a dream
About dumping me

Next day she dumped me...

Fucking dreams
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 21:13, Reply)
Exactly the same thing happens to me!!! :S
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 21:09, Reply)
I once had a scary dream about
a shark, a bridge and a helicopter.

Fortunately, it wasn't real.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 20:32, Reply)
I dreamt that I was going to die.
Now I'm dead.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 20:27, Reply)
Snuffit Stakes
Dunno if anyone else does this, but up until a while ago we used to run "Snuffit Stakes" each year at work. The idea was that at the start of the year you'd each predict the deaths of 3 people famous enough to get an obituary in a national newspaper, write their names on scraps of paper and pay 3 quid (ie £1 a go) into a kitty. If any of the nominated names died in the following 12 months, whoever predicted it correctly would get a pay-out.

Obviously if it was someone old and in the way who could be reasonably expected to peg out at any minute, the Queen Mother for example (although infuriatingly she went on and on till way after we'd stopped doing it), loads of people would vote for them and each share the proceeds.

The trick therefore was to nominate someone completely unexpected to die, and with luck rake in the entire pot (which stood at over £300) all for yourself.

I don't know if this is why we stopped doing it, but I do remember the same girl accurately and somewhat spookily predicted the deaths of Princess Di, Jan Dildo (the newsreader who was shot dead on her doorstep) and Douglas Adams (the Hitchhiker's Guide author). The odds against it must've been astronomical.

Maybe she had them bumped off so that she'd win our office sweepstake? Who knows....
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 20:23, Reply)
Tenuous but
I can smell a change in the air about 10-15 minutes before it rains and hence predict said precipitation. Even on days when the sun has been shining all day and everyone i tell thinks im a freak, then it rains and they still think im a freak. dam. but 100% true
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 20:04, Reply)
Door handles...
I don't know what it is about door handles, but they occasionally seem to trigger a moment of deja vu in me. I can't work out the first time this happened, nor the relevance of door handles, though.

Basically, sometimes (about twice a year recently) I will put my hand on a door handle (whilst looking at it) and just freeze on the spot for about half a second.

During that half second, I see an exact copy of what is about to happen play out in my mind.

The last time it happened, I could see me open the door and have a conversation with my wife about painting the living room. I thought that a little bit strange, as I've never discussed painting a living room with anyone. I opened the door in reality, and my wife was moving across the room in exactly the same way.

She said "Do you think we need to redecorate this room? Orange is a little bright!".

She then looked at me, and asked if I was alright as I looked as if I'd seen a ghost. I had just frozen again. I couldn't believe it. I don't know why, because I should be used to it now.

Bloody door handles. I long for the time when thumbprints are used to get into homes!
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 19:56, Reply)
Tape recording
Back in t'olden days I used to record The James Whale show on Radio Aire (yes I KNOW) late at night. Listening back to the previous nights recording, amongst the whistles and crackles of nightime MW reception, a desperate MayDay call could clearly be heard being broadcast, relating to a capsized ferry, calling all available shipping in the area to help in the English Channel. A week later the Zebrugge tragedy occured.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 19:52, Reply)

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