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This is a question Urban Legends

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I fell for the "Bob Holness played the saxophone on Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street" story some years back. It just seemed so right. I still want it to be true.

What have you fallen for, or even better, what legends have you started?

(, Thu 5 Jan 2006, 16:02)
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Eggy Cancer
I always believed (thanks to my mum) that drinking the water that had been used to boil eggs would give you cancer.

Oh and the one about £5 notes not burning is sort of true (they're cloth nott paper). I have a large scar on my arm where someone challenged me to burn a cigarette through a £5 note held tightly round my arm.If I could burn a hole through the fiver I could keep it. Apparently you should dampen your arm first, to dissipate the heat or something.

And also while I'm here,was it Les Ferdinand and his mates who fucked over the Blue Peter garden, or another footballer? The legend has become a bit blurred now . . . .
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 21:58, Reply)
world breakdancing champion!(nearly)
where i work,used to have a couple of girls working close to me,and i used to constantly tell them outrageous lies.there was a mate of mine worked close by too,a balding wierdo(he was never let in on the lie), and i spent all of half an hour convincing these girls that he was a fantastic dancer. he was at one point ,in fact, the best breakdancer in the uk, an had represented great britain in the 1988 world breakdancing championships in america-would have won to if he hadn't made a bollocks of his head spin.
they asked him for a demonstration the day after...nearly pissed myself laughing!!!!
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 21:57, Reply)
Someone convinced me for all of half an hour that brussel sprouts grow from one giant round brussel about the size of a football. I now know this not to be true.

Something I've been trying to propagate for a couple of years now is that Bob Marley lifted the middle of Buffalo Solider (the bit the goes Yie yie yah, yie ye yie..) directly from the theme tune to the Banana Splits...(Na na na, nah ne nah nah) which pre-dates it. Go on listen it's all true!
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 21:29, Reply)
I don't believe it, but...
Apparently Freddie Mercury was gay...
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 21:00, Reply)
Sorry if these have been on before...
... but they are rather good.

1. £5 notes do not burn.

2. Asian women's vaginal slits go the other way. Horizontally that is.

Gawd's onnest trewth. I s**t you not. My mate told me and his dad told him, who heard it from...

No apologies. At all.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 20:37, Reply)
The old McDonalds semen in the mayo one
I heard it about the one near me a while back after it had been closed for the weekend for "health and safety reasons". Now, at the time, my boyfriend worked there, so I asked him about it. No way someone could spunk in the mayo, he said, it's thoroughly sealed until it gets squirted into the burgers with one of those polyfilla-type guns, and it would be impossible to have a sneaky shuffle into a burger due to lack of space and privacy in kitchens and on the counter. All well and good, I was relieved.
The reason why the place was shut all weekend? The smell from the open sewer in the kitchen was too bad. He took this picture on his phone to illustrate:
Mmmmm... nicely detailed
This sewer was frequently open while the place was serving food, not even 3ft from where they were cooking the burgers. Yuck.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 19:56, Reply)
Small World waterfall
You know the Disneyland ride, 'It's a small world'? Incredibly saccharine slow-boat with singing parodied by the Simpsons? My sister and I were on it once, and I had convinced her there was a huge plummet at the end, like a waterfall. All the time waiting in the queue and throughout the ride: 'Just wait! Huge drop! It's incredibly scary!'.

She's still pissed off at me for that.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 19:13, Reply)
Blond joke
Blond jokes are usually boting but this one is great.


Had me going for at least 20 seconds, which is a long time when you're at work and your mates are sniggering over your shoulder.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 19:00, Reply)
Joanna Lumley has got a plastic arsehole
This was caused by excessive cocaine use up her poo chute in the sixties, and she has to get her entire "back door" replaced with a platic one because her real one fell to bits.

(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 18:40, Reply)
Did you know...
...that llamas have gills? My mate Jon still think so.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 18:39, Reply)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
There was a rumour that the bloke who played Zak in Saved By The Bell was killed in a bike accident in c.1994...

Oh, how us private school boys wept...

This was only sorted when he ended up in NYPD Blue in 2001...
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 18:22, Reply)
i heard tha scary spice used to be a man. hmm come to think of it she mite actually be one.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 17:58, Reply)
US President Dwight...
Someone (a workmate) once asked me what the D in Dwight D Eisenhower stood for. Straight away I simply said "Dwight" in a tone that implied that everyone knew this, like "Major Major Major Major" in Catch-22. Seems it went around. A few weeks later I was chatting to a newish guy at work and he said "I think Bob might think I'm a bit dim....you see, I never would have thought that the D in Dwight D Eisenhower stood for Dwight" Ha.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 17:39, Reply)
roundabout madness
I like to tell people that my friend, who's a policewoman, told me that due to an obscure British law it's illegal to go round a roundabout more than 3 times consecutively and that after that you have to take the nearest exit, turn around and go back to it.

I think it's a lie (though i'm not certain) but everyone believes me!
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 16:46, Reply)
My mother once told me....
that the fella who played 'Uncle Phil' in Fresh Prince, was James Earl Jones, AKA Darth Vader. Several years later I argued it in a hotel in Kings Lynn, and somehow won. I wish I knew that my mother had been taking the pi**
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 16:46, Reply)
I know these aren't true
Yet I still won't eat at these places (mostly because they're revolting).
I had a friend who worked at McDonalds when I was in sixth form when a rumour started that a woman had eaten a burger from there and gone on to develop herpes after the mayonnaise had been replaced by (seemingly huge amounts of) semen. This even made the local paper, before they had to do an official apology. However, the rumour round school changed into the fact that it was my mate who had donated most of his man-milk to the cause.
Also in my home town there is a revolting kebab shop called Chic o Land, where it is widely believed someone bought a chicken burger, then when they bit into it they only had a large amount of pus and blood in their mouth - the 'fillet' was actually a tumour.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 16:12, Reply)
Somebody once told me that KFC chickens were actually grown in vats without heads or legs and that they were fed with tubes etc...
It took me quite some time to convince them otherwise. Well she was blonde - and from Essex.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 15:53, Reply)
I use to believe the old story
about American Tourists asking to go to Loogabarooga and telling their kids that if the icecream van was playing it's chimes it had run out of icecream!
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 15:35, Reply)
Well at uni,
one of my housemates beleived and managed to perpetuate for about two years the myth that nipples grew back if they were lopped off. After this time he spoke to a doctor who informed him of the slightly less interesting truth and had an attack of conscience. Cue him running round for a week finding all the people he'd told nipples grow back to and telling them not to cut off their nipples.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 14:51, Reply)
6th form drop outs
a mate of mine left school just before 6th form. he was a bit of a legend in his own right already due to various misdemeanors and being a bit of a psycho (he punched out the headmaster several times)
I spread a few ridiculous rumours about the poor chap. some where believed, others were dispelled immediately as 'Grizz being Grizz'
these rumours include:
1: he lost his arm in a machinery accident and got a hook instead of a prosthetic
2: he lost his legs in a machinery accident and had them both replaced by a unicycle
3: he was a dad (this turned out to be true)
4: he was an amateur wrestler

number 4 was the most widely believed one, since there were amateur wrestling show posters everywhere. last i heard 16 people from my school bought tickets just cause they thought he was involved.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 14:32, Reply)
That was actually true for a time... it did coke did indeed contain cocaine from the coca extract. It was only a trace amount but it was eventually removed from the mixture

Regarding Coke itself, I don't drink it for reasons of the product boycott around it. Not sure if it's an urban legend but I prefer pepsi anyways.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 12:40, Reply)
re: if your not a manc your a wank
I heard a similar one:

A friend of a friend was shopping in oxford street, when an elderly arab guy in front of him drops his wallet. This friend of a friend - being a kind sort of chap - picks the wallet up and runs after the old guy to return it.

The arab guy was extremely thankful, and asked this friend of a friend if he could be of any assistance - to which this friend of a friend politely declined.

The elderly arab guy makes to walk off, but the turns round and says "You've been so kind to me, let me just give you a piece of advice - avoid birmingham."

This friend of a friend is a bit shook up by this, and replies "why? is there going to be a bomb?"

The arab guy says "no, its a shithole!"

edit: Doh! Legless beat me to it.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 12:18, Reply)
Did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary?
I didn't fall for the old "gullible isn't in the dictionary" schtick in the same way others here have. My dad has a certain method-acting ability and said to me, in all seriousness, "Did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary?" (I was about 14). Instead of believing him, I believed that he believed it, and indignantly squeaked "Yes, it is, look!!!" while pulling out our battered old Macquarie.

I still have an unfortunate tendency to believe, not urban legends, but that the people who TELL me them believe them. Is it my fault I'm surrounded by thickos?
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 11:45, Reply)
Like a lot of people I was convinced that the 70's Kids show Captain Pugwash contained the characters Master Bates, Seaman Staines, and Roger the Cabin Boy
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 11:35, Reply)
Tom Jones
I heard this as a joke years ago but repeated it as gospel truth to a friend who believed it and repeated it to everyone on her course

I told he that Tom Jones is now unfortunatly too old to do his gyrating bending the knees dancy thing but he didnt want to disappoint his fans so before each show he is attached to a fly wheel behind him and when he wants to dance they switch on the wheel which makes old snake hips shake his thang

(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 11:33, Reply)
I have two leg ends

My feet.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 11:14, Reply)
I created
this for a laugh, to see how far it would go.

I was 11 years old at the time from what I can remember, hence why the girl has 'brain cancer'.

Last year, I received it again. They'd chopped and changed it, and added an unbelievably mawkish picture, but the name 'George Arlington' (the one I'd used) was still there.

It even got into Snopes' top 25 legends for a little while.

I'm both proud and ashamed at myself.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 10:49, Reply)
There's a guy who works down the chip shop who swears he's Elvis.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 10:20, Reply)
Back in the days of olde
I forwarded the whole bathtub kidney-stealing thing to my boss and several other people in the comapny who traveled as a 'public service'.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 7:48, Reply)
To "The Fwapper : Look at my profile you spackers,"
Bonsai kitten was believed by so many people that a group of animal rights activists talked the FBI into opening up an investigation. Turns out it was a couple of IT college students who thought it'ld be fun to piss off animal rights activists. So people need to get a grip.
(, Sat 7 Jan 2006, 5:46, Reply)

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