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This is a question The most childish thing you've done as an adult

Davros' Grandad confesses: On visiting my ex-wife's house, I wiped my bum on the toothbrush belonging to the bloke she ran off with. At least, I thought it was his toothbrush.

(, Thu 17 Sep 2009, 13:36)
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I want a new QOTW!
I want it now, or I'll cry!
(, Thu 24 Sep 2009, 11:45, Reply)
I liek ambushing peoples,
Hiding behind doors etc and shouting "RAHHHH!" at members of my family is amazing. Good thing our family have strong hearts :-)
Also, making the noise Melchett makes in Blackadder- you know the one "BEHHHHH", when walking into a room.
(, Thu 24 Sep 2009, 11:20, Reply)
When I burp
I tend to go "Bahhh". I'd taken to adding the word 'studs' to the end, thus having a little titter to myself that I've just sworn in secret.

A couple of weeks back, I'd dropped Mrs SLVA off at work and was driving out of the back entrance to the site, which is where all the smokers congregate. My window was open and I looked out past where the smokers were as I began to turn right. It was at that moment that the McDonalds meal I had for lunch decided to repeat on me. A large amount of gas exited my gut with the ferocity of a sneeze, and "bahhh-studs" turned into me barking "BAASTARRDS" very loudly at a group of people enjoying a smoke break as I drove past.

I noticed in the door mirror that they were all looking my way and pointing, and by the time I reached the top of the street, I was laughing so much I couldn't see to drive and had to pull over to compose myself.
(, Thu 24 Sep 2009, 11:16, 1 reply)

This question is now closed.

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