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This is a question The Meaning Of Giff

Join our mini Meaning Of Liff project by matching up British villages with experiences and emotions you only have because of the internet and modern life.

NOTE: Abuse and answering the question with irrelevant stuff will result in deletions and temp bans. Let's make this good.

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(, Mon 30 Jul 2018, 13:23)
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The small key-like object supplied with some brands of smartphone to open the sim card slot.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:25, Reply)
Mamble (v)
To attempt to refute an accusation of mansplaining with an even longer and more patronising explanation
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:02, Reply)
A person who changes from portrait to landscape mode half way through a video.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 12:47, 1 reply)
The unfinished pint left by a politician after a photo opportunity.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 8:45, Reply)
Hebbing End
the section of a powerpoint presentation that extends beyond the projection surface and instead is projected onto some nearby curtains or ceiling tiles.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:56, Reply)
The small bits of black stuff that accrue on the feet of a computer mouse.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:04, Reply)
A website which has been ruined by bad UX. "Amazon has been buxted since they've started trying to trick users into getting Prime by mistake."
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 22:20, Reply)
Innocuous document left open in second tab, in case one needs to hurriedly close the first
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:48, Reply)
Blandford Forum
otherwise known as mumsnet
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:13, Reply)
Cuckfield (n)
Where you type your username on 4chan to log in.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:08, Reply)
The unshakeable suspicion that your opponent in online Scrabble is using a website to find their words.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 14:22, Reply)
The sexy image used for the link to a 'Top fails of 20xx' video which doesn't then appear in the video
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 7:27, Reply)
Partrishow (n)
The 30 seconds or so of any YouTube video where the presenter enthusiastically asks you to like, subscribe, comment or basically do *anything* to game YouTube’s algorithms to help them get paid.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 20:58, Reply)
The number of "Likes" on a Facebook post about your baby.
"She looks really cute in this one, got a totscore of 327"
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 18:16, Reply)
Someone who tries to make a political point but, upon cross examination, is revealed to have done little or no research into the subject being discussed
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:25, Reply)
The feeling that arises when you go to make an original, incicive, and topical joke on Twitter, but learn that 7300 people have made it already.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:53, Reply)
The feeling that you've fundamentally misunderstood an important social issue of the day.

"I'm complely Woking over whether vegans should buy crying children ice cream."
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:37, Reply)
Stalling Busk (n)
The little dots that mean someone else is typing on instant messengers that cause you to either type faster in a desperate attempt to finish what you were damn well saying or just give up and wait for whatever drivel they are on about now.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:15, Reply)
Milford Belper
When you start typing in a site in your work browser with your boss watching and as the suggestions come up you realise to your horror that the browser history has synced with your home browser history.
(, Thu 3 May 2018, 10:08, Reply)
Person that complains that Dr Who is ruined after every new doctor is announced.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 7:25, Reply)
Crawley Down
2.4 kbps Estimated time remaining 14.5 hours
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 3:32, Reply)
When you're just about to go to sleep and Donald Trump tweets something insane.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 0:44, Reply)
What your wife's been doing with her orgasms all these years.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 21:50, 1 reply)
A person texting in public who hasn't disabled the keyboard noise on their phone
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 18:34, Reply)
Someone with a cute avatar who, despite the avatar, writes psychopathic tweets.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:44, Reply)
The cupboard you use to store old music formats
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:32, Reply)
Fiddington Sands
The act of putting a USB in three times before getting it right, despite there only being two options.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:31, Reply)
Talybont Reservoir
The small handful of followers who can always be relied upon to like your weakest jokes
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:17, 1 reply)
A nostalgia for the innocent type of filth that internet pornography has made redundant, eg the sex comedies of Robin Askwith, or a copy of Razzle found in a hedgerow.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:15, Reply)
Tubbenden (v)
sitting at the front of a DLR carriage and pretending to be driver.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:10, Reply)
accidentally pissing into your own mouth
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:52, 1 reply)
Any cable that is exactly too short for purpose, e.g. a phone charging cable that when plugged in requires the user to crouch next to the socket to use it. Most houses will have a drawer full of buxtons.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:36, Reply)
A clickbait site that works by getting people's attention with depressing stories rather than uplifting ones.
(, Sun 6 May 2018, 7:02, Reply)
Carlton Miniott
A Facebook user that communicates exclusively using animated gifs from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and "Despicable Me".
(, Fri 4 May 2018, 12:08, Reply)
An opinion piece which has some truth at the heart of it, but is bordering on conspiracy theorist due to the hyperbole.
(, Thu 3 May 2018, 11:11, Reply)
The blue ashen pallor of your partner’s face as they catch up on twitter in bed before sleeping.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 20:40, Reply)
A podcast from darkest Peru.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 20:23, Reply)
The act of typing 'lol' despite not actually laughing out loud.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 20:03, Reply)
Any bit of watermark remaining after you have tried to Photoshop it out instead of pay for a stock image.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 19:41, Reply)
Upper Wellingham (n)
Where Theresa May can shove her immigration policies
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 18:52, Reply)
Tapping on a Twitter user to get some context for a comment, then getting distracted by their timeline and aimlessly following unrelated links.
"Sorry, I went to check if this person was genuinely qualified to comment on that legal case, but dallmallied and ending up reading about this weird breed of dog that has two noses".
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 17:43, Reply)
Lickfold (n) alt. (v)
The action or product of rimming last night's pizza box and the depths of your neckbeard because you can't bear to leave Fortnite or your parents' basement, not even for moar Doritos.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 17:04, 2 replies)
The rage felt when accidentally interacting with an ad
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:52, Reply)
The time it takes to remember a password due to them all being variations on a theme.
"After a ten minute drumclog I finally managed to log in to amazon"
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:29, Reply)
A regional swear word you'd never have heard were it not for social media.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:28, Reply)
Like Google's browser, but more so.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:10, Reply)
When you've added an overlong and overtly wordy post that contributes very little to a thread full of short answers.

"That's a bit Chatteris"
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:57, Reply)
Heighley (adj)
An online acquaintance who gets increasingly right wing when drunk.

“He’s generally ok but after a few beers gets a bit Heighley.”
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:26, 1 reply)
The moment of time between dropping your brand new phone and it hitting the concrete.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:10, 1 reply)
Crwbin (n)
The glaring autocorrect typo that introduces itself into an astute political tweet that actual gains traction for once, but is all people will actually comment on.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:05, Reply)
The veneer of skin oils that accumulates on the screen of a well-used smartphone
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:59, Reply)
Tedstone Wafre (n.)
The winner of any online argument that extends over thirty posts, generally self-appointed
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:58, Reply)
Bolton Percy
A slang term used in the adult film industry for a strap on.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:51, Reply)
Any message posted on social media of which the author is inordinately proud that is subsequently ignored by everyone else.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:25, 1 reply)
Ditchingham (n)
The DVD or book you ordered three weeks ago to satisfy an itch that you no longer have and is left unread and unwatched on the shelf.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 13:43, Reply)
Wood Enderby
When the wrong kind of porn turns up in a search.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 13:42, Reply)
A person that uses asterisks instead of actually swearing.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 13:41, Reply)
One half of the labia minora.
(, Fri 18 May 2018, 14:59, Reply)
The bit of PC World where they display the Apple products; it has thicker carpet, air freshener and nicer decor to make them feel more desirable.
(, Sun 6 May 2018, 9:51, Reply)
An awful prick who, on receiving 30 or so retweets for a mediocre quip or observation, replies to their own tweet with "Wow, this blew up! RIP my mentions! I had to turn my phone off LOL! While you're here, check out my YouTube/SoundCloud/Etsy/Pornhub goat-interference channel"
(, Fri 4 May 2018, 22:50, Reply)
Dorking (vb.)
To begin any post on social media with "is it only me?" in an attempt to give yourself an escape route when the first three responses point out that you're a massive wanker.
(, Thu 3 May 2018, 23:14, Reply)
A suspiciously easy pickup at a demo or march.
(, Thu 3 May 2018, 17:23, Reply)
The inexplicable insomnia experienced after going to bed because you were unable to keep your eyes open watching the TV
(, Thu 3 May 2018, 15:18, 1 reply)
A seldom heard expression of joy after seeing a decent QotW again
(, Wed 2 May 2018, 20:44, Reply)
That feeling of nausea caused by poking your toothbrush too far down the back of your tongue.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 18:53, Reply)
Gaick Forest
a massive hipster beard that looks like it could nest birds
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 13:26, Reply)
The gunk and fluff that used to collect on the ball inside an old mouse. A modern equivalent is a Mottingham, a stray hair or eyelash that norks up an optical mouse by getting stuck in the lens.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 12:49, Reply)
Petts Bottom.
The darker side of kitten videos on YouTube alternatives.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 8:23, Reply)
Web-based service for doing your washing
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 8:19, Reply)
Over Peover
When you are drunk and miss the toilet
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 8:16, Reply)
People that turn up to bang on the side of prison vans and shout when a criminal is leaving court.
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 7:09, Reply)
Exiting incognito mode
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 5:04, Reply)
Unit of measure, number of people in a Twitter mob.
"I just said I thought [politician of your choice] was misguided in their approach to Brexit, and a plockton of idiots descended upon me"
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 23:02, Reply)
Port Sunlight
The tremendous relief but abject puzzlement as you manage to plug in that USB plug on that magical third attempt
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 22:33, Reply)
Tuesnoad (n)
An accidental like that lets everyone know *exactly* what you’ve spent the last 15 minutes searching for.

See also Tadnoll - an unfocused tab accidentally left in a browser screenshot that does the same thing.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 21:26, Reply)
Turners Puddle (n)
An expanse of water containing a haywain
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 21:13, 3 replies)
The small feeling of victory experienced when a USB plug goes in first try
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 20:51, 1 reply)
The maudlin sensation felt when James Corden announces a new project.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 20:37, Reply)
The feeling that you might have been taken in by a spam email.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 20:31, Reply)
Port Gaverne
Waggling a cable ineffectively around the back of a device in the vain hope that you'll be able to plug it in without dismantling whatever is preventing you from reaching the back of said device.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 20:27, Reply)
The person who can't seem to get to the point and rambles on for eight paragraphs when a simple pithy comment would quite easily have fulfilled the same function and taken up less of the readers time with unnecessary waffle. Tl;dr: this.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 19:00, Reply)
The act of accidentally turning up in the background of a live outside broadcast whilst wearing a high visibility tabard.

With a lack of available chimney sweeps, a brafferton is now considered an acceptable alternative at contemporary weddings.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 18:18, Reply)
A person that goes to a concert and films it with an iPad.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 18:08, Reply)
Pickett’s Lock (n)
Being unable to remove stray pixels from a photoshop file because they aren’t on the layer you thought they were.

See also: Trinity Gask (n archaic)
Attempting to remove the shadow of the wire in a trinitron monitor that holds the aperture grille in place from a photoshop file, frustrated by the fact it appears between the pixels.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 18:04, Reply)
(1) The unwelcome shade of grey that a website fades to as you hit a paywall and/or a pop-up nagging you to turn your adblocker off.

(2) Any trivial technique used for circumventing nagging pop-ups and pay walls.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 17:36, Reply)
(onomatopoeia) The noise made by a dog with a lisp.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 17:25, Reply)
Cramond bridge
The painful claw-like shape your hands are frozen in after a particularly long and awkward end level boss fight which also destroyed your joypad
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 17:19, 1 reply)
The feeling that you might have gone on holiday by mistake.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 17:12, Reply)
Merlin's Bridge
The time spent searching your house for your phone which means you can't leave and you're pacing around feeling like you've got Alzheimer's.

"I want to get to the meeting but I've got to cross Merlin's Bridge first"
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 17:10, 2 replies)
Bunton hush
The angry lurch for the mute icon or volume control when an online advert starts playing
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 17:01, Reply)
The awkward twisting wrist motion used to try and change the orientation of a mobile phone video from portrait to landscape while it is playing
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:55, 1 reply)
The practice of holding one's phone at a high angle in order to create a more flattering selfie
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:39, Reply)
The poo which despite repeated flushing peeps out from the u bend.

See also : Wick St Lawrence, when a wick has a piece of toilet paper wrapped around it giving it the appearance of wearing a scarf.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:35, Reply)
Clipsham: a feebly intended Like on Facebook . “ it’s the twentieth baby picture she’s posted today, but her husband’s a mate so I gave it a Clipsham.”
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:29, Reply)
Chirk (n)
Someone who has thousands of twitter followers, despite never posting anything except links to The Guardian with no comment.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:18, 2 replies)
Someone who takes a joke from twitter and passes it off as their own original comment on Facebook
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:12, Reply)
The feeling in your chest that you get when an ex, with whom you lost contact ages ago, appears in the replies to post by a Facebook friend whom you didn't know was a mutual.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 16:01, Reply)
The mental space into which one consigns Facebook friends between notifications
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:36, Reply)
That feeling you get when you look at spazz inducing GIFs

That GIF left me feeling a bit ubley
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:33, Reply)
Location of the super secret b4sh. Destined to live in infamy, but only spoken of in low whispers. Commemorative balloon hats available to order.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:15, Reply)
Pilton (n)
The amount of drugs necessary to enjoy a trendy music festival.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 15:02, Reply)
Biddestone (adj)
That heavy feeling in the gut when the cherished childhood object finally tunes up from the Ebay auction you paid a bit too much on after encountering a Biddick, and it’s not quite as good or fun as you remembered.

You’ll put it in the Biddenden for now, but then discreetly stick it back on Ebay and hope someone Bidwells.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:53, Reply)
The realisation after you make a joke about bollocks in a Whatsapp group, and then recall one of the group is going into hospital to have his other one removed after a 2nd bout of testicular cancer...
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:50, Reply)
Biddick (n)
The fucking arsehole who just sniped you with two seconds to go. Now that cherished childhood object is going to cost twice as much as all the other auctions are really busy, and you are in too deep now.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:50, Reply)
Bidwell (v)
Finding a retro object from your childhood on Ebay in amazing condition. Not many people are bidding. This would fill that empty hole left when your parents threw it out whilst you were away at university.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:46, Reply)
Bishop's Inchington
WiFi dropout at a crucial moment during some "alone time" with the internet.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:42, Reply)
That sinking feeling you get when reading a Tweet that starts with: "Thread"
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:27, Reply)
The inevitable realisation you are entering the period of the year when people start talking on social media about how cadburys have stopped calling them Easter eggs.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:26, Reply)
Lickham Bottom
The sycophantic satisfaction Piers Morgan feels when writing a Trump tweet.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:20, Reply)
The condition of having once been muscular
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:12, 1 reply)
The feeling of euphoria from dropping the kids somewhere for a short while.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 14:06, Reply)
Askham Bryan
A colleague who treats you as if you were their personal search engine
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 13:55, Reply)
The mild panic felt when typing an obvious witty reply before anyone else does.
(, Mon 30 Apr 2018, 13:54, Reply)

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