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This is a question Spoilt Brats

Mr Newton sighs, "ever known anyone so spoilt you would love to strangle? I lived with a Paris Hilton-a-like who complained about everything, stomped her feet and whinged till she got her way. There was a happy ending though: she had to drop out of uni due to becoming pregnant after a one night stand..."

Who's the spoiltest person you've met? Has karma come to bite them yet? Or did you in fact end up strangling them? Uncle B3ta (and the serious crimes squad) wants to know.

(, Thu 9 Oct 2008, 14:11)
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You gotta love 'em!
Three things spring to mind when I think of spoiled brats:

1. On a train coming back from a works do in Cardiff to London after a heavy night of drinking, I had to contend with 3 noisy little feckers constantly demanding things and throwing tantrums right next to me. Parents (tofts is about the only word I can think of) did sweet fa apart from what their spawn demanded. After about an hour, I manage to get eye contact with one of their parents:

Parent - "I'm terribly sorry about them"
Me - "Never mind, at least I don't have to take them home with me"
Parent - stoney silence followed by embarrased expression

2. Went down to the south west to get a car and just before I was due to get off I stood up to walk to the door. A bunch of kids, obviously sporty types or something, had put their kit bags in the passageway and there was no way past.

I asked the nearest one if he minded moving the bags so I could get past. He gave me a filthy look and then continued talking to his impressed mates. So I did what any responsible adult would do - I walked over their bags, making sure I stomped my size 12 boots down onto each one. Then I stood at the door glaring at them and none of them would make eye contact with me or even speak. I even gave them a wink as I walked past their window on the train platform - childish I know, maybe even not a spoilt kid story but it comes to mind when I think of ignorant little specs.

3. Most recently, a couple of city kids found themselves at my local train station. They were obviously well off (clothes, watches etc) and in their late teens. What they couldn't fathom was why this pesky commoner was denying them egress from the station:

Kid "I don't understand what your problem is"
Guard "Well this is a tube ticket"
Kid "So?"
Guard "So this is Chelmsford"
Kid "And?"
Guard "Well, you're about 30 miles outside of London"
Kid "Well no-one told me that!"

Made me chuckle as the kid was trying to throw a strop to get out of paying and the guard was having none of it.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 18:25, 6 replies)
All I ever wanted was a motorbike, can I get one granny?
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 17:46, 1 reply)
My cousin
will go out clubbing, get rat-arsed and then phone her mam at 4am to demand a lift home as she can't be bothered to get a taxi...
I'd rather spend a night on the streets than face my parents after waking them up in the middle of the night.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 16:45, 5 replies)
Don't know him from Adam but
the little cunt who I see getting taken around his paper round by his Mum in their car is one spoilt little fucker.

Might aswell just have his mum do the fucking thing!
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 15:37, 3 replies)
My gf's cousin
Not to tell tales, but this is ridiculous.

She's in her late 20's, and...

*Would get her mom to pick her up from the combined tube/train station every single night, even though the walk is less than 5 mins.

*REFUSED to take the tube and would ONLY take the train.

*At this age, is UNABLE to cook a piece of TOAST and is UNABLE to use a WASHING MACHINE (doesn't know HOW).

*Would spend up to £1000/weekend on ratty clothes -- basically tat.

I could go on an on...
Oh and this person has a 1st class degree from UCL in Economics and a Masters in Finance from Cambridge -- apparently.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 15:16, 6 replies)
You. Yes, You.
And me too. All of us. Everyone. We are all spoiled. Anyone who drives 5 miles to work instead of cycling. Anyone who fancies a BMW X5. Anyone who thinks that shopping is somehow recreational. Anyone who throws things away, even though they work fine, just because its getting a bit tatty and anyone who likes to "have nice things".
The economy is in crisis and the price of fuel has gone into orbit but only today did I see a rich idiot in her 250bhp Range Rover driving to Morrisons with her skriking ginger retarded spawn tied into the back seat. I say, If you can't carry it home, you don't need it. If you walk the streets of a town you get to know its occupants. Say good morning to people. Smile. Talk. Social Cohesion, anybody? No, I have to be supercilious with my huge ridiculous car, sorry. Wnakers.
My Grandmother lived through the war. They didn't even have bananas. Butter was rationed. Butter! But they all kept a stiff upper lip and kept their spirits high because to do otherwise was un-British.
People these days are spoiled and they don't know the half of it.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 15:05, 53 replies)
And another thing...
The same kids from the post below, upon being questioned on anything they'd done/not done, had one stock answer:


Usually accompanied by a shrug and walking away. It had the unerring ability to send me from 0-60 in the blink of an eye. It's quite possibly the most annoying thing anyone's ever said to me. Picture it:

"Why did you punch your sister?"

"Why didn't you clean the kitchen up today?"

"Why did you eat all the chocolate in the house?"

(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 14:26, 5 replies)
My ex-wife's kids were spoilt
They were 14 and 15 and were so used to getting their own way, my life as a step-dad was made nearly impossible. When I did tell them off for things they'd ignore me and/or flounce off to their rooms. And most of the time their mum would tell me not to be so hard on them.

One particular time sticks in my mind: I came home from work, and as I was usually the first one home would make dinner. The girls had but one chore of an evening: to empty the dishwasher and put the clean dishes away, then to put the breakfast stuff into the dishwasher.
This night though, I came home to find the kitchen looking like a bomb had hit it. This was particularly annoying and meant I had to spend a good 45 minutes clearing up before I could start dinner, and was a fairly regular occurrence. This night though, as well as the kitchen, every light in the house was on (that's a slight exagerration, but the main ceiling lights were on in the kitchen, lounge, hall, landing and both their bedrooms), the heating was on full, the computer in the lounge was on, as was the tv. Upstairs the girls had tvs in both their rooms, these were also on as was the computer in the older girl's room.
As well as all that the front door and patio doors were both wide open... and neither girl was anywhere to be seen.

Fuming, I closed the doors, switched all the lights, tvs, computers etc off and set to clearing the kitchen up. I was just about ready to start making some dinner when their mum got home and asked me how I was. After explaining how pissed off I was, her response?

"I know my girls aren't perfect, I don't need you to tell me, thank you very much", followed by storming off and mentioning in passing over dinner "oh girls, please make sure you close the doors before you go out in future"

(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 14:12, 5 replies)
Speaking of uni housemates
On returning from the bank, where I'd managed to persuade (read beg) the manager to extend my overdraft so I could buy stuff like food, my wanker housemate said "I'm just as poor as you because all my money's tied up in property".

This was about a year before 1990s recession, when house prices plummeted. Hah!
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 12:39, Reply)
Do expensive gifts make you spoilt, if you didn't actually want or ask for them?
When I was a kid my parents used to buy me expensive stuff they thought I should have, and very few of the things that I actually wanted or needed........So when I asked for a relatively cheap "My Little Pony" for Christmas, I ended up with an expensive educationally accurate model of a horse.:S

Not much has changed really, I've gotten very good at making happy faces when I receive expensive but inappropriate/useless gifts....Also I can't pawn the gifts, because they check up on me to make sure I haven't.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 12:20, 4 replies)
oxford students...
I know. It's like being nasty about racists or doing jokes about opening milk cartons, but...

Girl in bar, talking to friend. In uniform of shirt, big hair, denim skirt tights etc...

"They just so fucking unreasonable..."
"I know..."
"I mean, how can he say that he's not paying my card offf this month, it's only 3 grand"
"Yeah, and you've got that ski-ing trip next month..."
"I know. He expects me to live on £500 pounds a week...I mean, how the fuck am I going to do that?"
"I know, and God, didn't he tell you to get a job?"
"Yeah. Like thats going to happen..."

And on like this for some time...
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 11:40, 6 replies)
I should be a spoilt brat
I am only child and my folks are minted.
But the fuckers won't give me any of it.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 11:38, 5 replies)
Me? I've always been of the opinion that children should be obscene and not heard.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 9:53, Reply)
Private ed...
An ex employee, what a spoilt wanker,
Private education (approx £25000 worth) yet you can't even read his scrawl,
Does absolutly fuck all, Drives a £25.000 car, 29 and owns a house woth over quarter of a million.
As for the karma, his wife to be is a freeloading fuck pig.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 9:30, 2 replies)
what a spoiled little shit!
so again, a tale form the bike shop days.

little asian kid comes in, starts asking endless questions about the nice top-end DH bikes. i'm humouring him while trying to work.. but the little shit's starting tograte on my already frayed and hungover nerves. he's basically DEMANDING i get bike after bike donw for him to look at. now this kid's maybe ten? small for his age too. he's asking me to haul down bikes for people my height, then when i tell him ti's far too big, he's telling me how he rides bigger and he's got his own mercedes etc.. at this point i've pretty much glazed over. so he throws a strop and storms out.. nothing unusual here.

EXCEPT he comes back in from the car park with a cery well attired saudi who he's ordering about like a bitch, and another well-attired and VERY LARGE saudi in dark glasses with an earpiece who doesn't say much and looks very... aware of the surroundings? so this kid basically comes in and starts saying he wants this bike and that bike.. the first saudi guy is clearly TOTALLY his bitch. he's waving a wad of fifties thicker than my cock about, i'm TRYING to explain to him if i sell the kid a 45lb DH bike, he'll probably get stuck under it before he even gets it out of the garage- the guy's like 'look, i know this. but.. his father has asked that we deny him nothing, so give him what he wants, we will pay.

i made a bunch in sales that day. i also developed a DEEP hatred for this ungrateful shit.. last i saw of him he was screaming obscenities at his minder because the guy couldn't fit both bikes into.. yes you guessed it. the kid's own personal mercedes.. big bastard thing like a boat, tinted windows, looked like an ambassador's car.

really, i hope that kid gets fuckin mugged. if i wasn't gripped by honesty and conscience i'd have mugged him myself... except the big guy frnakly made me nervous. i swear there was a suspicious bulge in his jacket just where you'd expect a gun holster to be..
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 4:31, 3 replies)
Oh the brats I know.
I'm sorry to say but the kids who I half baby-sit while doing all my other jobs at work are a little bit spoilt. Just a tad.
They don't get what they want and they scream.

Now I'm always pretty calm and nice to them - I don't give in but I don't get nasty either.

Well except for this one time. They were down in their playroom at the back and the youngest two were screaming for a lollypop.
Such was the noise that the patrons out the front were actually looking as though they were half dithering as to whether or not they should call social services.

I had enough. The kids were screaming to the point were I was getting a headache - I was sick to begin with and by all rights should have been at home in bed.

"MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM I WANT A LOLLYPOP!" I hear being screamed from a mere 6 meters away. Their mother was busy serving customers - and the hue of her face told me she was feeling highly embarrassed.

So I just went down to the playroom. Stomp stomp stomp, went my feet. I literally yanked the door open and growled at them,
"RIGHT! Quit that screaming right now! There are customers out the front and you are scaring them away and embarrassing your mother! Stop this at once or you won't get ANY chocolate pizza. I mean it! You think your mum will give you treats when you act like this?"

The looks of fright from their faces was priceless. And they did shut up. And they've behaved theirselves pretty darn well since I frightened them like that.

It was so hard to yell at them though. I felt really bad. And at the same time the looks on their faces had me on the edge of hysterical laughter.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 3:43, 4 replies)
my mum is hard, but fair
back in the day, she tried her fair hand at many an occupation to give three little gobshites a happy upbringing.

One of these was childminding. One child she minded was a particularly "sensitive" piece of work.

He used to hold his breath when he didn't get what he wanted and, god bless, his parents must've indulged him in this, relenting when he turned purple, cos he was a trier and kept at it.

My mother, however, is made of sterner stuff, and reasoned that when he holds his breath, there will come a point where he will pass out and his natural reflexes will kick in, he will continue breathing and continue to be an unnecessary drain on Earth's dwindling resources.

I love my Mum.
though if she ever heard me say that, she'd probably throttle me till I turned purple, then get a proper grip and finish the job. :)
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 2:27, Reply)
I thought I was a spoilt bitch...
I have a mountain bike I spent twenty hundred pounds on, a motor bike I spent thirty hundred pounds on and another mountain bike I spent twelve hundred pounds on. I have a lovely cat who adopted me and a girl friend who I love dearly. I go climbing when I want and I play on my bike when I want. I work twenty hours a week spread over four days for Halfords and in truth I want for nothing.

Except, I worked really fucking hard to get where I am and I was bullied out of my last job by a pile of Cunt like school children. The worst of the lot was a spiteful poisonous cunt who came from a religious family, the lovely Isaac. He was a foul mouthed, openly hostile, racist, sexist and homophobic little fucker who liked to intimidate female staff. Frankly, it would amuse me greatly to hear that Isaac died of being bum raped in Prison by a syphalitic, AIDS infected, jewish, Pakistani woman, if such a thing were possible.

The final insult, while he was using filthy slang words for Ethnic minorities and told a female teacher that raping her would be funny, he accused her of racism because she asked him how a young black man could speak so badly of others.

Some kids are foul, spoilt little cunts and it is the ineffectual parents who are to blame, burn them all in a wicker man I say.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 1:17, 3 replies)
My uni housemate...
...what a wanker.

Spent two years at University doing absolutely fuck all. Which would be fine (because its what we all did really) if it weren't for the fact that he didn't have a student loan because his parents were bankrolling him.

He dropped out when he failed his second year, and as far as I know daddy got him a job in his company, rather than throttling him for wasting all their money on nothing as all of ours would have.

He also spent many an occasion telling us about daddy's new 4x4 and how their suburban-London house was "probably worth at least £1mill in the current climate". I look forward to the new climate where it drops like a concrete block.

What a wanker.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 0:43, 2 replies)
If I was rich
I would buy an expensive slipper to beat my children with, after reading this QOTW
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 0:34, 1 reply)
Working as a manager in (what was once) a fairly upmarket bar
I get to deal with plenty of spoilt brats and their parents (money dispensing chauffeurs). I remember one conversation I had at a girls 21st Birthday Party with her little brother...

"So this is quite a doo for your sisters birthday. What did you get her, anything good?"

"oh Mum got her a Sat Nav and put my name on the wrapping paper - she got a Mini for her last birthday"

"Bloody hell! So are we going to see you here in a few years for your birthday?"

"Well I dont really know, I want a Mini as well so if i get one for my 17th next year I probably wont be allowed a party like this"

I believe in Karma though so I'm fairly sure at least one of them will crash their beloved Mini's. muahahaha
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 0:24, Reply)
One guy springs to mind
I'm sure there is a few stories rattling about in my head somewhere. But a son of my sociology tutor was pretty damn spoiled. She was a stand in for sociology and another subject. A fairly nice lady who used to speak to the class quite a bit about social issues and taking responsibility for yourself and your role in society.
My friend however worked with her son in a large department shop, and said he no work ethic and looked down on any other staff as 'they worked in a shop.'
The most tragic part I feel was how he used to moan that his cheque hadn't come in that month. Not a bursary or such like (scoff scoff) but a cheque from his beloved parents. 800 quid on pocket money, and the family weren't that loaded from what I gather.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 0:21, Reply)
I helped move a nice German lady into her new house today and all the while she was telling me her life story. Being born in the war, joining the army, and her brother being put in prison.

In many of the countries she's been to they get flatbread and water in prison. And that's it. No special health care or privileges of any sort..

But her brother told her when he got out of prison here in Blighty, it was so hard adjusting to life outside because being in British prison was the easiest most relaxed time of his life. It's disgraceful.

Bring back the death sentence, Deter the criminals, free up space, put the money saved into the NHS.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 0:10, 8 replies)
I'm still around
I guess Madeline Mcann must be a spoiled brat by now?

Nyuk nyuk nyuk....
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 23:33, 8 replies)
Overgrown spoilt brats
I work with a bunch of overgrown spoilt brats.


A lazier, whinging, moaning, tale telling, bullying, manipulative bunch of wankers you would be hard pressed to find. Although to be honest some are good lads who are there to do their time and never come back.

If they don't like something they complain to the governor. If they don't like something we've said they complain to the governor. Or call you a racist, homophobe, disabilist etc.

They get free food and lots of it (food here is shit guv) and still waste more in a day than a hospital patient gets in a week.

They don't pay for accomodation, clothes or gym access and treat all facilities like shit (literally - an example is one dirty bastard shitting in a shower). Even if they are working outside and earning more than I do (yes, some prisons let them out to work as part of resettlement).

They seem shocked when we dare to question their honesty having discovered contraband on them.

They are abusive to staff but whine like hell when given it back (and complain to the governor, of course).

I did manage to annoy one this week enough for him to threaten to complain to the S.O. that I was picking on him. He'd buggered off from cleaning duties after 15 minutes and I'd caught him and sent him back. I had to go sort out something else and he'd buggered off again.

So in the afternoon I told him to scrub the walls of a wing. He wanted to know why him, and why I was picking on him, and why couldn't one of the others do it (they were working hard all morning and afternoon while he skived). I calmy told him I needed them doing and the others were busy. His reply was along the lines of "I'm not doing it cos you're treating me unfairly and I'm going to make a complaint against you." I told him "Fine, you go see the S.O." which stopped him in his tracks. After hearing that I would gladly let him see the S.O. the confusion was evident in his eyes (I'm a probationer so as far as he cares I know nothing and can be scared by any complaints made against me). He eventually came to realise I really, really didn't care about his threats and told me "OK I'll do your fucking walls" before storming off to do them.

Thing is I really was picking on the lazy moaning bastard and by being calm, not raising my voice and making no threats to put him on report I confused the hell out of him.

I'm getting to really like my job :o)
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 22:14, Reply)
I was spoilt
I had this shitty little job at some pisspot banana republic embassy. For some reason I managed to catch someones eye and I was invited to this little soiree.

I had to spend a fortune hiring this fancy pants cocktail dress and diamonds (fake) just to keep up and not look like a total dweeb.

Anyways I get to the do, and it is incredible. The opulence and stinking wealth was sicking, there were several celebrities and members of various royal families. Seriously these dos were some what noted in society.

I am just wondering around looking jobsmacked, it was like one of those moments when you see peoples mouths moves but the words are just out of synch.

I am wondering around when I happen to bump into the ambassador who is running this shindig. I am at a loss for words when suddenly this waiter waltzes by with a veritable pyramid of nutty chocolates.

The ambassador looked at me and the place seemed to go silent and I was almost lost for words.

I grabbed a nutty chocolate and said

Why ambassador, you is really spoiling us

Sorry - First time, excitement and all that, give me an hour or so and I am sure I can try again.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 21:16, 2 replies)
no body does spoiled like the arabs
so some of you may know - I'm in dubai now

i live across from one of the worlds largest shopping malls

i see a constant stream of young arab lads in very expensive cars - ferrari's lamborghini's maseratis - a Lamborghini Murcielago costs about 180,000 GBP some of these guys are around 18 or 19 years old

the kids all mill around dripping with the latest mobiles and mp3 players - except here they are often also studded with swarovski crystals or or even diamonds

its a waste of time trying to go to the cinema - particularly gold class. they spend the whole time ordering ridiculous amounts of food and jabbering on their mobiles - they have hands free kit strapped to them 24/7 - they look like The Borg in bedsheets.

Anyway yesterday we decided to go karting. We had a few good natured races then as the place was closing a little indian gofor type bloke turns up with a set of Sparco Ferrari branded flame retardent overalls still in their dry cleaner polythene. (indians over here get treated like utter shit - on bulding sites they are regarded as expendable) A few minutes later a stretched ford mustang limo turns up followed by a procession of blinged up hummers and range rovers.

about a dozen or so blokes all get into the supplied overalls and helmets.

then the main even arrives. tiny little arab fella. hes got the full Schuhmacher Ferrari overalls on by now, the little red puma race boots and a VERY expensive looking helmet. everyone else is in their random take what you get karts waiting to go while our fussy little sheik wanders up and down kicking the tyres of all the karts. he them saunters back into the man building and a few minutes later screeches round in a what looked like a brand new kart with split new tyres.

so he then procedes to beat all his mates in with his unfair advantage then stands afterwards loudly proclaiming he got rid of his Porsche gt3 cup because it 'was sheet'.

I bet he's lovely to his mum.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 20:26, 4 replies)

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