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aliens on earth

Aliens on Earth

Aliens have finally landed on Earth. But how would they fit into everyday life... getting jobs, buying food, relationships, all the stuff we take for granted? See the entries »

kids toys for grown-ups

Kids Toys For Grown-Ups

Scalextrix. Action Man. Lego. Kids get all the best toys, then discover sex, booze and fags and leave them all behind. So let's update our childhood favourites and make versions for grown-ups... See the entries »

hollywood dyslexia

Hollywood Dyslexia

The plot is awesome, Hollywood's finest actors are in place, all we need now is a headline-grabbing, heart-stopping title to ensure big box office returns... so how could it all go wrong in a few little words? See the entries »



The theme of this week's challenge is based on a single word: Egg. Yep, anything to do with eggs. Do whatever you like. But always remember the central theme: Egg. Go mental. See the entries »

corporate disasters

Corporate Disasters

Imagine the scene: Your favourite company gets swallowed in the most inappropriate corporate takeover ever. How are the products affected? Show us what hits the nation's shelves... See the entries »

demotivational posters

Demotivational Posters

Yep, we've all seen posters like these in the shops, but we're postive that b3tards can bring their unique brand of spazdom to the concept. So fire up Photoshop, get googling for images, and show us the results... See the entries »

predator vs prey

Predator vs Prey

It's the law of the jungle: one species dominates another. But what if roles were reversed? Show us a world in which the underdog always comes out on top. See the entries »

celebrity autobiographies

Celebrity Autobiographies

Ex-Take That member Gary Barlow's autobiography is called 'My Take'. Ho ho. Pick your favourite (or most hated) celeb and think of an amusingly relevant title for their book. Then design the cover. See the entries »

the nanny state

The Nanny State

Don't drink and drive. Don't go off with strangers. Don't play football on railway lines. The Government seems determined to make our lives less fun... but where will they stop? Show us the excesses of the Nanny State of the future. See the entries »

transformers that were never made

Transformers That Were Never Made

Transformers have been around for more than two decades, and next year will be the subject of a major Hollywood blockbuster. But what of the toys that never made it to market? Show us the rejects and the ones you'd like to see... See the entries »

if apple made everything

If Apple Made Everything

Five years ago, Apple was a niche brand for geeks and creatives. Now everyone owns an iPod and Apple stores are springing up like Starbucks. But what happens when the takeover is complete, when everything is made and controlled by Apple? Show us the goods... See the entries »

the ronseal challenge

The Ronseal Challenge

Toilet Duck. Fairy Liquid. Ginger Nuts. Fishermen's Friends. None of them do what they say on the tin... but what if all products actually did? Show us that world... See the entries »

if emo ruled the world

If Emo Ruled The World

If ever a musical movement deserved to be mocked, it's Emo, refuge of the desperate, the lonely, and the emotionally unstable. Even the bands are shite. So let's imagine for a moment that Emo rules the world, and picture the results... See the entries »

the future of reality tv

The Future Of Reality TV

Every year reality TV gets more and more extreme, whether it's the Big Brother freak show or z-listers pleasuring farm animals for a few column inches. But what does the future of Reality TV hold? Show us what will be in next year's schedules... See the entries »

brits in space

Brits In Space

As the British plan another doomed mission to Mars, there's one obvious question: how will this one fail? Demonstrate how our ineptitude will strike... See the entries »

pimp my british design

Pimp My British Design

The British Design Council is worried that UK design could be going to the dogs. So take classics like a Mini, a Routemaster bus, Dr Martens Boot, a red telephone box, or something you're fond of and pimp it up for 2006. The BDC have an Xbox360 for the best entry and t-shirts for runner-ups, and also want you to hear your wordy thoughts on What would make British design great again? See the entries »

sick joke book - final entries

Sick Joke Book - Final Entries

Hurry hurry hurry! This is your last chance to get your image into our Sick Joke Book. Unlike our previous challenge, this is a free-style challenge. We're looking for anything A. Funny B. Sick / Tasteless C. Without copyright problems and D. BIG, that's approx 1650px X 2550px. You've got until Thursday to get something before our evil band of judges. So work quick! UPDATE: BUY THE BOOK - IT'S CHEAP AND GREAT! See the entries »

new road signs

New Road Signs

A new Highway Code is on its way, but they've neglected to update the most important thing: road signs. So show us how they're directing traffic in 2006... See the entries »

elect the tories

Elect the Tories

Blair's been in charge for a hundred years and it's time for a change. So let's make campaign material which the Conservative party can use to get elected. See the entries »

if tom cruise was god

If Tom Cruise Was God

Can you imagine what life would be like if Tom Cruise was in charge? Pretty odd, we think. Cruise fact primer: Tom is a Scientologist, and NOT AT ALL GAY. See the entries »