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It's long been tradition to mark the passing of the great and the good (and the awful and the bad) with a picture on b3ta. This is a repository for all of those tributes. When someone pops off, chuck them in here. See the entries »

middle aged gaming

Middle Aged Gaming

Computer games aren't really marketed for the aging gamer, the characters are too young and its all too fast and noisy. Fix that. Make video games for the middle aged and older market. Show us Jet Set Willy in his wheelchair or slow Sonic down to a crawl. See the entries »

horror art

Horror Art

Add a horror theme to famous art works. Show us Frankenstein's Grandmother and scare the bejeezus out of the Mona Lisa. See the entries »

space farmers

Space Farmers

Fire up your Intergalactic Combine Harvester and get ready for work in the cosmos. We're doing Space farmers this week, show us their daily routine hauling in an abundant crop of bastardane asteroid nuggets and milking the Venusian cows. See the entries »



Classic British comic 2000AD is 40 years old this week. Lets dig through their many characters and give them a nice b3ta birthday. See the entries »

word shuffle

Word Shuffle

We're just moving words about this week. Rearrange the words of a film, song or book title in to something slightly different, ideally with hilarious results. See the entries »

internet movies

Internet Movies

They're making an emoji movie, if its a success you can bet Hollywood will trawl the internet for other cheap ideas. So lets beat them to it, give us your Web themed blockbusters. See the entries »

author swap

Author Swap

How much more bloody would Hamlet have been if it was written by George R R Martin? Would Stephen King's famous five have had such enjoyable adventures? Lets find out with a week of author/book swapping. See the entries »

update logos

Update Logos

Some of the most iconic logos are decades old. Lets give them a lick of paint and maybe tweak them a bit to represent the passing of time and how the brand has changed for the better (or worse) See the entries »

pop anagrams

Pop Anagrams

We're making Pop Anagrams this week. Pick a band, monkey with the letters and photoshop the results. See the entries »

fake ads 2

Fake Ads 2

We're making up fake adverts again. Start with a real one and twist it until it's funny. See the entries »



Raise your glasses and say cheers to a week of booze fueled pictures and animations. See the entries »

2017 predictions

2017 Predictions

Put on your fortune telling outfit, stir the tea leaves and gaze in to your crystal ball, we're predicting the hell (or heaven) we're about to enter. Show us scenes from the next 12 months. See the entries »

status quo

Status Quo

Saddened to hear of the death of B3ta legend Rick Parfitt and we thought for old time's sake and a small tribute to him let's have quick Quo challenge. See the entries »

christmasize movies

Christmasize Movies

Save people from getting bored of the usual Christmas films by taking a non-festive flick and making it all Christmassy. Give us a Texas Chainsaw Christmas Tree Massacre or The Bridge over the River Mince Pie. Make non-Christmas movies festive. See the entries »

if adverts told the truth 3

If Adverts told the truth 3

It's been almost 10 years so we're doing a classic b3ta challenge again - If adverts told the truth PART 3! Tear advertising convention a new one and reject this post-fact world. Use Photoshop for good for once and show the people the ugly truth about what they buy. See the entries »

fish films

Fish Films

We're scuba diving to the cinema this week. Fish up your favourite movies either with awful puns or complex re-imaginings. See the entries »

glam rock

Glam Rock

Put on your platforms, scribble on your face and pick up a guitar, we're going full on Glam Rock this week. Just try and keep the Glitter to a minimum. See the entries »

dogs with jobs

dogs with jobs

Dogs do lots of jobs, but in these harsh financial times they could probably be pulling more weight. So set the hounds to work. See the entries »



Lets turn that frown upside down and put a smile on everyone's face with a week of happiness. Show us what happy means to you, if you can remember what it looks like. See the entries »