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animated smilies 2.0

Animated Smilies 2.0

It's 2008, and we need new animated emoticons to express feelings other than lol. Go to work, b3tards. See the entries »

photoshop thom yorke

Photoshop Thom Yorke

Radiohead's Thom Yorke is the nation's most mysterious, charismatic pop star. He's also devilishly handsome, and ripe for photo-shopping. So that's the challenge. See the entries »

extending famous film scenes

Extending Famous Film Scenes

This week, we challenge you to extend famous film scenes: NOT film posters, but actual scenes. Show what is happening out of shot or in the next room. See the entries »

design a new mousetrap

Design A New Mousetrap

The standard mousetrap is a design classic, but we think it can be improved on. This week's challenge is to do just that: we want a better, more efficient, 21st Century trap. See the entries »

robots in history

Robots in History

Images of the Hadrian's Wall-building robot, medieval jousting engines, the great Titanic sinking machine, showerbots from WWII... Robots, in History, do it now! See the entries »

the saddest picture in the world

The Saddest Picture In The World

This week's challenge is simple: make us cry. We want to see the saddest picture in the world, ever. See the entries »



How is the down turn in the global economy going to affect us? What changes are we going to see in the not-too-distant future? Are we screwed? Show us. See the entries »



It's time for one of b3ta's occasional, do whatever you want, ball's in your court, one-word challenges. The word? Hats! See the entries »

abusive ducks

Abusive ducks

Ducks are complete shits, famous for wife-beating and general duck abuse. Show the world you're on to them. See the entries »

low budget film remakes

Low Budget Film Remakes

We've all seen the big budget movie remakes of little indie flicks. But what about Hollywood blockbusters remade for 50p? (Thanks Holly Would) See the entries »

cartoon identity crisis

Cartoon Identity Crisis

Interpret your favourite cartoons - the stuff you loved as a child or contemporary characters - in the style of another, or in a style of your own choosing. See the entries »

fat britain

Fat Britain

People of Britain! You're getting fat! Our nation is in the grip of an obesity epidemic. How will our celebrities adjust to their growing girth? What will life be like when we're all massively overweight? Tell us in porky pictures. See the entries »

literal road signs

Literal Road Signs

Imagine if road signs, instead of directing you or warning of expected hazards, told you precisely what was taking place at that particular moment. Then 'shop the results of your imagination. See the entries »

2012 olympic mascot

2012 Olympic Mascot

The BBC are asking people to design a mascot for the London Olympics. We think you can do better. Who or what would best represent Britain to the world? See the entries »

cooking with b3ta

Cooking with B3ta

Think you're good in the kitchen? THEN PROVE IT! Bake us up something tasty and post the results. Extra points for entries involving cakes, food dye, orange chocolate etc. See the entries »

famous tart cards

Famous Tart Cards

Take a famous person, and fire up Photoshop to show us how they would advertise their wares in a seedy telephone box ad. See the entries »

ronseal plots

Ronseal Plots

Imagine a world where movies and books are titled like Ronseal products, with everything turning out exactly as it says on the tin. Then turn it into a lovely picture on the internet. See the entries »

photoshop money

Photoshop money

Money! It's a gas. You can't photoshop it though - OR CAN YOU? This week - by fair means or foul - we'd like you to do your amusing doodahs with cold hard currency. See the entries »

celebrity mutants

Celebrity Mutants

We love celebrities. And we love mutants. So make some celebrity mutants. Or some mutant celebrities. Simple. See the entries »



Chris Rea + Dire Straits = Diarrhea. Deep Purple + Whitesnake = Purple Snake. Dick Cheney + Radiohead = Dickhead. You get the idea. See the entries »