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curry and cheese

Curry and Cheese

Curry and Cheese. Take these two delicious foodstuffs and squeeze them into song and movie titles: illustrate the lyrics, edit the cover art, whatever, just make sure you've got some spicy goodness or dairy heaven in there. When you are done photoshopping, stick the results on the board. See the entries »



Nuns! What can we say? Nuns are always fun. They look a bit like penguins. Erm. Have fun with a nun for us and stick the results on the messageboard. See the entries »

computer and video games that were never made

computer and video games that were never made

Computer/video games that were never made...had a great idea for a game? Open photoshop and show us what it would've looked like. Can you use flash? Well, why not make the game? Post your pictures and links to the board. See the entries »

tabloid photostories

Tabloid Photostories

Tabloid Photostories. We've all seen the wild and wonderful stories that papers all over the world simply invent to sell copies. Think of a great headline, dig out photoshop and illustrate it, then shout 'Copy!' very loud. That's what they do in films. See the entries »

modern fairytales

Modern Fairytales

Modern Fairytales. The stories we read to kids are great, but they have dated somewhat. Update an existing tale or invent a new one to scare today's children with, illustrate it and put the results on the messageboard. See the entries »

if hitler had won the war

If Hitler had won the war

how would things be different? Would TV be different? What about computers or kittens? Get thinking and submit your results on the board. See the entries »

seaside amusements

Seaside Amusements

Seaside Amusements. The seaside promises so much, and yet delivers so little. Make us some new sideshows, games and rides to disappoint us even more - grab photoshop and stick the results on the board. See the entries »



Euphemisms! The lubricant of polite society around the world, we want to see just what you can't quite bring yourself to express. Make sure your computer isn't exposing too much ankle and stick your pics on the board. See the entries »

portents of the apocalypse

Portents of the apocalypse

Portents of the Apocalypse. Doom, doom, doom: it's coming for you, so you'd better be ready and watch for the signs. There's loads defined in the bible, (we like the harlot of babylon best), but we'd like to see more up to date ones. Photoshop yours for the message board. See the entries »



Everybody loves robots. We certainly think they are the best thing ever, and we can't have enough of them. That's where you come in: photoshop us your dream robot and post it on the board. See the entries »

crap superheroes

Crap Superheroes

this week we want you to make crime fighters that frankly are a bit poo. Go for a walk. Get thinking. Come back. Open photoshop. Submit to the board. See the entries »

dogs with amusing noses

Dogs With Amusing Noses

We want you to make improve nature by giving dogs funny noses. Engage your brain. Load photoshop and submit your results to the board. See the entries »

new cockney rhyming slang

New Cockney Rhyming Slang

Cockney Rhyming Slang is everywhere now. Even Americans understand some of it. We need new impenetrable phrases for things, and we want you to photoshop them and stick them on the messageboard. Gertcha! See the entries »

photoshop for world peace

Photoshop for World Peace

Greenpeace have asked us to photoshop for world peace. We'd like you to come up with something original and striking rather than worthy and cheap. Forget the half-assed pics of world leaders, make us something good and post it on the board. See the entries »



Extinct! What was it and where did it go? Things are dying off all the time and often nobody takes the time to notice. Use your favourite time machine and make us tributes to things that are now (or should be) extinct, and post them on the board. See the entries »

the cutting room floor: deleted scenes from the movies

The Cutting Room Floor: Deleted Scenes From The Movies

Millions of pounds are spent on movies every year, but some of the best bits are the outtakes. Photoshop a deleted scene from a movie of your choice and post your images on the board See the entries »

icon mini challenge

Icon mini challenge

This is a mini challenge to design an icon for the board. It needs to be 15 pixels wide and 13 pixels high. See the entries »

if advertisments were honest

If advertisments were honest

you'd probably never buy anything. But what would they actually say? Make us an honest ad and post your images on the board See the entries »

hats of the future

Hats of the future

It's 2003! If Hats of the future could be seen today, what would they look like? Push those pixels and post your images on the board See the entries »

cows / horses being devious

cows / horses being devious

You know you just can't trust them. But tell us why. This week we want your images of cows and horses being devious. Post your images on the board See the entries »