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Listen up pardners! We think cowboys have as much comedy potential as they do cliched phrases, so mosey on over to photoshop and post your work on the messageboard. See the entries »

when the laws of physics pack up

When the laws of physics pack up

Physics is great - it stops our cornflakes from floating into space, but what happens when physics breaks? Crack open photoshop and show us this world of scientific chaos! See the entries »

corporate rebranding

Corporate Rebranding

Corporations spend stupid amounts of money to have designers tell them their logo should be a different shade of green. Show them how it should be done by rebranding existing corporations with names and logos that better reflect them, then post your results on the messageboard. See the entries »

kids tv from the planet wrong

Kids TV from the Planet Wrong

Reimagine Kids TV shows in a way that would make them unbroadcastable before the watershed. Open your minds. Think. Then open photoshop and share your world view. See the entries »

monuments that should exist

Monuments that should exist

The world is full of crappy monuments to people who we don't give a flying shit about. We want you to celebrate the great stuff you love in your own lives. Sod Churchill - we want the stuff that matters: celebrations of beer, fags and kittens. See the entries »

all the fun of the farmyard

All the fun of the Farmyard

Farmers. When they're not complaining about the amount of free money they are getting, they're doing unspeakable things to sheep. Photoshop them. Photoshop them to within an inch of their lives, and stick the results on the messageboard. See the entries »

things you wouldn't want to see in hospital

Things you wouldn't want to see in Hospital

Hospitals. Home to every nasty, icky, sticky thing in the universe, could they be any worse? We're pretty sure that in your imaginations they already are. Grab Photoshop and make us things we wouldn't want to see in hospital. See the entries »

one million years bc

One Million Years BC

What with all the running around in furs and grunting at each other it appears that people didn't have time to document their lives in mindnumbing detail back in prehistoric times. Christ, they didn't even have blogs! So, using the power of photoshop and your sordid imaginations, show us what life was like back then on the messageboard. See the entries »

photoshop kenny loggins

Photoshop Kenny Loggins

Photoshop Kenny Loggins. It's been a while since Mr Loggins has been in the spotlight with hits like the theme to Footloose and, erm, ah, other songs. However anyone who can be that beardy and release an album called More Songs From Pooh Corner could do with our help to bring him back into people's consciousness. Stick your Loggins on the messageboard. See the entries »

if the commies had won the cold war

If the Commies had won the Cold War

If those dastardly commies had won the cold war, would life be any different? Would we be queuing up for our ciabatta? Would the Olympics be full of suspiciously hairy women? Would Tony Blair be a radical right-wing menace? Answer these questions and more using the power of photoshop, and stick your pics on the messageboard. See the entries »

secret government departments

Secret Government Departments

Behind every disappointment, every let down, every pothole and every lost sock in the washing machine, there's a Secret Government Department making sure your life is hell. Expose these secret cabals to daylight using the powers of photoshop to show the world what it is they do all day, and stick the evidence on the messageboard. See the entries »

pointless dvd extras

Pointless DVD Extras

DVD is an amazing medium, mostly due to the sheer amount of guff you can get on one disc. In a desperate attempt to make each release better than the last the studios are now dribbling hours of interviews, featurettes and commentaries by the unit tea lady all over them. We know you can come up with worse stuff, so get photoshopping or even film some yourself and then put them on the board. See the entries »

new events for the special olympics

New events for the Special Olympics

Frankly, we think the Special Olympics are all wrong. Why adapt disabled people to the events with artificial legs and whatnot when you can adapt the events to the people? Show us the special events you'd like to see at the oh-so-special B3ta Special Olympics. See the entries »

gloots! - co-joined product innovation

Gloots! - Co-joined Product Innovation

After the success of 'SPepper' in the newsletter, we thought there should be more innovative products whose only innovation is to combine two existing ones into a slightly ill-thought-out whole. Gloots for example - an unholy alliance of Gloves and Boots. We're sure you can do better, so grab photoshop and show us your ideas on the messageboard. See the entries »

whoah! that wasn't there before i went to bed!

Whoah! That wasn't there before I went to bed!

Whoah! That wasn't there last night! In this age of techno-wizardry all sorts of things spring up overnight to confuse the feeble minded like us. Shop us the most suprising things to suddenly appear in the history of mankind, and stick them on the messageboard. See the entries »

film of the game

Film of the Game

Now a Major Motion Picture! The rubbish films made of computer games oozing out of Hollywood set us thinking. Surely we can come up with even worse films based on the playground and board games we used to play? They'd be drivel, wouldn't they? Photoshop them and stick them on the messageboard. See the entries »

get rich quick

Get Rich Quick

we want to know your plans to earn lots of money. Maybe a monkey that can shit pure gold, or a spam that really works. Post your ideas on the board. See the entries »

rear window

Rear Window

You can spend hours watching the numbskulls in the flat opposite go about their daily lives. But is what they are doing so innocent? Photoshop us all the weird stuff going on that you can see out of your rear window, and stick it on the messageboard. See the entries »

software that we really need

Software that we really need

Stuff to make our life better? Or at least less annoying? Get your brain in gear and post your photoshopped ideas on the board. See the entries »



Zombies! They're everywhere - in fact you probably work for one. Some of them even pass for normal with a bit of makeup, but we know who you are. Make us zombies, make them now and put them on the board. See the entries »