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modernise games

Modernise Games

Old games keep getting re-released which often shows how times have changed. What would Pacman look like if it was released in this Covid age? Would Jet Set Willy now be all about hedge funds? Let us know with pictures and animations. See the entries »



5 years since we lost the thin white duke, give us a week of your best Bowie. See the entries »



In Chris Nolan's Tenet they send objects back in time by magically "inverting" them and burying them in the ground. Like reverse Archaeology. It's rubbish. We can do better. Send modern day objects back in time for lols, with the power of photoshop. See the entries »

winter albums

Winter Albums

Who doesn't love it when artists shove sleigh bells on a song just to make it sell more at Christmas? Lets do the same with their artwork. Give all your favourite album covers a Wintery/Christmassy feel. See the entries »

bad goodies

Bad Goodies

What if Kevin McCallister in Home Alone was actually a serial killer? Swap film roles about and imagine famous bad guys in good guy roles. Give us Freddy Krueger as Iron Man and stuff. See the entries »

celebrity products

Celebrity Products

It's almost Christmas and all the celebs are getting their crappy branded perfumes and products on the shelves. Lets add to the piles of future landfill by coming up with some more. Give us celebrity name pun product lols. See the entries »

90s memes

90s memes

Take popular internet memes and give them a 90s twist. Like atomic's distracted recording format. See the entries »

pop superheroes

Pop Superheroes

Dolly Parton has helped fund a Covid vaccine and does crazy amounts of charity work, what other heroes and superheroes are hiding in the pop world? Show us your favourite pop stars and bands saving the world from wrongs (spandex and special powers optional). See the entries »



They've discovered two new types of marsupial in Australia, lets celebrate the weird pocketed beasts with a week of Kangaroos, Koalas, Opossums, Gliders, Wombats and the like. See the entries »

chicken films

Chicken Films

Make films but with chickens. Fowl Metal Jacket, Ten angry hens or just stick a chicken in a movie scene for lols. See the entries »

sean connery

Sean Connery

In memory of Sean Connery who died today, lets have a week of the big man. See the entries »

horror books

Horror Books

It's Halloween this week, so lets read some scary stories and come up with puns, photoshops and gifs for them. It's a horror book challenge. See the entries »

jobs for fictional characters

Jobs for Fictional Characters

As the economy shrinks and the pandemic closes down theatres and cinemas, lots of people are having to retrain and take on less exciting work. But what about the characters from those films and plays? Find them new dull jobs too. Give fictional characters boring employment. See the entries »

artist puns

Artist Puns

Think of a painter, sculptor or video installationist and do a funny with their name. Give us your best artist puns. See the entries »

animal adverts

Animal Adverts

Put animals in famous adverts or make adverts for stuff that animals would buy. Make Animal Ads! See the entries »

song spoonerisms

Song Spoonerisms

Song Spoonerisms - swap letters or sounds about in song titles for hilarious effect, like Batch my sick up or Hairway to Steven, then make up a picture for it. See the entries »

laid back movies

Laid Back Movies

Movies are so high-action and fast-paced, wouldn’t it be nice to have some laid-back movies for a change? Top Gunna Sit On The Couch, Bridge Game Over The River Kwai, Animal Housetrained... Fire up photoshop (or the image editing software of your choice) and show us your funniest laid-back movies. See the entries »

lockdown lps

Lockdown LPs

Imagine famous albums were made during lockdown. Make famous album art with stuff around the house, give us lockdown LP puns, or just show us musicians working from home under these stressful conditions. See the entries »

opposite tv

Opposite TV

Add more balance to TV by making the exact opposite shows. Yesterday's World, Answer Time etc See the entries »

queen will rock you

Queen will rock you

It'd be Freddie Mercury's birthday this week, so lets spend a few days photoshopping and giffing the band Queen. See the entries »