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2006 almanac

2006 Almanac

As we say good riddance to 2005 and bid hello to the new year, we want to know what's going to happen in the next 12 months. Predictions, please... UPDATE: Keen-eyed people will notice that we're now ordering the challenge pages by votes. This means the first page of the challenge will feature the highest-rated images. Which should both make the page more fun to read and also offer an incentive: Have you got what it takes to get on the popular page? Oh, and if you're bored then feel free to explode the old challenges as anything from games for geeks backwards hasn't been voted on and it's all to play for. See the entries »

product displacement

Product Displacement

Imagine the chaos if all your favourite things were made by companies much better at doing something else entirely. What a mess it would be. Show us. See the entries »

music and food

Music and Food

If you've ever listened to N.W.A. while eating pan-seared fois gras with white truffle shavings, you'll know that music and food go together beautifully. Show us how this works. See the entries »

the worst christmas ever

The Worst Christmas Ever

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and Santa's a fat old c*nt who invariably gets it completely wrong. Let us know what it is that you don't want to receive this year. See the entries »

"oh no" moments from history

"Oh No" Moments From History

Disaster has struck humanity throughout time, but cameras are very seldom there to capture the exact second when all goes belly-up. So fire up Photoshop and show us those moments. See the entries »



Take something that's not alive, be it a washing machine or a cup, and make it LIVE. Give it personality. If you're feeling ambitious then use a camera. See the entries »

gameshows inspired by songs

Gameshows Inspired by Songs

Lots of films have been inspired by song titles - but what if gameshows were? Pretend you work for Channel Four and pitch your idea... it might just get made into a real show. See the entries »

games for geeks

Games For Geeks

Geeks don't spend all their time hunting for deviant Internet porn and discussing conspiracy theory in chatrooms - they relax by playing games just like normal humans. But what kind of games are these? Let us know what they're up to... See the entries »

the eighth deadly sin

The Eighth Deadly Sin

According to the bible, there are seven deadly sins: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth. But the Jesus book was written ages ages ago, even before the Internet, and needs an update. What's the eighth deadly sin? See the entries »

real life robots

Real Life Robots

This week we want you to shut down Photoshop and take out your digital camera. Using objects found only in your office, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, we want you to dress up a like a robot and upload the results. See the entries »

out of the frying pan... and into the fire

Out of the frying pan... and into the fire

Example: You're banged up in prison for the night... and guess who's sharing the cell? Show us how bad situations can get much, much worse. See the entries »

if everyone was gay

If Everyone Was Gay

what would the world be like if everyone was gay? What would CDs look like? What books would we be reading? How would sex education be taught in schools? Get thinking. See the entries »

kids in charge

Kids In Charge

how would the world be different if the childrens made up the rules. Better? Worse? Have your say, because in this challenge, you're in charge. See the entries »

celebrities on the toilet

Celebrities On The Toilet

Everyone uses the bog, even the rich and famous. So fire up Photoshop, and show us the stars dumping it out, expelling their daily scuzz. See the entries »

rebrand america

Rebrand America

The US needs a little help with her international image, and you're in charge of the corporate rebranding campaign. What would you do to help America soar again? See the entries »

how to make church popular

How To Make Church Popular

No-one goes to church anymore - audiences are dwindling, and the kids are off happy-slapping pensioners or playing Grand Theft Auto. How would you sell the Church today? See the entries »

movie posters of your life

Movie Posters Of Your Life

Ever wanted to see a film of your life? This week we need posters created for those random, dull, even pointless daily acts. Add your non-blockbuster to the board. See the entries »

pimp my pet

Pimp My Pet

MTV's 'Pimp My Ride' nonsense has got it all wrong. What the people really want is for their pets to be customised, making them faster, stronger and more fantastic. So start messing with nature and let us see the results. See the entries »

if computer games were real

If computer games were real

Look! I'm a big yellow pacman and I've stuffed my face with pills. What are you going to do? Suprise us. See the entries »

using hypnotism for evil

Using Hypnotism For Evil

Why are hypnotists always do-gooders? If they're not helping people give up smoking, it's weight-loss or self-improvement. Where are the evil hypnotists? What are they up to? Head to the messageboard and let us know. See the entries »