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the black and white challenge

The Black And White Challenge

Ebony and ivory, living together in perfect harmony. But what if the song was backwards? Show us a world in which white people are black. Or brown. And vice versa. See the entries »



It's the simplest image challenge ever: visualise the punchlines to jokes. And that's it. See the entries »

gillian mckeith

Gillian McKeith

Scatalogical TV quack Gillian McKeith has had some bad news: she's no longer allowed to call herself a doctor. Why? Because she isn't one. So, for no other reason than we think this is funny, let's photoshop her. See the entries »



We despise February 14. This is because we a) don't like spending money, and b) are afraid of ladies. So let's celebrate how much we hate the occasion through the dark magic of image manipulation, and design some anti-valentines cards. See the entries »

revive the dome

Revive The Dome

It seems we'll never find a use for the UK's greatest white elephant, the Millenium Dome. Or will we? Fire up photoshop and show us some alternative uses for the damn thing... See the entries »

film sex for prudes

Film Sex For Prudes

In the olden days, filmmakers couldn't show sex, so they'd refer to it by showing trains entering tunnels, waves crashing on beaches etc. But what if these restrictions were still in place? Design some modern visual euphemisms for sex, but keep it 'innocent'. Animation encouraged. See the entries »

united kingdom of france

United Kingdom of France

France and Britain held secret talks in the 1950s with a view to becoming a single, unified nation. How would this barmy scheme have affected life and popular culture in both countries? See the entries »

join the army!

Join The Army!

Lets face it, it's not the most promising career in this time of terrorism, insurgency and war. So how do we get army recruitment levels on the rise again? See the entries »

real-life cartoons

Real-life Cartoons

Elmer Fudd pesky wabbit control? President Brain and vice president Pinky? What would happen if you took cartoon characters and put them in the real world? See the entries »

2007 obituaries

2007 Obituaries

Margaret Thatcher. Elizabeth Taylor. Michael J. Fox. Pete Doherty. These are just some of the people who will probably die during the next 12 months. But how will they and others be remembered? Let's get 2007's tributes completed before the year has even started... See the entries »

album covers gone wrong

Album Covers Gone Wrong

Take a classic album sleeve, alter the title of the record to give the disc a whole new spin, then 'shop the results. See the entries »

sick christmas cards

Sick Christmas Cards

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, it's almost time to kill the bastard thing. So celebrate the season by designing sick, rude or inappropriate christmas cards. See the entries »

global warming

Global Warming

The ice-caps are melting, the ozone is screwed, and WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! This is what top scientists would have you believe, but what are the positive aspects of climate change? It can't be all bad, surely? See the entries »

selling celibacy

Selling Celibacy

Our youth are in danger: STDs are everywhere, and unwanted pregnancies are on the rise. So how do we sell celibacy to teenagers? Show us, via the magic of image manipulation. See the entries »

extreme panto

Extreme Panto

It's Pantomime season! So show us what wildly inappropriate film/book etc. you'd like to see 'panto'ed up' down at your local theatre. See the entries »

shop macca

Shop Macca

Poor old Paul McCartney: marries and divorces a one-legged porn star, yet remains the most boring Beatle. So let's manipulate Macca to make him more interesting in this old-skool challenge. Download source image. See the entries »

what would jesus do?

What Would Jesus Do?

Put Jesus in an interesting scenario, like a news story, some advertising or an historical event and try and second guess his actions. See the entries »

new flags

New Flags

Let's face it: the flags used by most countries are too old to represent them today - and it's time they were updated to reflect this. So design a new flag for an old country. See the entries »

celebrity death

Celebrity Death

Which celebrity would you most like to see dead? And more importantly, how? Michael Winner, perhaps? Cheesegrated into an early grave? Show us the glorious, appropriate deaths of the rich and famous... See the entries »

old-age superheroes

Old-age Superheroes

Superman is 74 this year, Batman 67. What happens when the powers begin to wane and the strength vanishes? Show us how the superheroes cope with old age, and how they still use their fading powers... See the entries »