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knock off brands

Knock off brands

Budget supermarkets often sell their own version of popular products with a similar or witty name. Let's come up with our own. Re-brand Kit Kats, Coca Cola and Big Macs with our own terrible puns. See the entries »

relocate everything to the uk

Relocate everything to the UK

I'm A Celebrity is relocating to Britain because of the pandemic. Show us how other TV shows, landmarks and other famous stuff would look if they did the same. Relocate everything to the UK. See the entries »

animals using technology

Animals using technology

What if animals used technology? Show them embracing gadgets to further their lives or getting obsessed with the latest upgrade like their dim witted owners. See the entries »



One word challenge - Chairs See the entries »

happy sad films

Happy Sad films

Turn that frown upside down! Reimagine serious dramas as comedies: Carry On Schindler's List, The Giggling Godfather... Fire up photoshop (or the image editing software of your choice) and make some seriously funny pics. See the entries »



Face masks are so hot right now. So when better to do a one word challenge. See the entries »



Lets have a week of the big man. Give us your best Schwarzeneggers. See the entries »

tv dinners

TV Dinners

Turn TV shows into food and vice versa: Dr Whoumous, S*M*A*S*H, Magnum PIE, etc. See the entries »

new faces for art

New faces for art

It's happened again, an amateur artist has tried to restore a priceless work of art and ended up painting a terrible face on it. So lets see if we can do better, pick a famous portrait or sculpture and give it a new face. See the entries »

animal politicians

Animal Politicians

Photoshop politicians who have names that sound like animals to look like they sound. Like Dominic Crab or Jacob Rees-Frog. See the entries »



Statues are a pretty big thing right now. We should totally do some stuff with them. See the entries »

sega 60


SEGA turned 60 this week. Wish them a happy birthday by photoshopping their many games See the entries »

opposite books

Opposite Books

Take a book title and create the opposite of it. Give us your Crap Gatsbys and Visible Men See the entries »

playable album art

Playable Album Art

Turn famous album covers in to games, computer, board or other, s'up to you. It's the playable album art challenge. See the entries »



Show us your funny bones. See the entries »

80s editions of classic books

80s editions of classic books

Re-imagine classic literature from the viewpoint of the 1980s. See the entries »

social distancing computer games

Social Distancing Computer Games

We're still in lock down and playing computer games, but what if those games had to obey the same rules. Social distance Pacman and start a GTA killing spree because someone coughed near you. See the entries »

grown up movie cartoons

Grown Up Movie Cartoons

You liked cartoons so lets do some more. Stick your favourite animated characters in to films they really shouldn't be in. Reservoir Mr Men, The Scooby gang investigating the Overlook Hotel or Officer Dibble as Robocop See the entries »

cartoon art

Cartoon Art

Pick a favourite cartoon character, a favourite work of art and mix them together. What could be simpler? It's a cartoons in art challenge. See the entries »

b3ta tussauds

B3ta Tussauds

Because of the Coronavirus lockdown we can't go out to visit popular attractions like waxwork museums so lets build our own using whatever is lying around the house. Create celebrity effigies for B3ta Tussauds! See the entries »