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b3ta banksy

b3ta banksy

This week we're joining in with art terrorist Banksy in his fabulous Art Attack style adventures. Boot up Streetview, find a wall or something and spraypaint a naughty on it, B3ta style. Suggested by Twisted Omentum See the entries »

album adverts

Album Adverts

This weeks image challenge is to turn classic album art in to adverts for dull products. Give ageing pop and rock stars a hand selling out. (suggested by Monkeon) See the entries »



Captn Hood-Butter asks, "Can we have a challenge where we alter famous logos to make them more b3ta-esque?". Of course we can, Captn. It's this week. Thanks. See the entries »



One-word challenge: Fire! This week's task is to celebrate the world of conflagration and combustion, from the Great Fire to forest fires to fire breathing. Fire! See the entries »

heavy metal

Heavy Metal

This week's challenge is to give everything a heavy metal makeover: extra points for cats wearing bullet belts, long hair, codpieces and Satan. See the entries »

the deep

The Deep

This week, dolphinwhisperer asks, "What's right down at the very bottom of the sea?". It's a very good question, and one we'd like you to answer via the medium of this week's image challenge. See the entries »

make tv more interesting

Make TV More Interesting

This week's challenge is to spruce up TV: This Morning sponsored by WWE, perhaps? Coronation Street transported to Syria? Just make TV more interesting, because it needs it (suggested by Christian's Bolt and Ski). See the entries »

make nsfw things sfw

Make NSFW things SFW

This week's challenge is to take something that's not suited for office viewing and turn it into something absolutely safe for your coworkers to glimpse at (suggested by Rafi). See the entries »

cakes in technology

Cakes in Technology

This week's challenge is to picture and celebrate cakes in technology. That's cakes. And technology. Together forever (suggested by mictoboy). See the entries »

shit prequels

Shit Prequels

This week's challenge is to pretend you're a useless movie mogul, and create shit and pointless Hollywood prequels. Challenge suggested by Mictoboy. See the entries »

sci-fi sitcoms

Sci-Fi Sitcoms

This week's challenge is to infect sitcoms with the accoutrements of science fiction. Think Cheers, but with aliens. Or Only Fools and Space Horses (challenge suggested by HappyToast). See the entries »

crazy sports

Crazy Sports

Why should golf be the only sport that gets a 'Crazy' version? This week's challenge is to invent ways to liven up otherwise dull, slow-moving sports with a bit of a 'crazy' twist (suggested by Rotating Wobbly Hat). See the entries »

putin's olympics

Putin's Olympics

The Winter Olympics are almost here, and if Vladimir Putin had his way he'd win every medal himself. So this week's challenge is ridicule him, and his silly Winter Games. See the entries »

zero gravity

Zero Gravity

This week's celestial challenge is to make jokes in space: try Photoshops of weightless things, or how about some clever photography? (suggested by HappyToast) See the entries »

food films!

Food Films!

Everyone loves food and everyone loves films, this week we're combining the two for maximum movie meal satisfaction. See the entries »

make a monster

Make a monster

This weeks image challenge is a real world object challenge, make a monster from the things you find lying around you and post up a photo. Challenge suggested by Monkeon. See the entries »

lost consonants

Lost Consonants

We've two weeks of wordplay ahead of us. Take a well known phrase or saying, Remove, add or change just one letter, and illustrate the humourous result! (suggested by Moon Monkey) See the entries »

christmas card defacing 2013

Christmas Card Defacing 2013

Spoil Christmas cards or make them better by drawing stuff on them, like monsters, cocks, monster cocks, that sort of thing. (suggest by Ya What?) See the entries »

background jokes

Background Jokes

This week's fiendish chore is to take a famous image, and add something comical or interesting to the background, leaving the foreground as before. Challenge suggested by monkeon. See the entries »

sell the un-sellable

Sell the Un-sellable

Pick something that nobody wants and create an advert for it. i.e. "Drowning - it's the only way to go!" or "Give your car a unique design with... RUST!" (Challenge suggested by The Silent Channel) See the entries »