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make 'em dance

Make 'em dance

Dancing gifs are the lifeblood of the internet. Ever since hampsterdance.com hypnotised the nation, we've been hooked. Make things that shouldn't dance groove on down for our sordid entertainment, and put them on the board. See the entries »

photoshop the police

Photoshop the Police

Photoshop the Police. Get out your funny handshakes and a copy of photoshop and make us pictures of the boys and girls in blue to make us laugh. Stick your creations on the board. See the entries »

photoshop vikings

Photoshop Vikings

Photoshop Vikings. Go on. You know you want to. What would they be doing now? How many ways to get into Valhalla are there? How many bad Viking puns can you make? These and many other questions need answering folks... stick your pics on the board. See the entries »

hollywood premakes

Hollywood Premakes

Hollywood Premakes. In the age of the 'big budget' remake, we got to thinking how modern movies would have looked if they had instead been made in the past. Show us you best ideas on the messageboard. See the entries »

photoshop the klan

Photoshop the Klan

Photoshop the Klan. What more do we have to say? Google some pics, play with them, post them on the board, make us laugh. Simple. See the entries »

double take

Double Take

Double take - pictures that make you look twice. The key here is funny and subtle my friends, and we know you can do it. Add something out of place, tell an eternal truth with a small edit, whatever, make us laugh by putting your work on the board. See the entries »

irons for men

Irons for Men

Irons For Men - Popping the Technological Hymen. So many products have been designed to appeal to a specific gender for one reason or another, but recently we've seen cleaning products targetting the boys and computers fluffy enough for the girlies. Change things so they appeal to the opposite gender and stick your pics on the board. See the entries »

regrettable special offers

Regrettable special offers

Regrettable Special Offers. Timing is everything in this world - what was a great deal on 54th floor office space one day can look a little tasteless the next. Knock us up some special offers to make our toes curl and post them on the messageboard. See the entries »

new uses for children

New Uses for Children

Kids are bloody useless these days. Hanging around outside the supermarket like someone owes them a living. What are they good for? Dream us up some new uses for children that will make us laugh and post your pics on the board. See the entries »

what i found in my kinder egg

What I found in my Kinder Egg

What I found in my Kinder Egg. We love the little plastic things you get in these eggs, but they can be a bit wholesome and educational and don't have much shock value. We are sure you could come up with a better "suprise" than a plastic dumper truck... Photoshop it and stick it on the board. See the entries »

fake japanese products

Fake Japanese Products

New Japanese Products. The internet seems to rely on those wacky orientals coming up with something new each month, so we want you to invent fake Japanese products that the gullible will be sending each other for years to come. Immerse yourself in Japanese pop culture and post the results on the messageboard. See the entries »

the b3ta book of records

The B3ta Book of Records

The B3ta Book of Records. We reckon those Guinness folks are no fun. They won't accept any of the sort of record attempts we'd want to see. So go photoshop us some record attempts for our own big book and stick them on the board. See the entries »

international smoking day

International Smoking Day

International Smoking Day. Following the sad demise of our attempts to sponsor "International Inject Heroin into your Eyeball Day" we've toned down our ambitions a little and would like you to make or do stuff to promote "International Smoking Day." Stick the results on the board. See the entries »

when baddies turn good

When Baddies turn Good

When Baddies Turn Good. C'mon, it could happen. They could get all soul-searching one drunken night and turn over a new leaf, couldn't they? Photoshop their reformed, flouncy, flower-power character and post it on the board. See the entries »

if cats ruled the world

If Cats ruled the World

If Cats ruled the World... just imagine the fluffy loveliness or the sheer terror of feline rule. Think what life would be like if moggies had been in charge all along and stick your pictures on the board. See the entries »

celebrity zoo

Celebrity Zoo

Celebrity Zoo. Animals, celebrities, what's the difference? Take a celeb you can't stand and 'animalise' them for B3ta's new Hello!-style zoo, here on the board. See the entries »

bad song, worse movie

Bad Song, Worse Movie

Bad Song, Worse Movie. Well, it looks like the film version of Avril Lavigne's 'Sk8er Boi' is going ahead. To celebrate this, we'd like to see promotional material for terrible movies based on bad songs. Grab your record collection in one hand and photoshop in the other, and post the results on the board. See the entries »

the wonderful adventures of terry wogan's wig

The Wonderful Adventures of Terry Wogan's Wig

Terry Wogan's Wig. We love old Tel and, what with Eurovision happening again, it's time for him to dust off the hairpiece. But what does it do the rest of the time? Grab Photoshop and post its adventures on the board. See the entries »

x-ray vision

X-Ray Vision

X-Ray Vision. Are you as cynical as we are? Can you really see through the hype? Grab photoshop, apply your new-found x-ray vision to things and show us what's really going on inside. You can stick your results on the messageboard. See the entries »

real world photoshopping

Real world photoshopping

Real World Photoshops. Come on, get off your behinds and go out there and take us some photos of things you've 'photoshopped' for real. Grab your friends, soft toys or the vegetables that talk to you and make us something funny. Post your scans on the messageboard. See the entries »