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happy/unhappy endings

Happy/Unhappy Endings

This week's challenge is to change history by 180°, making happy endings unhappy and unhappy endings happy. Suggested by monkeon. See the entries »

urban animals

Urban Animals

We are all used to urban foxes, but how should the other animals adapt to survive in the modern world? Show us. Show us hard. Challenge suggested by monkeon. See the entries »

haunted house

Haunted House

Halloween's ages off but we don't care. We'll do scary stuff any time. So this week's challenge is to photoshop these scared people, and make them look even more stupid. Challenge suggested by robneymcplum and Joe Scaramanga. See the entries »

what lies beneath

What Lies Beneath

In a week where the corpse of Richard III was found under a carpark in Leicestershire (possibly), it seems timely to ponder what interesting things might find be found under the surface of other places and things. And then turn that pondering into an image challenge. See the entries »

turn kids' films into slasher movies

Turn Kids' Films Into Slasher Movies

This week's challenge is to take classic kids' films and turn them into scary slasher movies, adapting the characters to make them horrific, violent and despicable. See the entries »

restore art badly

Restore Art Badly

In a week in which a Spanish granny delighted the interwebs by restoring a piece of classic art, badly, this week's challenge is to do the same. Suggested by Kitsunov. See the entries »

fictional tourist brochures

Fictional Tourist Brochures

Using the mystical power of Photoshop, create travel brochures encouraging tourism to fictional lands and cities, from Narnia to New New York. Challenge suggested by greg_evigan. See the entries »

the great british comic

The Great British Comic

This week's challenge is to celebrate yesteryear's great British comic book and characters. Your choice is rich and varied, from the Beano and Dandy via Tiger & Scorcher through Rupert The Bear and Commando. Challenge suggested by prodigy69. See the entries »



It's National Zebra Week. And, if it isn't, it ought to be. To mark the occasion, we'd like you to photoshop this magnificent beast, perhaps the stripiest of all the horse-creatures. See the entries »

the wild west web

The Wild West Web

What would the Wild West have been like if they'd had the internet? Your source material includes cowboys, indians, migration, gold, shoot-outs, ranchers, buzzards, buffalo, railroads, wagons and so on. Challenge based on a suggestion by ferret. See the entries »



Everything, with the possible exception of film premieres, is improved by adding guns. So add guns. To everything. See the entries »

the olympics

The Olympics

This mini-challenge exists as a repository for all Olympic-themed images, so that our children may celebrate their LOCOG-baiting, brand-defiling splendour. See the entries »



Let's all photoshop sheds. Sheds in the Olympics. Sheds manning machine gun posts in the trenches of the Great War. Sheds sweeping in majestic herds across the horizon, sheds on pogo sticks and sheds taking tents up the wrong'un. Challenge suggested by boris the spider. See the entries »

photoshop prince charles

Photoshop Prince Charles

B3ta members went Prince Charles mad over the weekend, so we thought we'd collect the images together in one place. Get your very own PC, courtesy of Captain Howdy. See the entries »

self portrait

Self portrait

This week is your chance to go from a faceless web entity to a publicly known, crimewatch photofit picture. Depict your true self or your user name via whatever artistic medium you desire. Challenge suggested by Bourbon Fox, voted for by you. See the entries »

the week in pictures

The Week In Pictures

Create something using only the pictures found on BBC News Day In Pictures from the day the image challenge is posted onwards. Fresh hummus for each day of the challenge, suggested by ferret. See the entries »

alternate inventors

Alternate Inventors

Alternate inventors: what would it have been like if Stevie Wonder invented binoculars or if Laurel & Hardy invented the atomic bomb? Show us the results and let hilarity ensue. Challenge suggested by Claude Speed. See the entries »

animal art

Animal Art

Everyone loves helicopter cat. Damian Hirst's shark is a modern classic. Show us how all art would be better if it featured an animal. Challenge suggested by monkeon. See the entries »

dprk uk


It's time for a new government. This week's challenge is to show us what the UK would look like if North Korea's Kim dynasty were in charge, with all its propaganda, mass games and general strangeness. See the entries »

hack springwatch

Hack Springwatch

TV nature programme Spingwatch is asking its viewers to send in photos of birds nesting in unusual places. We think the men and women of b3ta are the best qualified to provide them. See the entries »