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if band names were taken literally

If Band Names Were Taken Literally

What would a Def Leppard look like? Are the Sugababes actually made out of sugar? Show us literal interpretations of band names. See the entries »

alternative xmas cards

Alternative Xmas Cards

Santa is drunk, the shops have run out of tinsel, and no-one's kissing under the mistletoe. It's an alternative Christmas, and it needs alternative Christmas cards. Design them. See the entries »

animal suicides

Animal Suicides

Do animals commit suicide? Yes, of course they do... and more often than not it's in grim, horrific, bloody ways. Please show us how. See the entries »

if everyday objects were transformers

If everyday objects were Transformers

Oooh, we've got a sponsored image challenge: Paramount is releasing the Transformers DVD on the 3rd of December and wants you to take an ordinary thing, say a stapler, and photoshop it into a Transformer. Best of all? We've got a shed load of prizes to give away: a lovely Macbook, an HD DVD player, and 5 HD DVD copies of the film. See the entries »

life after kids tv

Life After Kids TV

What happened next for the characters of Kids TV? Did Superted end up on the brown? Maybe Bananaman rented his banana out on the game? Only you and photoshop can decide. See the entries »



We love robots, so we've decided to unleash another of our occasional one-word challenges. As long as it's robot-themed, it's in. Go mental. See the entries »



Is The Lord a loving shepherd or a shoving leopard? This week's challenge is to portray Spoonerisms, those cheeky plays on words in which consonants, vowels etc are switched round to great amusement. See the entries »



In the West we love berating our enemies around the globe, but how do you think they see us? Do we live in caves and go to the toilet wherever we want? Fire up Photoshop and make some propaganda against the West. See the entries »

inappropriate actors

Inappropriate Actors

Brian Blessed in the Horse Whisperer. Chris Langham as the Child Catcher. This week's challenge is to portray actors playing inappropriate roles. See the entries »



It's been a full decade since the People's Princess tragically lost her life, and b3ta has never properly paid tribute. It's time to put that right. See the entries »

ninja weapons

Ninja Weapons

It's a well known fact that ninjas can use anything as a weapon. So pick an object and show us the ingenious way it might be used in battle. See the entries »

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse

We love tabloid superstar Amy Winehouse. With her massive hair, blistering jazz pipes and nasty habits, all she's missing is a series of puerile photoshop gags made at her expense. So let's put that right. See the entries »



Its time for another one of b3ta's occasional one-word challenges, where the only limit is your own creativity. This one? ELVIS. See the entries »

the secret lives of animals

The Secret Lives of Animals

Time to re-visit a classic from the b3ta archive: what do animals get up to to when we're not looking? Photoshop will help find the answer. See the entries »

monkey movies

Monkey Movies

Imagine, if you will, that monkeys rule Hollywood. What movies will they re-make? The Apes Of Wrath? Any Gibbon Sunday? Macaque to the Future? Your primate punnage starts now. See the entries »

stop aids

Stop Aids

It's been 20 years since the infamous "Don't Die of Ignorance" campaign, yet the disease is still going strong. So design a new poster to help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS. See the entries »

celebrity afterlife

Celebrity Afterlife

Heaven, Hell or somewhere else altogether: fire up Photoshop and show us how celebrities will fare in the afterlife... See the entries »

if song lyrics were literally true

If Song Lyrics Were Literally True

You're about as easy on me as a nuclear war?! Never mind the metaphors, imagine Simon le Bons' (or others) quite dreadful words were absolute fact. See the entries »

making safe things dangerous

Making Safe Things Dangerous

When we were a lad, bike rides didn't need safety helmets and playgrounds were made of concrete. This world has gone too soft - so take an aspect of daily life and shop it to be more dangerous, like the good old days. See the entries »

new uses for old monuments

New Uses For Old Monuments

The Pyramids. The Parthenon. Stonehenge. They're nice to look at and everything, but do they serve any purpose? No! So let's lets put our ancient ruins to good use in this week's test of photoshoppery. See the entries »