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phone-box call cards for their lordships

Phone-box call cards for their Lordships

Mark Thomas is doing a new show about the recent bribe-a-lord scandals and wants YOU to design some cards to put in phone boxes and hand out at shows. 'Hot new peer in town', 'Rent my ermine' - you know the sort of thing. Mark will pick a winner to receive a set of bespoke hand-made ovoid wax-shelled Chuckee Egg paint bombs, signed by his good self. Oh yes. See the entries »

protecting the us embassy

Protecting the US Embassy

The US are moving their London embassy to Battersea. It's likely to have a 30m exclusion zone around it and "look like a fortress" to stop people blowing it up. Show us how it SHOULD be defended. See the entries »



Wikipedia defines caricature as something that, "exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness." So pick a man or woman distinguished in Art, Letters, Science or Politics, and draw them, photoshop them or maybe use some plasticine. Fucking hell. It's art time init. See the entries »

completely fucking useless shit

Completely fucking useless shit

The Chocolate Fireguard, Left handed screwdriver etc etc. Invent your own useless contraption and show us its true shittiness with the magic of photoshop. Suggested by tommyhaych See the entries »

the funny side of war

The Funny Side of War

With the Israelis and Palestinians intent on blowing each other up, this depressing saga must be getting you down. So fire up Photoshop and show us the funny side of conflict. See the entries »

advertising the unusual

Advertising the Unusual

It's not all pet food and perfume, you know: create advertisements for things which don't normally get advertised. See the entries »

a star wars christmas

A Star Wars Christmas

George Lucas tried to envisage a Star Wars Christmas with disastrous results, so open up photoshop and show us how they really celebrate Christmas in a Galaxy far, far away... See the entries »

uk tv, hollywood style

UK TV, Hollywood Style

Many great British TV programmes get re-made by the Americans, but there are plenty they haven't got round to yet. Play producer and show us what they'll look like. See the entries »

oliver postgate

Oliver Postgate

Oliver Postgate, the brilliant mind behind The Clangers, Bagpuss and many other childhood favourites, passed away this week. He was a big influence on many b3tans, and this week's challenge is to pay tribute. RIP. See the entries »

anagram photoshops

Anagram Photoshops

Funeral? Real fun. Robert DeNiro? Nerdier Robot. Kylie Minogue? I Like Em Young. Take a phrase or celebrity name, work out a really good anagram, and then photoshop the result. See the entries »

b3ta christmas cards

B3ta Christmas cards

"Surely about time b3tans started getting into the festive spirit", writes barryheadwound. And since this challenge has come round a few times in the past, don't start new threads with reposts. Stick them in old ones. Cheers. See the entries »

recreating album covers

Recreating Album Covers

Using just what you have about you, recreate your favourite album cover. Photoshopping album covers doesn't count. See the entries »

the daily mail

The Daily Mail

B3ta is issuing you a three word challenge: The Daily Mail. See the entries »

macho products

Macho Products

Forget all those wussy "lifestyle" products. What we'd like to see in these straightened times are the proper, manly things that Andy McNabb and Chuck Norris would buy, and how they'd be used. See the entries »

photoshop the us election

Photoshop the US Election

Americans go to the polls this week to elect a new leader of the free world, and it's our responsibility to make the entire process look as silly as possible. So that's the challenge. See the entries »

extreme horses!

Extreme Horses!

We love horses, and we're sure you do too. But imagine how much better it would be if they were adrenaline junkies, with their own horsey X-Games and everything! See the entries »

recreate a famous work of art

Recreate a Famous Work of Art

Using anything but the arts package on your computer, recreate some real-world art using everyday objects. Examples: melt some clocks in the oven to do some Dali, or shape the Venus de Milo out of mashed potato. Anything is possible. See the entries »

save the economy

Save the Economy

As economies collapse and billion-dollar rescue packages are handed out like sweets at a kid's birthday party, it's up to b3ta to restore faith in the nation's banking. Create those adverts. See the entries »

cheer up tony hart

Cheer Up Tony Hart

The great Tony Hart has had to give up drawing after two strokes, poor chap. Let's cheer him up with a "Gallery"-themed compo. See the entries »

make sci-fi retro

Make Sci-Fi Retro

Steampunk Star Wars, Renaissance Robocop, Art Deco Daleks and everything sci-fi in between. Open up photoshop and show us the fantastical future, yesterday. See the entries »