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crap 80s computer games

Crap 80s Computer Games

Here's your chance to get something on TV. Make us a 5 second demo of a Crap 80s Computer Game and TVs Look Around You may use it in a comedy sketch. Read the full instructions. Huzzah. See the entries »

photoshop something that makes you happy

Photoshop something that makes you happy

The weather is miserable, the papers are full of bad news and already the shops are telling you to spend all your money on Christmas presents. To combat these forces of darkness, we want b3ta to be a celebration of joy this week! Think of something that makes you smile, photoshop it, then post it on the board. See the entries »

add one word to film titles

Add One Word to Film Titles

We want you to add one word to a film's title, in order to change the meaning. Go on - crack open photosop, give it a go and post your results on the messageboard. See the entries »

why i can't sleep at night

Why I Can't Sleep at Night

We worry about insomnia so much, that it keeps us awake at night. What keeps you awake? Is it the monsters in the cupboard or just the four cups of espresso you necked before bedtime. Stay up all night using photoshop and post your results on the messageboard. See the entries »

what a big difference a tiny spelling mistake can make

What a big difference a tiny spelling mistake can make

Puck, bunting, shine - all words which are one spelling mistake away from causing much embarrassment in a letter to your gran. Use photoshop to show us the consequences of lax spelling and post it on the massageboard. See the entries »

misheard lyrics

Misheard Lyrics

Mishearing lyrics for comedy effect is one of the foundations upon which B3ta was built. Let's go old-school, stick cotton wool in our ears and listen to all our favourite songs again. See the entries »

boris johnson world

Boris Johnson World

We love Boris Johnson at B3ta. If it were up to us we would make him Prime Minister, if not King of the World. So in the name of Boris, open photoshop and go mad! See the entries »

2005 b3ta calendar

2005 B3ta Calendar

We want you to make pictures for our 2005 B3ta calendar. The best 12 images will be immortalised in print forever (well, twelve months anyway). See here for further details. See the entries »

photoshop bob ross

Photoshop Bob Ross

The late Bob Ross taught thousands of people how to paint really terrible pictures with his cable TV shows. We want you to make him the star he always deserved to be, by immortalising him in photoshop and posting it on the messageboard. See the entries »

meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

Scientists say, "Everything that can happen does happen, in alternate quantum universes." We say, "Open photoshop and show us what's happening then." See the entries »

celebrity sex change

Celebrity Sex Change

Tamara Cruise? Kevin Minogue? We want you to take the celebrity of your choice, give them some photoshop hormone treatment, then post the results on the messageboard. See the entries »

if magic was real

If Magic Was Real

Flying carpets to work? Spare change produced from ears? An infinite number of boiled eggs for lunch? Open photoshop and show us how everyday life would be if magic was real! See the entries »

illustrated spam

Illustrated Spam

We want you to take the subject lines from your spam email and illustrate them in clever and amusing ways... much like this website here. Remember, it's lateral thinking we want, not porny pictures! See the entries »

alternative funerals

Alternative Funerals

People sitting around in morose black clothes, crying and scoffing free food? Pah... lets open photoshop and show everybody how we should be celebrating the passing of our honoured dead. See the entries »

what superheroes do on their day off

What Superheroes do on their day off

Does Superman spend Sundays pottering about in the shed? Does Wonder Woman take every second Wednesday off to wander round Ikea? Open photoshop and show us what superheroes (and villains) get up to in their spare time. See the entries »

rhyming photoshops

Rhyming Photoshops

There's a brand new image challenge this week, it's rhyming photoshops that we seek. So everybody do what you are told, and post your results on the messageboard. See the entries »

heath robinson a go go

Heath Robinson a Go Go

We want you to take inspiration from the wonderful Heath Robinson and make the most complicated machines to perform the simplest of tasks. Post your wonderful creations on the messageboard. See the entries »

make up stuff to sell on ebay

Make up stuff to sell on Ebay

Everybody in the world is using ebay to get rid of the old tat they don't want, but we don't want it either. Open photoshop and show us all the wonderful things that we should be bidding on. To help you out, get an Ebay template here. See the entries »

visions of the future: circa 1950

Visions of the Future: Circa 1950

We want you to show us all the wonder of the future from the point of view of a 1950s scientist. Be it flying cars or a far fetched global computer network, post your futuristic ideas on the messageboard. See the entries »

i didn't know it did that!

I didn't know it did that!

We have stuff that can do anything these days, but are we using it to our best advantage? Get photoshopping and show us all the great hidden features we have been overlooking. See the entries »