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president trump

President Trump

America has a new leader. Celebrate this fact and show us what you think the Trump filled future holds. See the entries »

geocities gifs

Geocities gifs

It's another trip down computer memory lane this week. We're raiding an old geocities gif archive and giving the horrors/delights a new lease of life. Turn them in to movie posters, album covers, mashups and memes. Handy search tool here www.gifcities.org/?q=b3ta See the entries »



It's Halloween so what better than a Pumpkin carving competition to keep us entertained. Get your knives out, grab a squash and stab away. Or just photoshop the orangey lumps. See the entries »

horror adverts

Horror Adverts

At Christmas the tv is full of festive themed ads even if its just selling sofas. But for some reason marketing people don't do the same at Halloween. Lets fix that by Horroring up all the classic adverts and inventing new ones. See the entries »



It's a one word challenge week and that word is wood. Give us your woody best See the entries »

new things in old pictures

New things in old pictures

We're sending random stuff back in time this week, photoshop modern day items in to olden day photos. Like a time travelling Argos or something. See the entries »

dogs with human body parts

Dogs with Human body parts

We're making man's best friend even more man-like this week. Replace dog parts with human ones and see if you can make us chuckle. See the entries »

an extra character

An Extra Character

Winnie the Pooh is getting a new Penguin friend. Celebrate this fact by adding an extra character in to your favourite films and books. Make one up or steal one from somewhere else. See the entries »

roald dahl

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was born 100 years ago this week, lets celebrate his life's work. Show us your Twits and other literary favourites. See the entries »

80s popstars

80s Popstars

We're celebrating the greatest decade in music, remind us of the finest musicians who ever walked the earth and maybe show us what they're up to now, other than endorsing politicians See the entries »

letter change films

Letter change films

Take a movie poster, change one letter and shop the hilarious results. What could be simpler? See the entries »

modernise sit-coms

Modernise sit-coms

The BBC are celebrating classic sitcoms by remaking one off episodes. Lets join the fun and relocate classic sit-coms into the modern world where we have wonders, horrors and inventions that will ruin all the gags. See the entries »



Everyone loves to buy tat when they're on holiday. Invent some new souvenirs for people to clutter up their shelves with or just b3ta up existing ones. See the entries »

gender bending cinema

Gender bending cinema

Film fans hate it, misogynists hate it, everyone hates it, but we're doing it. Swap genders in films, make the boys girls and the girls boys and anything else in between for hilarious reimaginings or just puns. See the entries »

rio olympics

Rio Olympics

It's time for another sportathon and this time it's in Rio. Celebrate the wonderful conditions, the drug free sportsfolk and the uniting power of jumping over small gates and stuff. See the entries »

awesome art

Awesome Art

We're cranking DaVinci and co up to the Max this week. Fixing all that weak, lame art stuff by making it 110011% more AWESOME. It's Awesome Art! AWESARTS! See the entries »

musical animals

Musical Animals

Animate animals playing music, stick them on a record cover, turn a song title into an animal pun or just give us some fluff with a tambourine. See the entries »

theresa may

Theresa May

We've got a new Prime Minister. Such joyous times demand traditional B3ta gift giving and self expression. Do your stuff for PM Theresa May. See the entries »



It's a one word challenge week. Show us what you can do with a carrot. See the entries »



While the Brexit hell rumbles on we thought we'd run a light and fluffy alt challenge. Show us your Muppets and take us right up the Sesame Street. See the entries »