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sex-up literature

Sex-up Literature

Sales are plummeting, apart from 50 Shades of Grey, which has been the saviour of book stores everywhere. The answer is obvious: literature needs to be sexier for it to survive. Your job this week is to make it so. Challenge suggested by Paul_P. See the entries »



Pandas: they're too busy eating bamboo to get busy getting busy. As a result, there's not many of them left. On the plus side, they're the single-word subject of this week's image challenge. See the entries »

stop motion animation

Stop Motion Animation

"Have we ever had a stop motion challenge?", asked Monkeon. "Stop motion animation is lovely". No we haven't. So break out the wobbly tripods and get creating. For that is this week's task. See the entries »

don't visit britain

Don't Visit Britain

Don't visit Britain: The Government are thinking of launching a poster campaign to discourage people from coming to Britain. We think you can do better. So boot up Photoshop and design propaganda to show everyone what a terrible, miserable place the UK is. See the entries »

sausages 2

Sausages 2

This week's challenge revisits familiar yet fertile territory: sausages. Celebrate their power and meaty magnificence through the gift of Photoshop. Sausages. See the entries »

gay robots

Gay Robots

This week's challenge is a two word challenge celebrating one thing: Gay Robots. Go wild. Challenge suggested by mictoboy. See the entries »

the british empire strikes back

The British Empire Strikes Back

Once upon a time, Britain had an empire the spanned the globe, from Asia to Africa and all points elsewhere. Now it's gone, but not all is lost: this week's challenge is to imagine that it's still there, and show us what life in the empire would look like. See the entries »

when online goes offline

When Online goes Offline

Can you imagine a world in which people behave offline like they do online? We think you can, which is why it's this week's challenge. Suggestion by xandmi. See the entries »

illustrated bizarre  facts

Illustrated Bizarre Facts

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act it is explicitly illegal in Britain to use a machine gun to kill a hedgehog. This week's challenge is to find similarly bizarre facts, and Photoshop the ass out of them. Challenge suggested by Jabberwoc. See the entries »

accidents waiting to happen

Accidents Waiting To Happen

It's the opening scene in Casualty. You know - a man up a ladder chainsawing his hedge with a dog chained to a rung. A squirrel runs past... design a disaster waiting to happen. Challenge suggested by Monkeon. See the entries »

b3ta christmas cards

b3ta Christmas Cards

Make some Christmas cards - nice, nasty, whatever you think - just design some stuff you think would be fun to send. Then print them out, and actually send them. See the entries »

real life movie posters

Real Life Movie Posters

Lights, camera, action! This week's challenge is to re-create a famous movie poster using a single, posed photograph. Like this amazing example. Challenge suggested by HappyToast. See the entries »

cyber toothed tigers

Cyber Toothed Tigers

This week's challenge is to upgrade animals with technology, making them faster, stronger, more dangerous and more amazing. See the entries »

extreme drug taking

Extreme Drug Taking

This week's task is to design extreme ways to ingest drugs. Lets see some shotgun paracetamolling, crystal meth paragliding and cocaine bungee. Challenge suggested by HappyToast, unconnected to Red Bull. See the entries »

solving things with science

Solving things with Science

It's a scientific fact that everything is better with science. So this week's Challenge is to use science to solve everyday problems. See the entries »



Spiders get a lot of bad press, when in fact they're rather useful and just want to be our friends. Create some pro-arachnid propaganda to help our eight-legged friends be accepted back into society. Challenge suggested by Amadeus. See the entries »

star wars vs disney mini-challenge

Star Wars vs Disney mini-challenge

With George Lucas selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney for many billions of intergalactic groats, this mini-Challenge is devoted to the deal, allowing you to mark the historic agreement via the medium of Photoshop. See the entries »

unlikely brand crossovers

Unlikely Brand Crossovers

Wilkinson Sword Crisps? Harpic Liqueur? Persil Flat Screen TVs? Cadbury Fish Fingers? This week's challenge is to Invent some unlikely brand crossovers, and picture the products. Challenge suggested by Gruffi Savalas. See the entries »



One word challenge: Trees — they're just sitting there, all made out of wood and looking sinister. Biding their time. Show us what they're planning. See the entries »

torture devices

Torture Devices

This week's challenge is to invent new and painful ways of extracting information from people. Make these foul contraptions as revolting, unlikely and cruel as possible. See the entries »