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tragic roundabout

Tragic Roundabout

The Tragic Roundabout - take a famous kids TV show and find the secret undercurrent of depression. So what's it going to be? Henry's Serial Killer Cat? Or Ragdolls on Crack? You surely can do better than us. See the entries »

we love david sullivan

We Love David Sullivan

At B3ta we love David Sullivan. We love that his Sport newspaper takes pictures from our site and prints them with no credit. We love that he then sells those pictures for use on mobile phones. Lets all show our appreciation and post our love on the board. UPDATE: Ooh, we've been contacted by The Sport. See the entries »

bad public art

Bad Public Art

Could this be the worst piece of public art ever? We are sure that you can do worse, so open photoshop and post your monstrosities on the board. Bonus points if your local council displays your piece. See the entries »

what not to give your mum on mother's day

What not to give your mum on mother's day

A box of chocolates, bunch of flowers; Mother's Day is a piece of piss. It would take a special kind of stupid to get things wrong... your special kind of stupid. Open photoshop, make tasteless and inappropriate things then post them on the messageboard. See the entries »

anti social suppression

anti social suppression

So the government want to pick on smokers and stop them practising their favourite pastime in public places. What other anti-social activities should be banned? Think with your brain, make with photoshop and post on the messageboard. See the entries »

new sports for toffs

New Sports for Toffs

Now that fox hunting has been banned right across the UK, what on earth are the upper classes going to do with their time? Use photoshop to show us what they will get up to and post it on the board. See the entries »

mock the elderly

Mock the elderly

At B3ta we don't really care if they fought for our freedom. We don't care if they worked their fingers to the bone all their life. It's open season for mocking the elderly and we want you to do your worst. See the entries »

goggles of truth

Goggles of Truth

Let us don the eyewear of honesty and the spectacles of justice, to show the world the truth about all things. Post your revelations on the messageboard. See the entries »

photoshop ducks

Photoshop Ducks

What do ducks really do under the water? What is all that quacking about anyway? Describe the secret life of ducks in pictoral form, then post it on the board. See the entries »

the land that scale forgot

The Land That Scale Forgot

Why are drawing pins so small and jumbo jets so big? Open photoshop, make big things small and make small things big. Then post them on the messageboard. See the entries »

natural rejection

Natural Rejection

The world is full of wonderous creatures perfectly adapted to their surroundings, but what about those that drew the evolutionary short straw? Photoshop us the animals that never stood a chance and post them on the messageboard. See the entries »

action grannies

Action Grannies

Being a Grandmother isn't all about pension books, boiled sweets and hypothermia these days. In the modern world, grannies are allowed to ride jetskis, bungee jump, and wage war in the middle east. Show us what your granny is getting up to and post it on the board. See the entries »

the family circus

The Family Circus

Put away Photoshop and show us your family doing cool stuff. Stunt pets, taming your granny with a chair, the world's largest human pyramid, we want to see it desperately. Take photos and post them on the messageboard. See the entries »

greetings cards for any occasion

Greetings Cards For Any Occasion

At B3ta we are completely sick of Christmas cards - sending messages of goodwill to people we haven't even seen in three years is a waste of our precious time. Instead, we want you to come up with greetings cards for those times in your life that really deserve it. Send your cards via the messageboard. See the entries »

what really happens when you die

What really happens when you die

When you die, is there really only a choice of listening to angels play harps in the clouds or constant Iron Maiden records in the searing furnace of hell? Crack open photoshop, show us what you think the afterlife will be like and post it on the messageboard. See the entries »

if movie plots were real

If Movie Plots Were Real

If movies plots were real we'd all be able to walk away from our cars without locking them, it would always rain when we were feeling sad, we could smash up whole streets and nobody would care, the US president would be a bodybuilder from Austria. Open photoshop and show us a world through the eyes of Hollywood. See the entries »

messing with history

Messing with History

This week we want you to mess with history. Take a well known place or event and photoshop what should've happened - or who was really there. Post the results on the board. See the entries »

not safe for working

Not safe for working

This week we want things that are not safe for working with - not pr0n, but stuff that's just dangerous and might hurt you in the workplace. Or at least make you go 'ouch'. Open up photoshop, get your parents to help if you're too young to use scissors, and post the results on the board. See the entries »

c4 alternative xmas

c4 Alternative Xmas

Channel 4 has contacted b3ta and asked us to ask you to "re-design the C4 logo to promote their 'alternative Christmas'." There's prizes for the best ones - and eternal fame aswell (sort of). The logo can be found here, so open it, open p'shop and post yer images on the messageboard See the entries »

tramp traps

Tramp Traps

Whether you hunt tramps for fun, or for profit, you won't get very far without a good quality, sturdy tramp trap. Use photoshop to illustrate ways of modernising this ancient art and post your results on the messageboard. See the entries »