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unlikely iphone apps

Unlikely iPhone Apps

As Apple updates its iPhone software, introducing revolutionary features like 'copy & paste' and 'picture messaging', it's the perfect time to imagine the apps that Apple won't approve, and to show how they'd be used. See the entries »

nick griffin

Nick Griffin

Show us the world through Nick Griffin's eye: just what is the one-eyed nazi simpleton really scared of? See the entries »



The new Star Trek film is out, and it's great. The only problem is it completely lacks William Shatner. So let's see Shatnerised movies: Shatner on the Roof, The Good The Bad and The Shatner, Indiana Shatner, Shatnerman! SHATNER! See the entries »

extreme sports

Extreme Sports

This week's extreme challenge is to make dangerous sports more extreme, to make dull sports more extreme, and to turn everyday activities into extreme sports. Like, gnarly, dude. See the entries »

the letter art challenge

The Letter Art Challenge

This week we'd like you to make an animal or a celebrity, or something generally recognisable... entirely from letters and punctuation. It's like making ascii art, but using Photoshop. See the entries »

reinventing the wheel

Reinventing The Wheel

As Amazon release a new Kindle (Landfill Edition) show us further examples of useless future technology: cardboard boxes with digital displays to tell you what's inside, rulers that broadcast measurements using an electronic voice... you get the idea. See the entries »



It's officially the biggest thing since the last big thing, and will remain so until the next big thing comes along. It's ripe for one of b3ta's occasional one-word challenges. It's Twitter. See the entries »

david icke

David Icke

It's David Icke's birthday this week, so what better gift than a whole seven days dedicated to his crackpot conspiracy ramblings? Just who IS ruling the world, and what do they plan to do with it? Open up Photoshop and show us the wonderful world of David Icke. See the entries »

shop the police

Shop The Police

As the British Police Force comes under fire, your task is to produce images to help them out, to repair their damaged reputation and to encourage new recruits. See the entries »

fluffy disasters

Fluffy Disasters

Time to bring a little happiness to a globe in turmoil: take atrocities, murders, disasters, the lot, and make them as fluffy as fluffy can be. See the entries »

computer games: the grim reality

Computer Games: The Grim Reality

Computer games are supposed to be fun, but we never consider the grim reality of what takes place. Show us what remains in the wake of all that death and destruction: the heartbreak, the grief, and the tragedy. See the entries »

pop goes the movies

Pop Goes the Movies

Time was, any pop star worth their salt would make a shit movie to earn a few quick quid (even Slade made one). Now it's just rappers. What films would YOUR favourite pop stars appear in? See the entries »



1. Use google to find some instructions. 2. Use photoshop to make them wrong. 3. BTW: These instructions can be words or pictures. The world is your plaything. See the entries »

how food is really made

How Food Is Really Made

We're continually told of the need to be aware of how our food is sourced, so show us how what we eat is *really* made. See the entries »

font jokes

Font Jokes

This week we you to you to use your photo-magic skills provide us with fontLOLs - yes, jokes about fonts. C'mon. Jokes. About. Fonts. See the entries »

credit crunch tv

Credit Crunch TV

To mark the news that ITV is shedding 600 jobs, open up Photoshop and suggest cheaper versions of well known TV and Radio shows, showing how today's credit crunch will affect tomorrow's television. See the entries »



David Attenborough keeps banging on about evolution, but he can't see where it's headed. Show him how frogs, giraffes, monkeys, people and the rest will evolve to cope with whatever the future holds. See the entries »

wii games they'd never make

Wii Games They'd Never Make

We've been playing with our Wii all week, but the choice of software is a little safe. Show us the Wii games Nintendo will never publish. See the entries »

invisible extras

Invisible Extras

Take a picture, any picture, then fire up Photoshop and remove a section of it to completely change what's happening. See the entries »

petty terrorism

Petty Terrorism

Thanks to the Blitz spirit, big July 7th-style terror attacks have failed. How can the bad guys bring down the system from within, hitting us where it really hurts... by thinking small? See the entries »