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pop culture christmas cards

Pop Culture Christmas Cards

We're getting in to the Christmas spirit, and what better way than with a mash up of christmas cards and popular culture. Stick game characters, film scenes, musicians, and stuff in to a festive scene and bung it in the post. See the entries »

report fiction

Report Fiction

We're doing fake news this week, but of the famous fictional story kind. Pick a film or a book or a song and show us how the media would cover it as a real breaking news event. See the entries »

change location

Change Location

Swap the location of films, tv shows, songs to make us laugh a lot See the entries »

computer game films

Computer Game Films

Hollywood keep dipping their toes in to the world of Computer Games with often appalling adaptations. Give them a hand by turning your favourite old titles in to big screen blockbusters. See the entries »

make everything goth

Make Everything Goth

It's 30 years since Sisters of Mercy released Floodland so that's a good enough reason as any to slap on the white face paint, shove soap in our back combed hair and pose moodily over a gravestone. Goth everything up See the entries »

vintage adverts

Vintage Adverts

We're photoshopping old adverts this week. Google vintage print ads and play with the results. See the entries »

worst ever issue

Worst Ever Issue

Every now and then magazines and newspapers spectacularly misjudge the mood or fail to predict which cover star is going to go from national treasure to international disgrace. Make up those issues, put the wrong person, headline, promotion etc on a magazine cover for editorial suicide. See the entries »

horrorize films

Horrorize films

There's never enough Halloween films, so lets make some more by taking perfectly nice movies and turning them in to horrors. Ghost up kids films, add some slashers to the rom coms and zombie the hell out of art house pictures. See the entries »

invent a mystery

Invent a mystery

It's been ages since we've had a good mystery in the news like the Loch Ness Monster or Sasquatch. So lets make our own instead. Spot UFO's, visit Elvis down the chip shop and make up some local tale of the beast that stalks the moor with the hope of duping a local news team. See the entries »

musician swap

Musician Swap

We're monkeying about with musicians this week. Swap a band member for one from another band or from somewhere else entirely for hilarious results See the entries »

british films

British Films

Fill films with British actors, relocate the action to the UK and fill Hollywood with all our little peculiarities. Make all films British. See the entries »

violent kids shows

Violent Kids Shows

We're making kids shows ultraviolent this week. Send Pat Postal and give Doctor Who some real horror film monsters to deal with. Guns, Gore and Cbeebies. See the entries »

nuclear apocalypse

Nuclear Apocalypse

Total nuclear annihilation is on everyone's mind at the moment, so lets cheery it up a bit by photoshopping all songs, books, films, tv shows etc to be about a nuclear apocalypse. See the entries »

letter changed objects

Letter changed objects

It's a one letter out challenge. Pick an object, change a letter, add one or remove one and make a funny picture based on the result. See the entries »

nursery rhymes

Nursery Rhymes

Sing a song of sixpence a week of nursery rhymes, Four and twenty face swaps baked in a pie. Photoshop some old ones TOAP a few a'new Just don't forget to draw a cock on little boy blue See the entries »

modern warnings

Modern Warnings

The modern world is a dangerous and terrible place. Help keep everyone safe by designing new Warning Signs and Public Safety films to cope with the dangers of selfies while driving, internet predators and fidget spinners. See the entries »

game shows

Game shows

Celebrate the nations favourite form of education with a week of Game Shows. Invent new ones or just give existing ones the b3ta treatment. See the entries »

b3ta vs nazis

B3ta Vs Nazis

We're fighting the nazis this week, old and new. Unleash all your best b3ta weapons on them, give them a CDC battering, a gnops to the face and a jolly good thrashing with photoshop. See the entries »

clickbait culture

Clickbait Culture

Nothing sells unless it's got a terrible attention grabbing headline any more. So give art, books and popular music (but not films because we've already done that) a clickbaity twist to make it relevant to the kids of today. See the entries »

mps portraits

MPs Portraits

A delightful gallery of MPs' portraits has just been released https://beta.parliament.uk/mps would be a shame if anything happened to them.. See the entries »