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This week's one word challenge celebrates shoes, from high heels to flip flops and all other types of lovely footwear. It'll be brilliant. Shoes! Challenge suggested by HappyToast. See the entries »

movie quotes challenge

Movie Quotes Challenge

This week's challenge is to conjure up visual representations of film quotes: don't name the film, don't mention the quote, just represent it in pictures and see who can guess what it is! Challenge suggested by Smash Monkey. See the entries »

fiction to science fiction

Fiction to Science Fiction

This week's challenge is to re-imagine classic films and literature as science fiction movies and stories. From soap opera to space opera, and so on. Thank you. See the entries »

crap x-men

Crap X-Men

For every useful, cool mutation there must be countless useless ones, such as a bloke with the ability to read the minds of frogs, or the power to identify different biscuits in the dark. This week's challenge, suggested by Woodlouse, is to reveal these "powers". See the entries »

board game real life incursion

Board Game Real Life Incursion

This week's pictorial task is to infiltrate real-life situations with board games, and with characters from said games. Challenge suggested by HappyToast. See the entries »



What if Gnomes were real, alive, and stealing your jobs? IKEA seem to hate them at the moment so lets have a week celebrating the Garden Gnome in whatever form you see fit. (Challenge suggested by ferret) See the entries »



The nation's posh people have gathered in Chelsea for their annual gardening festival, so it's time for another b3ta one word challenge: Flowers. See the entries »

star wars uk

Star Wars UK

It has been announced that the 7th Star Wars film will be made in the UK. Boot up photoshop and show Disney and Lucas etc how their characters might cope while filming in the UK and just how British" the new film could be. Challenge suggested by The Twisted Omentum. See the entries »

invent a vehicle

Invent A Vehicle

This week's challenge is to design the most amazing vehicle ever, and to picture it doing what it's designed for. It'll be like Top Gear, but with fewer twats in the audience. See the entries »



Oh, the whale! You magnificent leviathan, you creator of legends, you imperious guardian of the deep! You're also this week's one-word image challenge, by the way. Whales! See the entries »



Funerals are all the rage, it would seem. So we're having a one word challenge devoted to them. Show us how you want to go, redesign the funeral system, draw ironic celebrity funerals, etc. Suggested by HappyToast. See the entries »

bankrupt hollywood

Bankrupt Hollywood

Imagine a world... where all the big film companies have their cgi and post-production work done by b3ta for free. Then do that work, and enter it into this week's challenge. Suggested by orbojunglist. See the entries »

pets with superpowers

Pets with Superpowers

From cats with x-ray vision to bunnies manipulating time via echolocating guinea pigs, this week's challenge is to portray pets. Pets with superpowers. Challenge suggested by mictoboy. See the entries »



Seeing as you're going to be making Thatcher images anyway, thought we'd open it as an extra challenge to collect them all into one place. See the entries »

pop letters

Pop Letters

This week's challenge is take to an artist, add or remove a single letter, and 'shop the results. Think Nine Inch Snails. Or Britney Pears. Or Blurp. Challenge and lead image by Dr.Dunno. See the entries »

irrational science

Irrational Science

If irrational nonsense was scientific fact, what would the side effects be? For example, what would be the dangers of swimming in a pool if homeopathy worked? How would a your family tree look if it took into account past life regression? Answering these, and other related questions, are this week's challenge. Suggested by monkeon. UPDATE: Ben Goldacre has got in touch noticing we've used his photo. You should def buy his book it's ace. See the entries »

sea life

Sea Life

Scientists have discovered life 11km under the sea. To celebrate, they've asked us to set a challenge: show us this new underwater world and other fishy pics, using Photoshop. Challenge suggested by ferret. See the entries »

vegetable heads

Vegetable Heads

This week's challenge is to picture celebrities and animals with vegetables for heads, for no other reason than it can be done. See the entries »



Sheep are amazing. They're bundles of fluffy white joy, yet they're utterly stupid. This makes them perfect subjects for this week's image challenge. Which is what they are. See the entries »

smash the patriarchy

Smash the Patriarchy

Men have been in charge for a while now and, quite frankly, the place is a bit of a mess. So this week's challenge is to right a history of wrongs, smash the patriarchy, and show us what life would be like if women ran everything. See the entries »