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comedy crossover

Comedy Crossover

This week we're swapping characters, places and things between comedy films and tv shows. Delboy falling through the Cheers bar, Herr Flick asking for Pike's name, that sort of thing. Suggested by monkeon See the entries »



This week we're taking a close look at the government's plans to spy on us. They want to read our Emails, peek in our zips and even fiddle with our software's backdoor. Depict your thoughts on this and suggest what other draconian policies they might be plotting. See the entries »

extract a character

Extract a character

This weeks challenge is to extract someone from a famous album cover or film poster and put them in a completely new situation, ideally one that makes us giggle. See the entries »



Lets start the new year with a one word challenge. Give us your starfishes in all their forms (except for chocolate). Challenge suggested by starfish lover mediocre. See the entries »



It's time to do your homework with a one word challenge: Maths! (or math for our US cousins). Give us everything mathematical, adding, subtracting, fractions, geometry, probability etc, because who doesn't like sums? Answers on my desk by the new year. See the entries »

piggy christmas

Piggy Christmas

This week we're combining our porcine cousins with all things festive in the B3ta piggy Christmas extravaganza. Shove all things porky in to Christmas cards, decorations, crackers and presents. Merry Pigmas. See the entries »

dangerous everything

Dangerous everything

This weeks challenge is to take something relatively safe and make it utterly lethal. Turn cotton wool in to Brillo pads and Fire extinguishers in to flamethrowers. Suggested by ferret See the entries »

personalised christmas cards

Personalised Christmas Cards

It's fast approaching Christmas and public figures are sending out painfully posed personalised cards. So lets mess with them and come up with some new ones. Politicians, royalty, public figures who do this thing are all fair game. See the entries »

art damage

Art Damage

This week we're dealing with damaged art, from Cecilia Giménez's botched restoration of Ecce Homo to the Venus de Milo. Either damage the art yourself or fix a broken bit. See the entries »



Smoking is dropping out of fashion, so that probably means it's cool again. Spend the week coughing up pictures that show how awesome this deadly habit is. See the entries »

climate change

Climate Change

This week's challenge is all about messing with the weather. Give us Gene Kelly Singing in the snow and brighten up Rutger Hauer's Tears in the rain speech. Challenge suggested by monkeon. See the entries »

big mistakes

Big Mistakes

This weeks image challenge is to depict the biggest mistakes you can imagine. Show us stupid ideas and foolish endeavours, bonus points for photo evidence of your own dimwitted decisions. See the entries »

carry on....

Carry On....

This week we're going to apply the Carry on film treatment to as many other films as we can think of. Think double entendres, awful jokes and bras flying off. ooh matron. See the entries »

new religious products

New Religious Products

This week we want to see everyday products and general shop tat transformed in to religious giftware. Fill the shelves of the local church shop with exciting new stock. See the entries »

cakes in films

Cakes in films

We're combining two of our favourite things again, cakes and films. Add Victoria Sponges, eclairs and Jaffa cakes to famous film scenes, adapt plots to be about baking and maybe re-enact some in your local Greggs. See the entries »

useless machines

Useless Machines

This weeks challenge is to invent a wonderful machine that achieves nothing of merit at all. Hurry to your drawing board and draw up some cogs, pistons, bleepy bits and flanges and if possible animate them doing nothing. See the entries »



Take a trip back in time to when men wore big hats, ladies wore massive skirts and people took photos of their dead children. It's Victorians this week, so lets visit their world of early photography and give it the photoshop treatment. See the entries »

dead celebs

Dead Celebs

This weeks image challenge is to peer beyond the mortal realm and see what fun and games our favourite dead celebrities are up to. Who is hanging out with who, where do they go and most importantly what do they look like. See the entries »

fake fables

Fake Fables

This week we're reinventing Fables and Fairy tales. Update them, rewrite them, come up with your own ones and then show us the inevitable Disney retelling. Suggested by Jabberwoc See the entries »



30 years ago ZZ Top informed us "She's got legs, she knows how to use them". Now it's your turn, show us you know how to use them and celebrate lower limbs in all their forms. Challenge suggested by Sentimental See the entries »