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expand art

Expand Art

AI has been trying to take over our cultural history by lying about what's outside the frame of classic paintings. Help us to grab the AI by the Jackson Pollocks and expand classic works of art to show how it should be done. See the entries »

eurovision films

Eurovision Films

It's Eurovision weekend, so what better way to celebrate music than with a film challenge. Show us Bucks Fizz the movie and Quentin Tarantino's Boom Bang a bang. See the entries »

the beatles at war

The Beatles at War

A misread book title of "Great Military Beatles" has inspired this image challenge. Show us what happens when the Fab Four go to War. See the entries »

elon invents

Elon Invents

Elon Musk has fingers in a lot of pies with varying results. Perhaps he's spreading himself too thin or perhaps he's not multi-tasking enough? Show us what would happen if Elon Re-invents everything. See the entries »

animal musicals

Animal Musicals

Everyone loves Cats and the Lion King, so why not give other animals a go? Put animals in all the musicals! See the entries »

jesus' greatest tv moments

Jesus' Greatest TV Moments

Happy Easter, its a time to sit back and watch stuff on TV while going to church to remember Jesus and his things. So lets combine the two and make Jesus' greatest TV moments. See the entries »

literal places

Literal Places

Turn a location name in to a picture, show us your literal places! See the entries »

politicise tv

Politicise TV

BBC bias is in the news again so lets go all in and politicise all TV with every party. See the entries »

bird albums

bird albums

Bird albums, albums for birds or bird related music puns. Off you go. See the entries »

modernise books

Modernise Books

Roald Dahl is having all the racism, offensive language and bad stuff removed from his books. What other literary delights could do with updating to be more palatable and culturally relevant? Show us, modernise some books. See the entries »



Who doesn't like balloons? Birthday, Hot air, Weather, Barrage, Denied Spy Satellite, there's a balloon for everyone. See the entries »



It's the Year of the Rabbit, so lets celebrate our bunny friends. See the entries »

dc thomson universe

DC Thomson Universe

DC comics have their massive film franchise, why can't DC Thomson, the UK home of The Dandy, Beano, Battle, Bunty and many more publications. Give Roger the Dodger and friends the Hollywood blockbuster treatment. See the entries »

pop star jobs

Pop Star Jobs

It's a new year, a time for change, when people consider a new career, even pop stars! Give famous musicians new jobs, show them what they could have been if they weren't jetting around doing songs. See the entries »

scifi christmas

Scifi Christmas

It's Christmas, but how do space trek aliens celebrate it, or terminators or mad scientists? Show us your dream of a Sci-fi Christmas. See the entries »



Elon Musk is experimenting on monkeys sticking microchips in their heads so the ones that survive the ordeal can play Pong. What other madcap fun and games surrounds the world of cyborgery. How would having robot bits help you in your life? See the entries »

food in art

Food in Art

Add food to famous works of art, like soup cans to Andy Warhol's work or something. See the entries »

break the internet

Break the internet

As Elon Musk threatens massive changes to Twitter that have him being attacked from all sides, what badly thought through ideas do you have for other websites? Audiences for YouTube? A check out lady scanning your items on Amazon? Break the functionality of the internet! See the entries »



It's the BBC's 100th anniversary, let's celebrate the fact by imagining all their shows a hundred years in the future! See the entries »

glove puppets

Glove Puppets

Emu, Basil Brush, Sooty and Sweep, we love glove puppets so lets spend some time fist deep in them. See the entries »