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political pop

Political Pop

Who doesn't love politicians getting musical, whether it's D:Ream being played at the Labour conference or David Cameron saying how he relates to The Smiths it's always a perfect marriage. So lets take it further and pop up our politicians. Album covers, name puns, face swaps, get to it See the entries »

beatles films

Beatles Films

Peter Jackson is turning 55 hours of previously unseen Beatles footage in to a new movie, so lets jump on that bandwagon and movie up The Beatles. Photoshop them in to films or give us some lovely song based cinema puns. See the entries »

prop swaps

Prop Swaps

We're messing with Movie Props this week. Mash them up, delete them, swap them, replace them, make obscure anagram puns about them. Go! See the entries »

celebrity animals

Celebrity Animals

Mix celebrities with their animal namesakes, give us a Drake, Michael J Fox and all the rest. See the entries »

game of the film

Game of the film

Games based on films have a chequered past, lets celebrate this hit and miss (mainly miss) genre with our own movie tie-ins. Give modern films a C64 makeover or turn Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy in to a type in adventure. See the entries »

rename films badly

Rename Films Badly

We're renaming famous films this week. Pick a movie, throw away it's carefully considered and focus group tested title and replace it with something much funnier. See the entries »

80s internet

80s Internet

Everyone loves the internet and everyone loves the 80s, so lets do the internet as if it were the 80s! Show us band pages, Twitter accounts, rubiks cube instagram and all that other 80s internetness See the entries »

christmas food

Christmas Food

It's Christmas! A time for eating and eating and eating some more and feeling terrible and still eating some more. Burn off those calories by photoshopping the heck out of Christmas food, sprouts, turkey, tofurkey, cranberry sauce and quality street. Give us your puns, your anagrams, your toaps make us laugh until we're sick and have room for some more. See the entries »

doctor who christmas

Doctor Who Christmas

The BBC aren't doing a Doctor Who Christmas special so we're doing it for them. Festive up your favourite Timelord, show us Dalek snowmen and the Cyberman nativity. Who Who Who! Merry Christmas! See the entries »

comic captions

Comic Captions

A nice and easy old favourite this week, grab a comic strip or newspaper cartoon and give it better text. Let's TOAP! See the entries »

technology in nature

technology in nature

We're giving the natural world an update and installing some new apps. Show us technology in nature, spiders 3d printing their webs or easily searchable family trees. Let's 2.0 this mother(earth) See the entries »

scifi art

SciFi Art

What goes better together than Science Fiction and Art, so lets do that. Show us your Close Encounters of the Picasso Kind, Hokusai's Time Machine and stuff like that. See the entries »

replace an instrument

Replace an instrument

Grab a picture of a musician, remove their musical instrument and replace it with anything that tickles you. See the entries »



It's been 12 years since the last Ronseal challenge so we're doing another one. Toilet Duck. Fairy Liquid. Ginger Nuts. Fishermen's Friends. None of them do what they say on the tin... but what if all products actually did? Show us that world... again See the entries »



Take a sportsman and a connected familiar phrase or thing and blend them together to make a Sportmanteau. Like Usain Bolt Cutters, Andy Murray Mints or Frank Bruno Brookes. It's Sportmanteaus! See the entries »

animal halloween

Animal Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us, but why should humans be the only ones enjoying scary movies, dressing up as ghouls and stuffing ourselves with sweets? Lets give the animal kingdom the full Halloween treatment. See the entries »



One word challenge - Buttons See the entries »

monster films

Monster Films

There's never enough monster movies, so lets make all the normal films feature classic creatures from horror cinema. Show us Dracula getting his teeth in to Rambo:First Blood, photoshop a poster for "And Godzilla Created Woman" and make us weep with The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. See the entries »

merge music

Merge Music

Pick some singers or bands with a matching part of their name and photoshop them together. What would Frank Sinitta or the Chemical Bros look like and what music delights would they produce? See the entries »

film sequels

Film Sequels

Unbelievably we've never actually done a film sequels challenge. So this is it! Give us your "Schindler's Other List", your "12 Angry Men And A Baby" and your "Return of the Jedi Returns" See the entries »