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the right to parody

The Right To Parody

A law supporting the right to parody is being considered by our nation's lawmakers, and the good people at righttoparody.co.uk are lobbying on your behalf. Get behind them by producing images to support the campaign. See the entries »

the jubilee stamp

The Jubilee Stamp

A series of special stamps will be released throughout 2012 to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. They'll be shite. Your job is to design some magnificent alternatives. Challenge suggested by The Twisted Omentum. See the entries »

more hats

More Hats

Time for a return visit to a b3ta classic: it's a one-word challenge, suggested by E Dubya and voted for by you. What is it? It's HATS. Go mental. See the entries »

a james bond christmas

A James Bond Christmas

It's almost Christmas, and we're celebrating by asking you to fire up Photoshop and show us Christmas in the world of Bond... James Bond. Challenge suggested by Manic. See the entries »



This week's challenge is to boldly go where no man has been before, and 'shop NASA's extensive photo archive. Moon stuff. Space ships, etc. Source material here. See the entries »

wilfully misinterpreted acronyms

Wilfully Misinterpreted Acronyms

This week's challenge is to wilfully misinterpret acronyms: make your mark on the English language by making up new meanings for old ones, or come up with new, fiendishly clever examples. The world will thank you. See the entries »



This week's challenge is an elegant, simple, one-word affair: Spoons. Your job is to celebrate their magnificence. Challenge inspired by Smash Monkey. See the entries »

misplaced props

Misplaced Props

This week's challenge is very straightforward: take a prop from one film, and insert it hilariously/inappropriately/cleverly into another. Challenge suggested by Drunken Miss Hopeless. See the entries »

colour the lizard

Colour The Lizard

This week's challenge comes from the very earliest days of b3ta. Your mission is simply to colour the lizard, in as spectacular a fashion as possible. You'll find a larger version of the lizard pic here See the entries »

population challenge

Population Challenge

Earth's population has reached seven billion, which is rather too much. This week's challenge is to devise a solution to reduce the numbers, using only the power of Photoshop. See the entries »

the b3ta city

The b3ta City

If b3ta were a real metropolis, what would we expect to see and do there? What would the buildings look like? And the inhabitants? Answers, please, in the form of this week's challenge, as suggested by Bourbon Fox. See the entries »

news into computer games

News into Computer Games

Take any story from the news and turn it into a fun game. Thanks to Monkeon for the idea. See the entries »

what would jesus do?

What Would Jesus Do?

Imagine Jesus solving the ordinary problems of the modern world. Getting a place on the tube, putting together an Ikea desk or trying to cook up a reasonable meal when there's bugger all in the fridge. What would Jesus do? See the entries »

if dinosaurs were still alive

If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive

Imagine if Dinosaurs were still alive... The meat counter at Tescos might have more variety, a walk in the forest might be a bit scary but at least the safari parks would be fun. Our ideas are shit this is why it's a challenge for you. See the entries »

steve jobs rip

Steve Jobs RIP

OK. We've also opened a side challenge to collect all the images that are inevitably going to come our way as basically the most famous computery person has died. Seems a shame not to collect them. See the entries »

merchandise for films that normally wouldn't have merchandise

Merchandise for films that normally wouldn't have merchandise

Merchandise for films that normally wouldn't have merchandise. The Last Tango in Paris Butter Dish, Se7ev Happy Meal Jack in a Box. Titanic bath toy. Oh you can do better, and that's why this is a challenge. See the entries »

three frame movies

Three Frame Movies

This week's task is to edit Hollywood classics down to the essentials, and relate the entire plot of a movie in just three frames. Easy. See the entries »

fluffy the penguin

Fluffy The Penguin

To mark the occasion of b3ta's 10th anniversary, we're repeating one of the very first challenges. So photoshop THIS penguin, for he is Fluffy. Clicky for biggy. See the entries »



The average Briton consumes 2.5 kilos of tea every year, the highest average in the world. This week's challenge is to celebrate that supremacy. It's a one word challenge: tea. See the entries »

sexy everyday objects

Sexy Everyday Objects

Take a photo (or adapt one from teh internets) of everyday objects you've caught in compromising positions. Animating is optional, we just want to see the filthy buggers at it. Challenge suggested by HappyToast. See the entries »