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the dark side of disney

The Dark Side Of Disney

Disney is a wonderful, family-oriented company. But imagine if their characters were real, and had real-world problems. This week's challenge is to portray their miserable lives. Challenge suggested by fluffybunnykiller. See the entries »

invent a new children's tv show

Invent a new children's TV show

Crack out the finger paints and fairy liquid bottles and invent some new characters for the next generation to adore, in the tradition of Wombles, Teletubbies, Muppets etc. (Challenge suggested by fridgefreezer. Thanks to HappyToast for the FP illustration.) See the entries »

future law enforcement

Future Law Enforcement

What the UK needs is a hero. So open up Photoshop, and show us your ideas for the future of law enforcement. Challenge suggested by The Great Architect. See the entries »

safety posters

Safety Posters

Attention b3tans: this week's challenge is to create realistic safety posters for the most absurd scenarios. Bonus points available for placing them in a real-life situations. Challenge suggested by The Great Architect. See the entries »

fake ads

Fake Ads

This week's challenge is to create fake adverts, for anything. If you want, you can enter it in this competition to get it displayed on the London Underground - the entries so far are rubbish. See the entries »



This week's challenge is a one-word affair: owls. Why? Because they're amazing, and because look a bit weird and sinister. See the entries »

the manliest picture ever

The Manliest Picture EVER

The internet is rife with unadulterated manliness. Use all of it to create the manliest, most testosterone-filled image known to man. Challenge suggested by Bourbon Fox. See the entries »

crucial design flaws

Crucial Design Flaws

This week's challenge: from inflatable dart boards to traffic signals that send cars crashing into crossing pedestrians, design stuff that has a single, crucial design flaw. See the entries »

jumpy orange shapes

Jumpy Orange Shapes

This week's challenge is highly technical: to make beautiful, joyous (or dark and ugly) things out of jumpy orange shapes. Challenge suggested by Barbarossa. See the entries »

the secret life of kitchens

The Secret Life Of Kitchens

This week's challenge is simply to picture what the stuff in your kitchen gets up to when when you're not looking. Bon App├ętit. See the entries »

the b3ta advertising agency

The B3ta Advertising Agency

Imagine that B3ta is an Advertising Agency. Then imagine that you work there, and produce the ads you'd make for existing or imaginary products and services. Challenge suggested by Holly Would. See the entries »



Cyber-cops. The head of Britain's "e-crime" unit wants the public to take them more seriously. This week's challenge is to do the opposite. See the entries »

the worst superheroes ever

The Worst Superheroes Ever

Just think of a super-hero with the worst super-powers imaginable. Then provide us with a nice picture showing exactly how pathetic they are. Challenge suggested by tokyosexwhale. See the entries »



This weeks challenge is a celebration of one of those small things that makes Britain Great. It's a one-word challenge. Biscuits! See the entries »

right film, wrong gender

Right Film, Wrong Gender

This week's mission, should you choose to accept it, it to re-make films so they appeal to the opposite gender to the original - Star Wars for women, Dirty Dancing for men. And so on. Challenge suggested by Sea Tramp. See the entries »

animal power

Animal Power

Imagine, if you will, that electric, petrol, steam, solar, nuclear and other forms of power don't exist, and everything has to be powered by small animals. Then show us the results of your imagining. Challenge suggested by SkUG. See the entries »

unexpected bad guy

Unexpected Bad Guy

With bin Laden out of the way, the media needs a new monster to keep us from sleeping. So pick someone unexpected to fill the shoes of terror maestro number one. Then show them at work. Challenge suggested by HappyToast. See the entries »

the royal wedding

The Royal Wedding

You've probably not noticed, but England's future king is marrying his lady-love this weekend. This week's challenge is the 100% official repository for all and any images produced to commemorate the occasion. See the entries »

make fatties useful

Make Fatties Useful

The British are the fattest people in Europe, costing the NHS billion of pounds annually. So let's find some worthwhile uses for these tubs of lard, so that they may have a useful place in society. Challenge suggested by bunglist. See the entries »

yestoav vs notoav


This once-great nation is about to decide the way it elects its leaders. AV or First Past The Post? Pick your side. Make propaganda to make people vote your way. Challenge suggested by Rob. See the entries »