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the other perspective

The Other Perspective

This week's challenge is to show iconic moments in TV, Film and History as seen from the other guy's perspective - as seen previously here, for example. Challenge suggested by Skotzmun. See the entries »



This week's challenge is to celebrate the magnificence of explosions. So photoshop them. Or cause them. And photoshop the results. PS: don't cause them. See the entries »

what does heaven look like?

What Does Heaven Look Like?

We pride ourselves on answering the Big Questions here at b3ta, and this week's challenge is to answer one of the very biggest: what does heaven look like? See the entries »



This week's one-word challenge is to celebrate those mighty ship of the desert: CAMELS. Challenge suggested by edward bear and Drunken Miss Columbho. See the entries »

biro art!

Biro Art!

This week's challenge is to create your next masterpiece in biro, or model something out of several biros. Show those poncy charcoal/acrylic users the true power of the ballpoint pen. Show them hard. Challenge suggested by Yo 'Ho Charles and a bottle o' rum. See the entries »



What form does it take? What causes it? This week's challenge is to show us what disappointment looks like. See the entries »

superheroes at home

Superheroes at Home

What do superheroes and supervillains get up to when they're at home, relaxing from their superhero and supervillain day jobs? Show us, using Photoshop's black arts. Challenge suggested by Sipowicz. See the entries »

a new hoax

A New Hoax

We've all seen Shark vs Helicopter (with bridge) and know it isn't real, so it's about time there were some new hoax photos on the web. Fire up Photoshop and create some new images to fool, fox and deceive the world. See the entries »



This week's one-word challenge is Skeletons. Show us your calcium enriched structural goodness. Challenge suggested by Bourbon Fox. See the entries »

extreme sports for children's toys

Extreme Sports for Children's Toys

This week's challenge is take take kid's toys, introduce them to the world of extreme sports, and picture them partaking in such events. It's entirely gnarly. See the entries »



Hollywood bigwigs are making The Hobbit pub in Southampton change its name, in case people think Peter Jackson is running it. So this week's challenge is to infringe a trademark satirically, through the medium of photoshop. Challenge suggested by benito vaselini. See the entries »

beasts of war

Beasts of War

Dogs, horses and pigeons are all well known for being used in wars to patrol borders, carry soldiers and pass on messages. Show us the lesser known animals that have been put to use in the art of war. Challenge suggested by ferret. See the entries »



There are 17 species of hedgehog, more than enough to warrent its selection as the subject of this week's one-word image challenge: HEDGEHOGS! See the entries »



What would well-known movies/TV shows/album covers etc be like if meddling Mary Whitehouse types were in charge and could censor everything? Challenge suggested by Drunken Mademoiselle Heau. See the entries »

austerity britain

Austerity Britain

This week's challenge is to tighten our belts and make austerity version of things we already know about. What would Austerity Olympics mean? What about Austerity Royal family? Recreate Britain on the cheap. See the entries »



This week's one-word challenge is to celebrate the magnificence of chin topiary. So it's beards for the next seven days. BEARDS. See the entries »

make cute things ugly

Make Cute Things Ugly

This week's challenge is to take the loveliest, cutest things you can find and make them hideously ugly. Easy. See the entries »

misunderstood dialogue

Misunderstood Dialogue

This week's task is to take a famous line from a film, TV show, play or book, misunderstand it for comic effect, and show the result! Challenge suggested by The Hedgehog From Hell. See the entries »



Everybody go ape, for it's a One Word Challenge: Monkeys! Suggested by Bourbon Fox. See the entries »

unusable stock photos

Unusable Stock Photos

A list of unusable stock photos has been doing the rounds. But WE can use them. Right? Let's see your comedy creations, combining ONLY the images from that page. Extra kudos for removing the watermarks. Challenge suggested by Michael Ellis. See the entries »