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corporate logos that tell the truth

Corporate Logos That Tell The Truth

Companies spend millions designing logos that represent their corporate identity. We'd like you to redesign them so they tell the truth. Ooh, and as a special bonus, the top three voted images will receive 36" canvas prints from canvasRus. See the entries »

the censorship challenge

The Censorship Challenge

This week's challenge is a bit different: use black censorship bars / pixelization to make something look much ruder than it really is. See the entries »

if america were still british

If America Were Still British

Since Great Britain and the US separated in 1776, the Americans have very much gone their own way, inventing both canned cheese and obesity. But what if America were still British? Show us, using Photoshop devilry. See the entries »

reborn as porn

Reborn as Porn

Take existing films, books, video games, whatever and remake them as porn movies. Those naughty porny-people have been doing this, badly, for years. Show them how to do it properly. Please keep the covers Safe For Work*. Stuff that we could happily sell in Woolworths - assuming we still had a woolworths. *this is where the challenge lies thanks to spakmitten for the suggestion See the entries »

modernise the bible

Modernise the Bible

What with all the pages of begat this and thou shalt that, the Bible is a bit out of touch with today's youth. Bring it up to date so we can answer moral dilemmas such as "Is it OK to murder someone in a video game?" and "Would you steal a movie?" See the entries »

inappropriate tv product placement

Inappropriate TV Product Placement

It was announced this week that product placement will be allowed on commercial television. What product would you put on what programme to get massive LOLs? See the entries »

video game celebrities

Video Game Celebrities

Seeing as The Beatles are now in that there video game, what other celebrities would benefit from the console treatment? This week's challenge is to add your favourite star to a current game, or create an entirely new game for them. See the entries »

disney marvel mashup

Disney Marvel Mashup

This week Disney acquired Marvel Comics for $4 billion. Bargain. But how will Marvel's cast of characters react to this move? Show us, using Photoshop voodoo and trickery. See the entries »



This week's challenge is to celebrate Steampunk and the age of Victorian sci-fi, where airships and steam power exist alongside 19th century versions of more modern developments. See the entries »



This week's one-word challenge is to celebrate the king of foods; that most magical mix of meat and spice: SAUSAGES! See the entries »

mock the politicians and win a laptop


Blimey - sponsored challenge time! Vote For A Change want you to make an image that mocks parliament. The winning image gets a 13" Macbook Pro and there's more. Too much to stick up here so clicky for more info. See the entries »

celebrities made of real world stuff

Celebrities Made Of Real World Stuff

Can you make Simon le Bon out of a pizza? What about Fred West from some wool? Pick your favourite celeb and render them in any media you like, as long as it's not Photoshop or drawing. See the entries »

save teletext

Save Teletext

They are shutting down teletext in 2010, even though it is amazing and much better than the internet. The challenge? To design new features which could save it. See the entries »

kitten sports

Kitten Sports

It's time for an old-style b3ta challenge, one summed up perfectly in just two words: Kitten Sports. See the entries »

movie mashups - the next generation

Movie Mashups - The Next Generation

Take any film you wish, and photoshop the scenery, characters or titles into the style of a famous movie poster for a different film: The Dambusters in the style of Ghostbusters, Finding Nemo in the style of Jaws, etc. See the entries »

draw hitler

Draw Hitler

This week we're having a drawing competition. We want you to use pens, pencils, crayons, blood, anything really, but you have to draw Hitler. See the entries »

news tagcloud

News Tagcloud

If we were to devise a clever tagcloud for this week's news, it would probably contain the following: megan fox, funeral, sperm, google OS, riots, cricket, plinth. Your mission is provide the visuals, combining some or all of these prompts into magnificent art. EDIT: OOPS! http://b3ta.com/board/9570411 See the entries »



PIRATES. It's time for one of B3ta's famous one word challenges. Piracy is in the news at the moment with the sale of The Pirate Bay and the sea-bound Somalian pirates - so there's scope to interpret this however you wish. See the entries »

michael jackson

Michael Jackson

Poor old Jacko has kicked the bucket - you're all shopping Michael Jackson images anyway, so we've opened a mini challenge so we can collect them all into one place. Have fun. See the entries »

make everything posh

Make Everything Posh

What with Royal Ascot and Wimbledon, the papers are full of photos of posh people doing posh things. But why should posh people get all the fun? We say make everything posher. See the entries »