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two panel celebrity name jokes

Two panel celebrity name jokes

This week we're doing the b3ta classic format with an awkward name "Two panel celebrity name jokes". Pick a celeb, read their name, do a think, make a funny about what it sounds a little bit like and then put it in a simple two panel before/after format that everyone else is. So simple, so lol. See the entries »

amazing hats

Amazing Hats

Hats are boring, they sit on your head and do nothing. Fix that, fill headwear with amazing technology, improbable abilities and rabbit dispensing magic. Minus points for simply posting "iHat". See the entries »

david cameron pig fucker mini challenge

David Cameron Pig Fucker Mini Challenge

David Cameron put genitals in a dead pig's mouth while at Oxford University a new book claims. C'mon B3tans - let's see your take on this! See the entries »

new fish

New Fish

Ocean life has halved since the 70s. Sure it's a clear sign of our impending extinction, but lets ignore that and fill all that watery space with new fish of our own design. Big fish, little fish, carboard box shaped fish, it's up to you. See the entries »

misconstrued product names

Misconstrued product names

Brian Blessed thought a Palm Pilot sounded like a "wanking machine". What if it was? Spend the week taking everyday products and give them alternate uses based on their name. What does Apple Watch and does the Remington Fuzz Away kill cops? you decide. See the entries »

buzzy bastards

Buzzy Bastards

It's another animal image challenge, this week you've asked for all the buzzy bastards. So give us your best bee, bluebottle, wasp and hornet related imagery. See the entries »

mass murderer's rhyming accessories

Mass Murderer's Rhyming Accessories

We're mixing the bad with the good for a week, pick a serial killer and give them some lovely rhyming accessories. e.g. Jeffrey Dahmer's dancing llamas or Jack the Ripper's wallpaper stripper. (suggested by An Egg, voted for by you) See the entries »

less scary films

Less scary films

According to something our mate told us, not everyone likes mindless gore and terror in their movies. So lets help these misguided film watchers by making horror films more palatable. Take the bite out of vampire films and the shock out of The Shining. Show us your PG rated video nasties. See the entries »

the british library collection

The British Library Collection

The British Library have uploaded a million pictures from their collection which are free to use. www.flickr.com/photos/britishlibrary/ So it would be rude not to use, abuse and b3tafy them a bit, wouldn't it? See the entries »

fashion challenge

Fashion Challenge

Have you ever thought that bedside table needed a nice skirt, or the goldfish could do with a snood? Well this is the b3ta challenge for you! We're spending the week designing clothes for objects and animals, just not people. See the entries »



White vultures, death from above at the seaside, the phantom chip stealer. Seagulls are fast becoming a serious threat to modern society, Even David Cameron has demanded a "big conversation" about what can be done after one took a bit of ham from his sandwich. What do we do to tackle the menace, should they be hated or should we salute our ingenious shoplifting, feathered friends? tell us, with Photoshop. See the entries »

fake mistakes

Fake Mistakes

We're still celebrating Drimble's Mickey Mouse gif getting its own Snopes page, lets see if we can get some more. Add subtle or outrageous goofs to films, tv shows and news events that go down in urban myth. See the entries »

book sequels

Book Sequels

Ever got to the end of a classic novel and wished there was more? This week we're fixing that by coming up with sequels to books that never knew they needed them. Would 1985 be a bit cheerier for George Orwell? And what comes after War and Peace? Show us. See the entries »

new uses for tools

New Uses for Tools

This week we're thinking up new uses for those tools and gadgets stuck in the back of our drawers. Take something from the kitchen, toolbox or shed, use it in ways you shouldn't and send us the photo evidence. Or just photoshop someone abusing a lawnmower. See the entries »

undead sitcoms

Undead Sitcoms

What funnies do zombies watch on a night in? Do vampires like Fawlty Towers? Are werewolves fans of Allo Allo? We're plundering the world of TV sitcoms and sending it to hell, welcome to Dave of the Dead. See the entries »



This week we're helping out the follicly challenged by crafting some fancy wigs. Show us your ToupĂ©es, hairpieces and maybe even some comedy fake beards, but lets steer clear of merkins for once. See the entries »



We've got a pixel challenge with a prize this week! Draw something wonderful that is only 25x25 pixels in size and see it made in to a fantastic blanket by the very clever Smash Monkey. See the entries »



Everyone loves llamas, so lets spend a week photoshopping and animating their fuzzy faces. And to show we aren't biased we're going to include their funny fuzzier cousins the alpaca. See the entries »

bad sponsors

Bad Sponsors

Everything is sponsored these days, tv shows, films, sports teams, pop group tours etc. Sometimes the sponsor makes sense, other times less so, but it can almost always be more inappropriate. Spend the week messing with these lucrative branding deals in ways that make us laugh. See the entries »



It's a week of gnashers, choppers, grills and Hampstead Heath. Brush up your old pictures and pull out some new ones. Show us your teeth and make us smile. See the entries »