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The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is re-opening after its very expensive refurbishment. Let's help them celebrate by re-interpreting the works of Shakespeare, and by 'shopping The Bard himself, forsooth. See the entries »

innapropriate memorabilia

Innapropriate Memorabilia

It's not just the royal wedding: there are lots of historical events whose memory would be best preserved with a whole range of tacky, bad taste souvenirs. Your job is to design them. See the entries »

modernise the queen

Modernise the Queen

With the Queen now a presence on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, she's obviously interested in integrating more fully with modern society. Show us how Her Maj should achieve this and get down wiv da hip kids. See the entries »

impossible weapons

Impossible Weapons

Custard rockets, feather swords, and doomsday devices made of string. Invent them, then post them. Drawings, animations or full scale replicas built in your garden are all accepted. See the entries »

new tv idents

New TV Idents

TV companies spend millions getting design agencies to supply ever-more imaginative idents to represent their "core values" and "brand image". We think the same job can be done by b3tards for pence. So fire up Photoshop and show the professionals how it's done. See the entries »

spending cuts

Spending Cuts

It's cut, cut, cut. The Coalition are saving money everywhere they can by cutting back on everything they can. Where will it end? Use Photoshop to reveal all. See the entries »

squirrels in history

Squirrels in History

It's a fact: we love the fluffeh manimals here on b3ta. So this week we're challenging you to chart the impact of squirrels throughout history. See the entries »

b-movie monsters!

B-Movie Monsters!

Make a B movie monster: mash it, 'shop it, photograph it, animate it, cut out of paper and scan it, or make a B movie monster costume and wear it. Then enter it in the challenge. Raarrgh! See the entries »

ed miliband

Ed Miliband

Britain has a new leader of the opposition: Ed Miliband. Introduce him to the world of serious politics with a big b3tan welcome, and get all photoshoppy on his appearance. See the entries »

parallel universe

Parallel Universe

Imagine a universe where everything is totally reversed. Then make a picture or animation of it. See the entries »

retro sci-fi: the sequel

Retro Sci-Fi: The Sequel

Back in September 2008, a classic B3ta compo emerged: make sci-fi retro. In true science-fiction style, it's high time for a sequel, so open up photoshop, and show us more (new) examples of the fantastical future, yesterday. See the entries »

re-marketing classic albums

Re-marketing Classic Albums

This week, b3ta is going to rescue the music industry: what we want you to do is take classic albums and re-design the artwork for an entirely different market. Sell punk albums to classical fans and thrash metal to lovers of happy house, and so on. Hey, presto, new business model. See the entries »



Make up a limerick or short poem, then illustrate your work using the medium of picture or animation. See the entries »

making things worse

Making Things Worse

Find a normal photo of normal people doing normal things, then add in the worst thing that could possibly happen, introducing unexpected and unlikely danger to the situation. See the entries »

invent a word

Invent A Word

This week's challenge is to invent a new word by changing one letter of a word that already exists, then illustrate the result. Confused? Think "Ambiduxtrous" - the ability to hold a duck in either hand. See the entries »

dragon's den

Dragon's Den

Dragons Den is back on our boxes - only last week some crank got 100K for attaching a pencil sharpener to a golf pitch fork. This challenge is to 'shop other shit inventions with which to impress the Dragons. See the entries »

pope merchandise

Pope Merchandise

The pope is visiting the UK soon, and the merchandise is already on sale, but it's rubbish. This week's challenge is to show the Vatican what they should be selling to mark the occasion. God will be delighted. See the entries »

movie & tv prequels

Movie & TV Prequels

These week's challenging challenge is to invent the movie & TV prequels to famous films: The Dambuilders, Reservoir Puppies, Indiana Jones & The Second-last Crusade, etc. Mental. See the entries »

big ben

Big Ben

It's the go-to landmark that appears in films if the director needs to show that the action has suddenly switched to London. It's Big Ben. It's this week's challenge. 'Shop it. See the entries »

mel gibson

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, action hero. Whether it's as Mad Max, or the bloke out of Lethal Weapon, he's never far from our screens or out of the news. So fire up your image manipulation tool and manipulate him. Go mental. See the entries »