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One word challenge - Tigers! go! See the entries »

outside inside

Outside Inside

We're all self isolating and aren't allowed to leave the house, so lets bring the outside inside to cheer us up. See the entries »

new indoor games

New Indoor Games

Everybody's stuck inside and at risk of going mad, so lets think up some new games and sports to play. Perhaps if we come up with a few good ones, we can stream them in place of the 2020 Olympics. See the entries »



Looks like this will be topical for a while, so we're starting a long running image challenge to keep us laughing as society coughs its last See the entries »

add things to todays news photos

Add things to todays news photos

Lets do some topical lols, browse the news photos each day and add something entertaining to them. Loads to pick from Guardian BBC Telegraph Reuters See the entries »

hollywood sings

Hollywood Sings

Its a Hollywood/pop chart crossover event this week. Mash up film stars with singers and band names. See the entries »



Dadvertising, ads for dads. Create flashy, expensive adverts for barbecue tongs, sheds and socks. Or perhaps go the other way and make more practical and dad friendly commercials for high end designer goods. See the entries »

title sequence swap

Title Sequence Swap

What would Star Trek look like with Star Wars' opening crawl, what if The Godfather had The Brady Bunch intro? These are questions that go through our head daily, show us what happens when you swap tv and film title sequences. See the entries »

animal sports

Animal Sports

Why is crufts the only animal sport on TV? Fix this travesty by showing the world how good donkey football, cat high jump and snake snooker could be. See the entries »



Everything's going to hell so lets let off some steam with a few days of comedy swearing. Photoshop your favourite swears in funny ways or animate the heck out of some hand gestures. See the entries »

monty python

Monty Python

It's............ a week of Monty Python related pictures and gifs. See the entries »

letter change computer games

Letter Change Computer Games

Change one letter of a favourite computer game to make something so funny you need to photoshop it. It's Letter Change Computer Games week. See the entries »



It's Veganuary, so what more logical time to run a meat based image challenge. Give us your meats in all their forms, from celebrity shops like Beef Richards to works of art by Mincent Van Gogh. See the entries »

apocalypse tv

Apocalypse TV

It might be the end of the world again, so lets get ready by re-imagining all our favourite tv shows from a world war 3/apocalyptic perspective. Show us Central Perk under siege and Thomas the Tank engine carrying troops to the front line - fun! See the entries »



2020 is the Year of the Rat, celebrate with rat related imagery. See the entries »

christmas art

Christmas Art

Dig out your paint brushes, crayons and clay then throw in some tinsel and baubles, we're making us some Christmas Art. 'Shop famous art to be more festive or create your own winter wonderland masterpiece. See the entries »

religious games

Religious Games

There's a new VR game coming out where you get to play Jesus Christ, which sounds like the perfect Christmas gift. What other religious themed computer or board games can you come up with? See the entries »

literal brands

Literal Brands

Say what you see with shop names and stuff, give us literal interpretations of brand names. The arid desert of Superdry, the dust particle collection of Specsavers and the meaningless void of Gap. See the entries »

jobs for food

Jobs for food

What line of work would broccoli be in? Do bananas ever wish they could be in the army? Would the country be better off being run by a tin of beans? These are the questions that need answering this week. Show us food doing jobs. See the entries »

song movies

Song Movies

Every now and then Hollywood runs out of ideas and turns to the world of music for inspiration, resulting in terrible films like Last Christmas, Yesterday and Bohemian Rhapsody. Lets show them how it should be done by making movie posters out of our favourite songs. See the entries »