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celebs in space

Celebs in space

There's a race on between Bezos, Branson and probably Musk to be the first one of them in space. What other famous people should we cast out in to the galaxy? Show us celebrities in space. See the entries »



Channel 4 is under threat from the government again, so lets celebrate all it has given us over the years. From Countdown to The Word with warning triangles and lesbian kisses. See the entries »

northern films

Northern Films

They're filming Indiana Jones in Yorkshire. What other Hollywood blockbusters should be relocated to the North of England and what would that look like? See the entries »

if famous dead people were alive today

If famous dead people were alive today

What would the world be like if deceased famous people were alive today? Would Rosa Parks be hounded by Piers Morgan for using public transport? Would Supergroups rule the charts? Show us with computer art stuff. See the entries »

super mario

Super Mario

Switch on your Nintendos and put on your overalls we're having a week of Super Mario related photoshops and gifs. See the entries »

make britain great again

Make Britain Great again

The devastating impact of nul points at Eurovision has hammered home just how much the world hates the UK. Show us what it would take to make the world like the British Isles. Crack open Photoshop and Make Britain Great Again. See the entries »



Stationery. One word challenge. Do your thing with pens, paper, rulers and rubbers. See the entries »

science in films

Science in films

Make films more scientific. Correct the terrible physics and chemistry mistakes in movies or just put a test tube in peoples hands for comedic effect. See the entries »



Make everything Rock! Turn books, toys, food, animals and films up to 11 with a rock and roll makeover. See the entries »

advertising in old films

Advertising in old films

A tech company has unveiled a way to put adverts in to old films. Show them how bad an idea this would be by putting inappropriate products in to cinema classics. See the entries »

famous at school

Famous at school

Imagine famous characters from films and tv at school doing funny things, now photoshop it. See the entries »

art jobs

Art Jobs

With Covid closing museums, works of art need to find a new source of income. Send paintings and sculptures out to work. See the entries »



Flags, one word challenge. Redesign them, rub up against them or stick them where they don't belong. See the entries »

advert mash

Advert Mash

Take a famous slogan or mascot from one ad campaign and apply it to another product. Lets mash up adverts! See the entries »

same director

Same Director

Pic a film director and mash up their movies. ET in Schindler's List, Robocop in Showgirls, A 2001 Clockwork Orange. You get the idea. See the entries »

robot pop

Robot Pop

Daft Punk have called it quits, so there's a huge gap in the pop robot market. Give us some replacements in the form of puns, photoshops and gifs. ACDC and Robbie the Robot Williams might be a good place to start. See the entries »

dinosaur internet

Dinosaur Internet

What if Dinosaurs had the internet? Show us how T Rex and all his mates would get on with Jurassic Spotify, Facebook and online shopping. See the entries »



One word challenge - Boxes. Do your thing. See the entries »

extend a name

Extend a name

Take the name of a famous person or a place or a thing and extend the end in to something else. Like Damon Albarnowl, Leonardo DiCapriodejaneiro or Henry Cavillage. See the entries »

unwanted spin offs

Unwanted Spin Offs

In a desperate attempt to cling on to viewers of popular shows and movies, TV and Hollywood seem to be giving every character and their dog their own spin off. Show us the worst options they could go for. See the entries »