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bad books for kids

Bad Books for Kids

Books are a vital part of any child's early learning. So let's mess with their little heads and devise the most inappropriate children's books ever. See the entries »

muppets do the movies

Muppets do the Movies

The Muppets have made some pretty mediocre movies, but what other films could they star in to bring in the blockbuster bucks? See the entries »

scissors and glue

Scissors and Glue

Switch off your PC and pick up your scissors, glue, pencils and felt tips. Add your favourite magazines, and create photoshoppery the good old-fashioned way! See the entries »

gordon brown

Gordon Brown

Britain has a new Prime Minister, and it's b3ta's solemn duty to make him look really stupid during his first week in office. Go mental. See the entries »

computer errors

Computer Errors

This week's challenge needs no real explanation: what if computer errors told the truth? See the entries »



Creationists believe that everything in the universe was created absolutely by a deity, and that evolution is hocus pocus, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Please portray this conflict using God's own image-manipulation software. See the entries »

if the world was ginger

If the World was Ginger

Ginger people have been in the news this week, hounded and humiliated for their crimson locks and freckled skin. But what if the tables were turned, and they were worshipped as Gods? Show us life in Ginger World... See the entries »

office art

Office Art

Throw away photoshop. This week we want you to make a picture using a spreadsheet, a word processor, or basically anything that's not really meant for making images. See the entries »

updating art

Updating Art

Ever been to the National Gallery? It's a lovely place, but all the pictures are a bit old-fashioned. So this week's challenge is to download some of the gallery's classics and bring them up to date... See the entries »

new theme parks

New Theme Parks

Everyone loves a theme park, even the North Koreans. So let's build some new theme parks and invent the rides contained therein, using just our imaginations. See the entries »

new top trumps

New Top Trumps

We all played Top Trumps as kids, whiling away the hours comparing the top speeds of sports cars and the weight of mammals. But it's time the game was brought into the 21st Century, so design some new cards... See the entries »

you're having a giraffe

You're Having a Giraffe

We want you to take cockney rhyming slang literally. A little too literally. Use Photoshop to show us what pops into your mind every time you hear our cheeky, chirpy, cockney brothers say something. See the entries »

action figures across the ages

Action Figures Across the Ages

You can buy an action figure of just about anyone these days, but pick someone deserving from history and immortalise them in an action-man kind of way. See the entries »

9/11 conspiracies

9/11 Conspiracies

Imagine you're a crackpot conspiracy theorist. You must have some far-fetched opinion of what really happened on 9/11. Please share it with us using Photoshop's black magic. See the entries »

self help books for kids

Self Help Books For Kids

It's not easy being a kid these days - invariably your parents are fighting, drunk, absent, or in prison. So let's design some books to help our children cope with whatever life throws at them. See the entries »

if ads told the truth

If Ads Told The Truth

As part of our occasional series of old challenges revisited, this week we want you to imagine a world in which all advertising tells the truth... See the entries »

kids' anti-drug posters

Kids' Anti-drug Posters

Pretend you are eight years old. Pretend B3ta is the art teacher who's just asked you to produce an anti-drugs poster for kids your own age. Produce that poster. See the entries »

movie combos

Movie Combos

A Bridge Too (Far) From the Madding Crowd. A View to a (Kill) Bill. The Extraordinary League of (Gentlemen) Prefer Blondes. You get it - combine two movies and show us the visuals. See the entries »

real life board games

Real Life Board Games

What happens when board game play occurs in real-life surroundings? Colonel Mustard in a police line-up, anyone? Crank up Photoshop and get juxtaposing. See the entries »

subvert kid's tv

Subvert Kid's TV

Big Cook Little Cook. Teletubbies. Fimbles. Tweenies et al. Do terrible things to them. Parents will love you for it. See the entries »