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ruin everything

Ruin Everything

A lot of people in the world seem to want chaos and anarchy, is that a good thing? Lets find out by spending the week ruining everything. Paint on the walls, throw a tv out the window and cut a hole in your favourite t-shirt. Ruin everything (in the form of a picture or animation). See the entries »

the idiot internet

The Idiot Internet

Just when you thought the internet couldn't get any more stupider, we're taking it down some percent. Think of some websites and stuff and do them in a funny not as clever way. Dumb down the internets! See the entries »

make it big

Make it big

We're playing with scale this week. Grab a picture and then enlarge an item within that picture for hilarious results. See the entries »

expectation vs reality

Expectation Vs Reality

We're laughing at the harsh reality of the world this week. Show us how hopes and dreams are dashed on the rocks of truth. The burger in the advert and the mess that you were given. The dream life your parents promised and the job selling those crappy burgers that you got. See the entries »

new york public library

New York Public Library

The New York Public Library has made thousands of pictures and posters from its collection available online. So have a rummage and do your best/worst to them. http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/ See the entries »

giant pets

Giant Pets

It's a lot of work looking after normal sized pets, but just imagine if they were 10 times the size. Show us your mammoth mutts, giant gerbils and king size kittens. See the entries »

disney horror

Disney Horror

We're starting the new year with kids nightmares. Add horror characters to Disney films or put Disney characters in to horror films. Give us Wes Craven's Sleeping Beauty and Pixar's Chainsaw Massacre. See the entries »



A simple one word challenge to see us through the Christmas week and provide a healthy alternative to the rubbish we're about to eat. See the entries »

misunderstood headlines

Misunderstood Headlines

This week we want you to deliberately misunderstand the news. Read a headline and show us what you think the story is about, without examining the facts. e.g. "Adele cleaned up at an awards ceremony" See the entries »

add religion

Add Religion

Experts have called for there to be less religion in schools this week which has obviously upset a few people. So lets help them out (or show them why it was suggested) by adding good and bad religiousness to everything else. See the entries »

donald trump

Donald Trump

Hey, noticed B3tans were rather keen on photoshopping Donald Trump so we've opened a special mini challenge for the old shit. See the entries »

comedy music mash up

Comedy Music Mash up

It's a simple mash up crossover challenge this week. Put musicians in to comedies and comedy characters in to bands. Plenty of punnage to be had. See the entries »



Hey you the b3ta crew, show us what you do, make a break make a move. That's street talk from the world famous Rock Steady Crew, "callin' on y'all to make some shapes and bust a groove, all over that wickidywack photoshop and shizzle"* *It's breakdancing this week, do your stuff. See the entries »

one more thing

One more thing

You can never have too many so Photoshop an extra one onto a thing, with hilarious results. See the entries »

rock dwarves and pop giants

Rock Dwarves and Pop Giants

It's a week of freaky feature photoshopping with Rock Dwarves and Pop Giants. Resize famous musicians body parts up or down. Drop Taylor Swift down a peg or two, give Babs Streisand a less impressive nose and, well, probably best leave Prince out of it. See the entries »

animals with human features

Animals with human features

We're sticking human features on animals faces this week. Not literally, that would be wrong, do it in Photoshop, give us Cats with beards, Dogs with eyebrows and ducks with great big ears. See the entries »

halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

It's the haunting season, the witching hour and a good excuse for a spooky knees up. Give us your Halloween related photoshops, show us what you're wearing this year and design elaborate ways to scare the shit out of the local candy demanding kids. See the entries »



We're doing Homophone based puns this week, words that sound the same but have a different meaning. Like Mall/Maul or holey/holy/wholly. Lots to play with if you look here See the entries »



NASA recently made shedloads of photos available of the moon landings and other pretty views from space. We love NASA and we love space so lets have another dip in to science and rockets and stuff! See the entries »

horror albums

Horror Albums

It's getting close to Halloween and every mad monster party needs music. So rifle through your vinyl collection and transmogrify the old floor fillers in to a suitably horror themed version of the original. See the entries »