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art mashup

Art Mashup

Take a famous painting or sculpture or arty thing and put it or part of it in to another painting or sculpture or arty thing. It's a b3ta art mashup See the entries »



We have done Kubrick and Scott, let us move on to Spielberg. Give us your best b3ta versions of all his films and tv shows. See the entries »

noun celebrities

Noun Celebrities

Photoshop celebrities with nouns in their names to emphasise the nouns: Kate Bush, Oliver Stone, Bill Gates.. You get the idea. See the entries »

politicians on drugs

Politicians on drugs

As yet another political drug scandal fills the news and more MPs line up to try and appear cool because of that time they "smoked a doobie" or got gacked off their face on cake, lets fill in the blanks and photoshop politicians of all walks of life hopped up on pills and powders. See the entries »

animal movie posters

Animal Movie Posters

Replace actors with animals in movie posters to give us some wonderful movie/animal puns. The Codfather, Fight Cub, Apocalypse Cow. It\'s a classic b3ta animals in movie posters challenge! See the entries »

food weapons

Food Weapons

With Milkshake being classed as a deadly weapon, we thought we\'d look at other food stuffs in a different light. Banana guns, yoghurt pot grenades, thermo nuclear cheesecake. get to it. See the entries »



Batman's back in the news so lets collect all our old Batpictures in to one Batimage challenge, and Batshop loads of new ones. Kapow! See the entries »

nice metal

Nice Metal

We've noticed that heavy metal music is quite angry and noisy. This is bound to be affecting its popularity, so lets soften it up and make heavy metal music "nice". For those who are about to rock, we salute your choice of a comfy chair, slippers and a cup of tea. See the entries »

the cure

The Cure

It's 30 years to the day since The Cure released Disintegration. Lets celebrate the greatest album ever made with a Cure mini image challenge. See the entries »

tv show bands

TV show bands

Imagine the cast of a TV show as a band. Mrs Browns Backstreet Boys, Alan Partridge in A-ha, or all of Eastenders photoshopped to look like Chas and Dave. TV show bands - Go! See the entries »

easter films

Easter Films

It's a long holiday weekend, what better time to Photoshop some Easter eggs and vaguely sacrilegious imagery in to movie posters? It's an Easter Films Image Challenge! See the entries »

cat albums

Cat Albums

Cool for cats, Love cats, what's new pussycat, cats clearly love music, so lets spend the week photoshopping cats in to classic album covers and thinking up pussy pop puns. See the entries »



We're extending things this week, make what you want that little bit longer, books, films, music, animals, words, whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. See the entries »



We're combining two of the nations favourite things, superheroes and soap operas. Show us the Avengers of Albert Square and Batman in Brookside. It's Soaperheroes week! See the entries »

ridley scott

Ridley Scott

We've done Kubrick, now we're doing Scott. Give us your best photoshop lols of Ridley Scott's films and adverts. See the entries »



Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?! Yes you are. It's man's best friend this week. See the entries »

letter change landmarks

Letter change Landmarks

Pick a landmark, change a letter to make it funny and photoshop the results. Lets see your Sydney Opera Horse, Big Bun and Stonehedge See the entries »

cheese films

Cheese Films

Cheese films, Add cheese to films or just cheesy films, Stop or my mozarella will shoot, The Edam busters, or anything with Brie Larson See the entries »



It's a film director special, show us your Kubrick movie pics and gifs. See the entries »

geek art

geek art

What could be more b3ta than nerdy computer related stuff mixed with famous works of art? Shove your Nyan cats in to Van Gogh's night sky or go the whole hog and code up some AI that can auto generate a new Picasso. Give us your geek art. See the entries »