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uxbridge english

Uxbridge English

In tribute to the great Humphrey Lyttelton, this week's challenge is to expand the Uxbridge English Dictionary. We shouldn't have to explain this. See the entries »

extreme gladiators

Extreme Gladiators

They're bringing back Gladiators and spicing it up with new challenges, more spandex etc. What could they do to *really* amp it up? See the entries »

photoshop the beatles

Photoshop The Beatles

They're the most iconic band of all time, and ripe for photoshopping. So that's the challenge. Simple. See the entries »

advertising from the future

Advertising from the Future

What will ads look like the future? What new products will there be, and how will they be advertised? What current products will still be around, and how will they be sold? See the entries »

third world america

Third World America

Use photoshop (or Microsoft Paint if you must) to predict the effects of global recession on the lovely US of A. See the entries »

famous babies

Famous Babies

After cooing gleefully over b3tard Wildyles' lovely picture of Patrick Moore as a tot, this week's challenge suggested itself: famous babies. See the entries »

star trek

Star Trek

It's William Shatner's birthday - he'll be 77 on 22 March - and despite a brilliant career as actor and singer, he's never topped the series that made his name: Star Trek. So 'shop the Trek. For William. See the entries »



We all know graphs can prove anything, so prove YOUR truth. See the entries »

make newspaper comics funny

Make Newspaper Comics Funny

Let's face it, Garfield, Andy Capp and Marmaduke are all crap. You can do better, right? See the entries »

new logos for old

New Logos For Old

These days when a company fucks up there's no need to apologise, just get in some graphic designers and re-brand. We at B3ta are generous to a fault, and rather than see these companies spend millions, we'd like you to come up with new, better logos that sum up the companies you love to hate. See the entries »



Of all the varieties of facial hair, the moustache is the most glorious, and this week's challenge is to celebrate this. The theme, quite simply, is moustache... and the only limit your imagination. See the entries »

go go scientology

Go Go Scientology

Scientology gets a lot of bad press, but they're not all nut-cases, and it's time the balance was redressed. So this week's challenge is to show the positive side of the Church. Go mental. See the entries »

animal instruments

Animal Instruments

We love animals, and we love music. Can you imagine what a wonderful world it would be if one was used to produce the other? Show us the tuna trombone and the otter organ. See the entries »



Pylons are ace, transporting our electricity across the nation and making the dull countryside look all science-fiction and that. If anything deserves photoshopping, it's the pylon. So that's what we're doing. See the entries »

wrong man for the job

Wrong Man For The Job

Imagine: Howard Marks is presenting Top Gear, while Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is down the Chicken Shack serving up nuggets. Show us the wrong men for the jobs... See the entries »



Tube maps, road maps, world maps, globes - redesign a map to tell the truth. YOUR TRUTH. See the entries »



It's another of b3ta's occasional one-word challenges: feel free to do whatever the hell you like, as long as it's tied together by our chosen theme - CRABS! See the entries »

movie letter switch

Movie letter switch

Take a movie title and change one letter. Eg The Codfather, The Lard of the Rings, or maybe It's a Wonderful Lime. Make the poster and show us your work. (Thanks to Aphex The Mink for the suggestion.) See the entries »

extending album art

Extending Album Art

Using any tools available - you, your record collection, a camera, photoshop, a scanner, whatever works - show us what happens beyond the borders of classic album sleeves, how the artwork continues. Challenge open for TWO magnificent weeks. See the entries »



Oh god - it's lolchairs. See the entries »