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what do acronyms really stand for?

What do acronyms really stand for?

From the BBC to the CIA, acronyms are an accepted feature of everyday life. But do these letters have hidden meanings? What do they really stand for? Open up Photoshop and post the results. See the entries »

what if jim davidson was prime minister?

What if Jim Davidson was Prime Minister?

Can you imagine how everyday life might change with Britain's premier family entertainer residing at 10 Downing Street? Vote for Jim and post the results on the board. See the entries »

power strike

Power Strike

What would happen if we woke up to find all out electricity had disappeared? How on earth would we manage without all the gadgets that make life bearable? Invent new things to take the place of our electric powered friends and post them on the board. See the entries »

real life corporate logos

Real Life Corporate Logos

This week we want you to give Photoshop a rest and dig out your cameras. Recreate famous corporate logos using household objects, family members and pets. Take pictures and post on the board. See the entries »

a day in the life of david hasselhoff

A day in the life of David Hasselhoff

We know about the talking cars, swimsuits, German gold records and Gary Coleman, but how else does David Hasselhoff spend his days? Open photoshop and fill the messageboard with the life of Hoff. See the entries »

what if the things grown-ups tell kids were true?

What if the things grown-ups tell kids were true?

Grown ups are all bastards. We fool kids into believing a strange man brings gifts at christmas, and a giant, talking rabbit lays chocolate eggs at easter. Open photoshop and show us a world where the lies grown-ups told you are all true. See the entries »

penguins vs monkeys

Penguins Vs Monkeys

The time has come to settle the age old question, "penguins or monkeys?" You may use any weapons you like, guns, bombs, chemical devices or fish. Show us this devastating war using photoshop and post your results on the messageboard. See the entries »

the b3ta 404 page

The B3ta 404 Page

We want you to come up with ideas for the B3ta 404 page. We'll take the best ones and use them on the site, so it's your chance for a little bit of internet fame and immortality. Post your ideas on the board. See the entries »

celebrities and their pets

Celebrities and Their Pets

They say pets and their owners end up looking alike, well imagine the unparalleled hilarity of celebrities' pets looking like their owners! Don't just imagine, open photoshop and fill us with glee! See the entries »

inside the factories. how do they really make x?

Inside the factories. How do they really make X?

What really goes on inside factories? Show us the teams of orang-utans that make biscuits and the little pixies that wee into fizzy drink bottles. Use photoshop and post your explanations on the messageboard. See the entries »

new toys in breakfast cereals

New Toys in Breakfast Cereals

I remember being excited by baking soda powered submarines and Ghostbusters stickers. What should breakfast cereal makers put in their boxes to bribe children with these days? Post your creations on the messageboard. See the entries »

wonders of the world

Wonders of the World

They chose seven wonders in the ancient world, but what about those that didn't make the shortlist? We want to see the towering flan of Habuba Kabibra, the gaping arse of Mohenjo Daro and we want to see them on the messageboard now. See the entries »

sony playstation freedom challenge

Sony PlayStation Freedom Challenge

Oooh - B3ta and Sony PlayStation have teamed-up and want you to design an image which best describes your idea of freedom - including their Freedom logo. Best image will win a PS2, and there's runners up prizes too. Good luck. See the entries »

it's a conspiracy

It's a Conspiracy

They don't want us to know that the water board is controlled by evil mutant ducks. They don't want us to know that sandwiches were invented to get rid of the world's excess bread mountain. Post the things they don't want us to know on the board. See the entries »

18 certificate films remade for children

18 Certificate films remade for Children

Hollywood is always looking for new ways to ruin great stories in the hope of making lots and lots of money from impressionable children. Help them out using photoshop and post your ideas on the messageboard. See the entries »

mysteries of the universe explained

Mysteries of the Universe Explained

The universe is full of baffling, inexplicable conundrums, most of which involve missing odd socks and biro pens. Solve the mysteries with your brain. Your brain and photoshop. See the entries »

crappy movie merchandise

Crappy Movie Merchandise

Jaws branded false teeth? Back to the Future face cream? Think of the worst movie merchandise you can and show it to us using the power of photoshop. Post your stuff on the messageboard. See the entries »

space monkeys and their exciting adventures

Space Monkeys and Their Exciting Adventures

Whether they are fighting evil monsters in the depths of the universe, or sipping Martinis off-duty in Monte Carlo, we all know Nasa's space monkeys live a life more exciting than any human. Photoshop their adventures and post on the messageboard. See the entries »

an accident waiting to happen

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Old men smoking in armchairs, rusty knives near children, princesses in Mercedes cars - get photoshopping and show us those moments you just know are going to end in tragedy. Preferably incredibly embarrassing, violent, messy, amusing tragedy. See the entries »

zoom! extreme close up

Zoom! Extreme Close Up

Magnifying glasses aren't just good for burning ants with. If you look through them you can see really small things, it's fantastic! Open photoshop and show us the close up details of everything! See the entries »