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You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! Pour your Brexit feelings in to this handy bucket See the entries »

celebrity war

Celebrity War

We're combining two awful things to make one great one. Pit celebrities against each other, depict them as Knights on the battlefield, find some joy in the world of Celebrity War. See the entries »

fictional character ads

Fictional character ads

Top Cat is selling mortgages, which other fictional characters can you inappropriately use to sell things to the masses? See the entries »

geek rock

Geek Rock

It's another week of rifling through record collections and messing with the covers. We're making them geeky this time, which I think means redrawing them in Ascii, recreating them in Meccano, including scifi/fantasy reference or sticking a pair of thick rimmed glasses on them. See the entries »

happy endings

Happy Endings

Turn that frown upside down by changing films (and books) with sad endings in to happy, crowd pleasing ones. And we all lived happily ever after. See the entries »

combine comics

Combine Comics

Show what happens when a comic character appears in a different strip, draw a comic strip in the style of another, make characters fight each other, monkey with the Marvel/Beano/Viz universe! See the entries »



Skulls are cool, so we're doing skulls. Show us your skulls. See the entries »

what would jesus do 2016

What Would Jesus Do 2016

People often ponder What Would Jesus Do in a particular situation. Instead of pondering, show us! How would the beardy one deal with modern life, just how capable is he in a jam? It's been ten years since we last asked, he must have got up to some new stuff by now. See the entries »



We're on glue this week. One word challenge. Photoshop it, animate it or have a Blue Peter moment and make something with it. It's up to you. See the entries »

oap album covers

OAP Album covers

Phil Collins has updated his album covers to show his current aged, grumpy face. Lets take inspiration from the old git and make all the other album art appeal to the elderly. See the entries »

prince rip

Prince RIP

Prince is dead. Lets give him a proper Bt3a send off. See the entries »

kids art

Kids Art

Parents seem to think whatever their little angels create is a work of art, but clearly it's utter rubbish. So spend a week improving kids paintings and scribbles. Animate them, make a photo-realistic version, or get your own kids to come up with a b3ta meme. See the entries »



One word challenge, banana the heck out of things for a week See the entries »

add an animal

Add an animal

It's a wide open one this week. Add an animal to whatever you want, a photo, a song title, a scene from the Bible, whatever. Just as long as it give us a chuckle. See the entries »

pirates vs ninja

Pirates Vs Ninja

We're pitting the best against the best this week, the scurviest salty seadogs versus the silent shadowy assassins. Depict them in the ultimate battle for supremacy, or just doodle your favourite. Then we'll count up which is the most popular and settle it like nerds. See the entries »

animal facts

Animal Facts

We're putting on our zoology blouses and doing our best David Attenborough impressions this week, as we take a trek through the world of made up animal facts. Lie through your teeth and illustrate the result. See the entries »

video game art

Video Game Art

Turn famous works of art into video games, or classic video games into art. Space invade Mona Lisa and hang Mario in the Louvre. See the entries »

invisible cartoons

Invisible Cartoons

Make something in a cartoon invisible with hilarious consequences. It worked for those Garfield strips a while back, maybe you can find some more comedy gold. See the entries »

if animals had cars

If animals had cars

This week we're imagining a world where the entire animal kingdom drive cars. Which species favours which manufacturer? What do animal boy racers look like? and does road rage end with one animal eating the other? Tell us everything. See the entries »



We're following the sticky trail and entering the world of gastropods this week. Show us slugs and snails in all their icky, slimy, crunchy glory. See the entries »