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if animals were l33t

If Animals Were L33t

L33t is the unspoken language of the Internet, where English is transformed into something understood only by geeks. But what if animals were l33t? Show us life in such a world... See the entries »

ultra-minority magazine covers

Ultra-minority magazine covers

There's a magazine for everything nowadays, but there must be some minority interests that aren't yet catered for. What would the covers look like? See the entries »

reinventing banner ads

Reinventing Banner Ads

Banner ads don't work. Everyone ignores them. So let's save the online advertising industry and reinvent the damn things. Show us the kind of web advertising that would make you click... See the entries »

where lost things go

Where Lost Things Go

Socks. Spoons. Car keys. You have them, and then you don't. What is that about? Show us why stuff goes missing, and what it gets up to when it's gone. See the entries »

alternative energy

Alternative Energy

We're running out of coal, the Ruskies control most of the World's natural gas, and our oil reserves won't last forever. Basically, we're fucked. Unless, of course, we come up with some alternative energy sources. What will they be? See the entries »

what's behind your desktop?

What's behind your desktop?

If you peel off the wallpaper on your computer desktop, what's hiding behind? Show us the stuff that's behind the screen, the scientific and the surprising. See the entries »

imaginary applications for web 2.0

Imaginary Applications for Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is the current geek buzzword. It's all about Flickr and del.icio.us, Ajax, tagging, community, and applications that never come out of beta. What strange and useful products will Web 2.0 throw up? Show us... See the entries »

advertising where you live

Advertising Where You Live

The situation: you're got a new job in charge of your local tourist board, but there's one problem. You have to tell the truth. How would you advertise where you live? See the entries »

inappropriate charity events

Inappropriate Charity Events

Want to help in the battle against anorexia? Then why not organise a charity bake-off to raise awareness? We want to see what poorly thought-out charity events you'd like to sponsor... See the entries »

if google owned everything

If Google Owned Everything

Whatever you think of them, it seems like Google is slowly conquering the World. But what happens when they finally claim victory, when the company owns absolutely everything? Show us life under a Google regime... See the entries »

failed sex toys

Failed Sex Toys

For every vacuum pump or vibrator that sells a million, there must be loads of sex toys that fail to make it to production, and we want to see the prototypes. Keep it SFW... See the entries »

the roman internet

The Roman Internet

The Romans invented loads of stuff: the alphabet, concrete, even satire and pizza. But what if the web had been around? What would they have used it for? Show us the Roman Internet... See the entries »

if the world was fluffy

If The World Was Fluffy

Imagine a World where nothing bad could ever happen, where even the most evil act would result in lovely, charming, innocent results. We want to live there. And we want you to show us what it looks like... See the entries »

the world according to america

The World According To America

Americans are always being accused of knowing nothing about the World beyond their borders. But can this really be true? This week's challenge will provide the answers... See the entries »

offensive in 5k

Offensive in 5K

Geeks used to compete against each other to produce websites using less than 5k of data. Now we want images produced to the same guidelines - less than 5k - but they must be as offensive as possible. Extra points for NOT using text. See the entries »

switching movie directors

Switching Movie Directors

Imagine a world where Quentin Tarantino directs Bambi, where Mel Brookes applies his magic touch to Apocalypse Now; a land in which movie directors are in charge of films entirely unsuited to their style. Then show us the results. See the entries »

sick joke illustration

Sick Joke Illustration

We're being ambitious this week. The challenge is to help us make a book using your lovely image skills. Pick a joke from the list and illustrate it. It needs to be approx 1650px X 2550px (so make a thumbnail and link to a bigger one), and your imagery has to be copyright legal. More details on the Sick Joke Book features page. Hurry hurry hurry! This is your last chance to get your image into our Sick Joke Book. Unlike our previous challenge, this is a free-style challenge. We're looking for anything A. Funny B. Sick / Tasteless C. Without copyright problems and D. BIG, that's approx 1650px X 2550px. You've got until Thursday to get something before our evil band of judges. So work quick! UPDATE: BUY THE BOOK - IT'S CHEAP AND GREAT! See the entries »

a world for women

A World For Women

We love the ladies here at b3ta, even if they scare us and we can't talk to them without feeling weird down there. But what if everything was invented by, inspired by, made by or made for women? See the entries »

if dodgy mechanics ran the world

If Dodgy Mechanics ran the World

Everyone has a story about a dodgy mechanic or cowboy builder. But what if they ran the World? What havoc would they wreck? Show us the chaos... See the entries »

drug products

Drug Products

Suddenly, all drugs are legal. Companies are free to produce any kind of drug-related product they wish. So stop sniffing, put away that fresh needle, and let us know what's going to be on the market. See the entries »