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people of the past in the modern day

People of the Past in the Modern Day

If famous people of the past were alive today, what would they be doing? How would they change the world again? monkeon wants to know, and it's this week's challenge to tell him. See the entries »

pet instructions

Pet Instructions

This week's challenge is to loot the internet for source images and compile instruction manuals for pet owners, enabling them to get the best use out of their animals. Challenge suggested by strongp. See the entries »

mobile phones in history

Mobile Phones In History

This week's herculean task is to demonstrate, using webskillz, how the presence of mobile phones might have altered great moments in history. Challenge suggested by Dr.Dunno. See the entries »

the hollywood internet

The Hollywood Internet

What if the internet existed in classic films? How would the characters have made use of it? How would they have been marketed? What plots would have been ruined, and which enhanced? Please show us, via the medium of image-based web humour. Challenge suggested by Monkeon. See the entries »

soviet propaganda uk

Soviet Propaganda UK

Comrades! This week's Proletariat challenge is to take Soviet propaganda posters and update them to reflect life in modern Britain. Fight the Bourgeoisie! With revolution! And Photoshop! See the entries »



The humble chicken is one of the most popular meals across the globe, but it's never been celebrated with its own b3ta image challenge. This week, we're putting that right. Chickens. Go mental. See the entries »

everything in reverse

Everything in Reverse

This week's challenge is like all b3ta challenges at once: Make the World backwards. Like the audience on stage with the band watching. Like socialist tories and tory socialists. Like Princess Di papping photographers and the Queen begging for loose change. Like orange lemons and... you get the idea. Challenge suggested by Memaxx. See the entries »

sausage art

Sausage Art

This week's challenge is to take the humble sausage and turn it into great art. You task is to adapt classics by adding porky extensions, or to create entirely new masterpieces. Extra points for real-life use of a sausage source. See the entries »

controversial computer games

Controversial Computer Games

Rockstar are really upset by all the free advertising they're getting as a result of how 'offensive' GTA is. But what if all games were created to be controversial in order to sell? Design a new game or remix a classic in such a way to upset the red tops. Challenge suggested by monkeon. See the entries »

misheard lyrics

Misheard Lyrics

Mishearing lyrics for the LOLs is one of the cornerstones upon which B3ta was built, yet we haven't done it as a challenge since 2004. Time to put that right. Suggested by PedroHin and Shallowz. See the entries »

20 years after the invasion

20 Years after the Invasion

This week's challenge is to show us how life has changed 20 years after the hostile takeover by Big Bad Aliens Plc. Because it's going to happen. Challenge suggested by Colonel Boris. See the entries »

three pictures on a theme

Three Pictures On A Theme

Three pictures on a theme: come up with an idea for a bandwagon, create the first three pictures in it, and join in on other people's bandwagons. A bit like like these, perhaps, but better. Challenge suggested by Monkeon. See the entries »

creepy stuff

Creepy Stuff

Boo! This week's challenge is to come up with creepy stuff — images that scare, startle and disturb, and interrupt one's sleep patterns. Suggested by sandettie light vessel automatic. See the entries »



"Fridges are cool", says dolphinwhisperer. "Need I say more?" No, dolphinwhisperer, you don't. And that's why your suggestion is this week's one-word image manipulation challenge. Fridges! See the entries »

sports that never caught on

Sports That Never Caught On

This week's challenge is to demonstrate sports that never caught-on. Underwater tennis, anyone? Hamster baiting? Dwarf fondling? Helicopter Basketball? There must be millions. Challenge suggested by notoolsovernight, See the entries »



This week's daunting task is to add a comma, apostrophe or whatever to familiar brands, slogans and names to make them different and lolworthy and great. Challenge suggested by HappyToast. See the entries »



"I've got an idea for a one-word challenge", purred legendary b3tan Monkeon. "Hitchcock! Why not parody his films and photoshop his face?" And thus, it came to pass. See the entries »



There are more than 40 million donkeys in the world, mostly in underdeveloped countries, where they are used principally as draught or pack animals. This week's challenge is to Photoshop the donkey's delightful, fuzzy features, with hilarious results, etc. See the entries »

stock photo album covers

Stock Photo Album Covers

The music industry is doomed, but we can save it by saving money. How? By replacing classic album covers with photographically appropriate stock images. That's how. See the entries »

earth 1.0

Earth 1.0

This week's almighty task is show us designs for the things that God threw away, the things which never made it into the finished version of our planet. Suggested by mofaha. See the entries »